The Re-Education of Tommy Weasley

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Chapter 10


House shouldered passed Healer Morgan, one of the young healers loaned to him by the hospital for this case and dropped the file on the desk in his temporary office. Ignoring the fact that it looked as if he was about to ask him something he turned around and started barking orders.

"Prepare a room for Psycho boy he is coming in for a magical core biopsy." He told him.

"His name is Tommy, he isn't a psycho he is sick." Healer Taylor who had just entered the room with Harrison, interrupted. She didn't know who Tommy really was, no one on House's team save for House himself knew who Tommy had been. Dumbledore had been afraid they wouldn't treat him or would try something funny if they knew so he had asked House to keep that bit of info to himself. House was fine with that as long as he wasn't the one being lied to.

"Right... Sick psycho boy is going to be here in about 2 and a half hours for that biopsy, he will be staying over night for observation." He repeated.

"A magical core biopsy isn't that a bit radical?" Harrison asked. He didn't know this House guy well but he seemed odd and if he hadn't been ordered to help him he might have simply told the man where he could shove his crazy ideas.

"Yes, radical, painful, dangerous and completely necessary." House responded.

"It could still be a latent curse that we are missing." Taylor tried, she wanted to make absolutely sure to run every test they could before resorting to something so dangerous.

"It's a corruption of the magical core." House said confidently.

"We have no proof of that and it could still be something our diagnostics haven't picked up yet." Morgan cut in.

"It is a corruption of his magical core." House repeated, he hated being second guessed.

"You know what the odds of that are?" Taylor asked incredulously.

"Yes, but that is irrelevant to my diagnosis. Go prep for the test." House said before hobbling out of the room, pushing past both young healers.


Tommy idly picked at the hem of his hospital gown and pouted. He really didn't want to be here, in this stupid hospital again wearing a stupid hospital gown and waiting for the mean healer to do the scary test. However, his still tender bum reminded him to behave, he didn't want another spanking, so he sullenly behaved himself.

When the Weasleys had arrived at the hospital they were taken to a well warded room, where the test would be held. Molly helped Tommy change, and then tucked the little boy into the bed. Then the family simply waited for the healers to show up.

Tommy had fussed a little when Molly hand changed him into the hospital gown it was humiliating how his little still pink tush stuck out in the back and he didn't like it however he wasn't stupid and knew a full out fit would result in said tush being stung harshly with his father's palm.

He was trying to rest in the bed but he couldn't calm down he was too nervous so he kept squirming back and forth holding Jerry tightly and wishing that Lucus had been allowed to come with them and when Doctor House entered the room he nearly jumped out of his skin.

"Well, campers, are we ready to go?" House said with fake enthusiasm, heavily laced with sarcasm.

Arthur went to stand beside Tommy, and he put a hand on the boy's shoulder. "Healer House? I think Tommy has something he wants to say to you."

House looked up expectantly, confident that this time his shin wouldn't be kicked.

Tommy wriggled a bit "I sorry I beed naughty `n kick you." He managed to get out just what his daddy had told him he should say, Tommy didnt know how to apologize really though he had said sorry during spankings he had never actually offered an apology under normal circumstances and Arthur had recognized that as a problem and thus helped the little boy out and spoon-fed him what to say before the Healer had arrived. The fact that he had gone and said it though it wasn't easy, he could barely keep eye contact and once the words were out he lowered them to his lap, was still a really good sign.

House's eyebrows raised in feigned surprise as he favored Arthur with a long look before his eyes traveled back over to Tommy. Ignoring Tommy's words he said "My father also felt that a sore bottom did wonders for attitude. Look how well I turned out." His voice left no cues for his audience to determine the honesty behind the statement.

House inwardly smirked at the brief look of absolute horror that flitted across Arthur's face upon hearing that statement.

Tommy flushed a bright red at the thought that the snarky healer knowing that he had been spanked. Fixing the healer with a glare, Tommy pushed his bottom lip out in an adorable pout.

Unmoved by the pout House leaned his cane up against the near by medical table and snapped on a pair of latex gloves. "Okay now lay down on your side your back to me." he ordered. He didn't normally perform such tests himself but all the healers assigned to his temporary team had less then 5 years experience between them and none of them had ever even seen this test preformed it was to dangerous to leave in their unskilled hands.

Tommy opened his mouth to protest, but quickly shut it upon seeing the look on his father's face. With a small whimper, Tommy obeyed the healer's instructions.

House tossed the blankets off the child and couldn't help the small grin that formed on his face as the child's apparently freshly spanked pink cheeks peeked out of the hospital gown at him. He had only been teasing before, only guessing he had been spanked but he really had, good! He deserved to have his fanny smacked for kicking him like that!!

"Pull your knees up to your chest." he ordered regaining his professional composure, well as professional as House's composure ever got.

Tommy shivered a bit at the loss of heat, his face flushed an even brighter red as he realized that the healer could see his spanked bottom. Feeling the cold air kiss his naked bottom reminded him of what could happen if he misbehaved, so he quickly obeyed the healer and pulled his knees up to his chest holding Jerry tightly.

"You have to stay very still in fact... Daddy come sit on the bed in front of him and hold him down, if he moves I can do irreparable damage to his core and even his spinal cord." House told them.

Arthur nodded and followed House's directions. A grim expression crossed his face as the seriousness of the situation dawned on him.

Tommy was frozen with fear. 'Irreparable damage' to his core OR spinal cord? Arthur didn't need to hold him down, he was afraid to so much as take a breath!

House nodded in approval and readied the magic receptacle and looked down at his hands, damn he had put on the gloves as force of habit but this test would be easier to perform skin to skin without the latex barrier. As much as he hated to touch the sticky little monster it was safer without the gloves so he tore them off and tossed them in the vicinity of the garbage bin missing by a foot. He then placed his bare hand on the base of the boys spine right above his bottom the place where he would most easily be granted access to the child's magical core.

"I am going to send my magic into your core to pull out a bit of your magic, it will feel a bit tingly at first and then it might sting and you will feel a painful burning sensation when the burning begins tell me so I will know I reached your core." House ordered before channeling his own magic through his hand, which glowed blue, and sent it into Tommy

Tommy whimpered softly and then Arthur tightened his grip on the boy's reassuringly and gave Tommy a gentle smile. Arthur's actions calmed Tommy and he relaxed, he could feel the tingly sensation that the healer spoke of, an the the slight sting. Then Tommy was gripped with a red hot burning pain, it felt as if he were being branded! "It burrrrnnnnsss!" He wailed, his body shaking against his will.

"Hold him still!!" House barked at Arthur. Beads of sweat formed on House's brow as his put all his strength into guiding his magic in the right place.

Arthur did his best to hold the boy still, Tommy was crying loudly as the test continued.

"Shit!! The restraints on his magic, I can't get around them, keep hold of him!! Quiet him down damn it!!!" House exclaimed feeling his own body drain of strength as he fought to find a way around the binding on the boy's magic that wouldn't unbind his magic at the same time.

Tommy cried out as the burning sensation flared in intensity, he sought to writhe and twist away from it, but to no avail. His father held him firmly down and he clung to Jerry holding him tightly to his chest. "Shh... Tommy, you have to calm down, it will be over soon." Arthur said reassuringly and Molly bustled over to him laying a hand on his head stroking his hair and shushing him gently.

House managed to wriggle his magic around the binding and seize some of Tommy's magic "You are going to feel a sharp pain now as I pull some of your magic out." House warned before pulling his hand back from the boy, a long strand of blue following and absorbing back into his palm followed again by a ball of green which stopped when it reached House's hand and he put it into the clear magical jar slamming the cover on it quickly.

Panting House doubled over leaning on the bed with both hands on the table beside him in the jar a ping pong ball sized green thing sparkled and bounced around hyperly.

Tommy let out a loud scream and wail feeling the pain intensify to a terrible unbearable level before collapsing into a fit of relief fueled sobs. The pain was still there, but it had died down to a throbbing sensation rather than a burning one.

Arthur looked up at House. "Would it be safe to hold him?" He asked, he needed to be sure he wouldn't cause any damage in attempting to offer comfort to the boy.

Grabbing his cane and making his way over slowly to the second and empty bed in the room he laid himself down on it "Walk him around the room first make sure there is no physical damage done, I don't think there should be any damage to him or his magic but we need to be sure." House said tossing an arm over his head and closing his eyes, that had taken as much out of him as the child.

Arthur nodded and then lifted the child off the bed. Leading the boy by the hand, he said, "Come on Tommy, we'll walk around the room just once, alright?"

Tommy whimpered tears rolling down his cheeks his entire body was shaking and his legs felt like jelly. He held onto Arthur's hand tight and made it around the room once before stopping and whimpering holding his arms up to Arthur to be lifted up.

Arthur swept the boy up into a tight embrace and carried the boy over to the bed where Molly had settled down into. When he reached the bed, he sat down next to Molly and set Tommy down in between them. Molly reached to pull Tommy close and the three of them formed a group hug.

Tommy sniffled and clung to his parents "That hurted." he whimpered reaching back and grabbing for Jerry who had been discarded when he got up to walk.

"Wonderful the brat can walk there doesn't seem to be any damage to the spine, he still has to stay over night we will do a scan of his magic tomorrow make sure it is still bound right and that it replenished itself like it should and is still working and will be undamaged and complete when unbound again." House said his eyes closing. "Call Healer Morgan in to collect the magic sample." he ordered, right now he didn't think he could move he was barely holding on to consciousness.

Arthur waited a few moments to cuddle Tommy more before separating to go and find Healer Morgan and follow House's directions.

When Arthur got up Tommy crawled into Molly's lap still sniffling he looked up at her "really did hurted." he told her.

Healer Morgan came in with Arthur and grabbed the sample, House gave the sleepy order for him to start the tests on it and come back and wake him in an hour. Morgan nodded and scampered off to do as told.

Molly pulled Tommy closer and cuddled him. "Yes, and you were very brave today." She said, ignoring the sleepy snort from the direction of House.

Tommy nodded and gave a sleepy smile at the praise before letting out a large yawn.

Arthur rejoined his wife and son, and together they held the boy until he had fallen into an exhausted slumber.


House grumbled as his cell phone rang rolling his eyes he flipped it open.

"If it isn't my Cuddy appointed baby sitter" He answered.

"Right, I'm just checking in making sure your being a good boy and everything is going alright." Wilson said. When Cuddy had told him he was to accompany House to England yet he wasn't needed for anything medical he was a little put out about being drafted as House sitter again. It wasn't as if House listened to him any more then he listened to anyone else just because they were friends...

"You are his friend, that would make you the most likely choice to go with him." Cuddy had said after getting a call from a Hospital in England to please lend them House to consult on a case about a little boy though they had not given more information then that. Cuddy had been surprised at herself that even despite the lack in information she had been given she felt almost compelled to send House along anyway.

"Yes and if you want us to remain that way you won't send us to a foreign country together, alone." He had told her, sure they had lived together but they had barely survived the experience.

"You are the one who said House is a six year old who thinks he doesn't need parents and the he needs boundaries..." She smiled at him in a way that told him he was indeed going to be boarding the next flight to England with said 'six year old'

"My patients..." he tried, he had not pertinent cases at the moment, no one was going to die if he wasn't there but he was sure Cuddy didn't know that.

"I will look after them personally, besides you have no cases that the doctors under you in oncology can't handle... Look if anyone could single handily kill foreign relations with Europe we both know it is House so on behalf of our country I am sending you to make sure he doesn't cause too much trouble. You're way will be completely paid for by this hospital and you will still get your pay check as well, think of it as a fully paid vacation as I consider keeping an eye on House part of your job here at the hospital and I will look after your patients myself." She had bargained and Wilson he had folded as he always did.

And so he had flown off the England earlier that week with a cranky House in toe complaining about the fact that they wouldn't let him keep his cane on the plane and that he had had to be wheeled down in a wheel chair, complaining that they wouldn't serve him alcohol on the flight till 5pm, complaining that the airplane food tasted horrible, complaining, complaining complaining... and otherwise just being House.

He had spent the next few days sight seeing while House did what ever he was doing and Wilson was surprised that he had been rather tight lipped about the case, he wasn't usually like that, and calling every few hours or so to make sure House had not been causing any trouble...

"Things are fine here Dad." House said with another roll of his eyes.

Wilson couldn't help a small chuckle he knew House knew he was sent along as chaperon.

"That is good to hear..." Wilson trailed off and gave a small grumbling noise into the phone as he heard the beep of his call waiting, he pulled the phone back from his ear for a moment to look at the caller ID on the screen, "Shoot it's Bonnie, she isn't thrilled that her alimony check is going to be late because I am out of the country I have been avoiding her calls all day."

House laughed "Hell hath no fury like a woman sc-" House stopped mid word going completely silent, his eyes going wide in epiphany. "Wilson, go deal with ex number two I have to go." he said quickly snapping the phone shut, hanging up on his friend before the man even had a chance to respond.

House Hobbled quickly on his cane down the hall to the lab room where Morgan, Harrison and Taylor were testing the sample of Tommy's magic. He stormed into the room causing the trio to jump a bit and then look up at him expectantly.

"We have been looking for the wrong thing, we have been looking for a specific and known curse we aren't taking into account the emotions of an angry witch taking over and warping the spell, it happens often I know you have dealt with effect of emotionally warped magic on an almost regular basis here." He announced.

"Wait, what?? What makes you think that the curse was emotionally changed?" Taylor asked, her eyes round and confused.

"Well I determined by tracing the magical signature of the curse that it dates back to Helga Hufflepuff herself and that it was an unknown bloodline curse passed down through the generations meaning that she had to have originally cast it on Salazar Slytherin as we know little Tommy is somehow a descendant of his" That had been a very hard thing to explain to his little healer helpers without giving away Tommy's true identity but he had called Dumbledore in and he had taken care of that for him.

"Morgan and Harrison's research told us that Helga and Salazar were engaged but never married which tells us that something big happened for the wedding to be called off because 1000 years ago it had to be something huge, nothing less then murder or infidelity, to cancel a wedding. I am thinking like most men Salazar was unfaithful and Helga caught him and in a fit of anger cursed him but what ever curse she used was changed because of her emotional state and her magic bent to the will of her emotions getting something different then intended and thus something new and unheard of, something never cast before and never cast since." House explained, oh how he loved connecting the dots. His blue eyes danced with the joy of a five year old on Christmas day.

"How does that help us? We still don't know what it is we are dealing with." Morgan pointed out.

"No but now that we know what we aren't looking for finding what we are looking for will be much easier." House said "Start looking for corruptions in the curse, you find that, then we can untangle it and determine what the original curse was meant to be and subsequently what it was turned into, then we can work out a treatment for it." He ordered before turning around and leaving the room again leaving three healers with their jaws hanging down.

Walking down the hall House couldn't help but feel inwardly giddy, he had never thought that being summoned back to the magical world by Albus Dumbledore would provide him with any entertainment or challenge for his brain. But House had owed the old wizard for getting him into and through muggle medical school and thus was unwilling to turn him down even when he thought whatever it was Dumbledore wanted him to treat was going to be mind numbingly boring.

When House was about eleven years old his father, a military man, had been stationed in England his parents had been both shocked and frightened when on the morning of his eleventh birthday an owl had shown up baring a letter from a prestigious and magical boarding school. House himself had been skeptical of it but had wanted to go and so on September first he had boarded the Hogwarts express. House, being muggleborn, had been very surprised by the existence of magic and it had been exciting and appealing for all of seven years before House had learned all that was offered and become bored.

He graduated Hogwarts and gone on to become a healer at St. Mungos where he proceeded to be bored out of his skull. Things were to easily diagnosed and treated with magic it provided no challenge, interest, or stimulation for his constantly running mind and so after only 2 years as a Healer, House had sought to become a muggle doctor, which thrilled his parents, who were muggles, to no end.

He had gone to Dumbledore with this problem as he did not have a degree from a muggle school in order to be accepted to a muggle college and Dumbledore had not only arranged his acceptance to an American college he had secured for him a scholarship and when House had been expelled from John Hopkins Medical School for cheating Dumbledore had helped him get into University of Michigan but not before nearly chewing off his ear with a long winded, emotionally devastating lecture. The elderly wizards words had gotten to him like no one else's could but the man's cane applied expertly to his bare ass had really driven the lesson, that he was too smart to lower himself to something as unacceptable as cheating, home.

Dumbledore was never one to encourage a talented wizard such as House to leave the magical world but he could see the raw potential in the boy and knew he could genuinely help the muggle medical community (which Albus thought could use all the help it could get) and he saw how very unhappy House was in the magical world. The boy did not enjoy magic like the rest of them for Gregory House loved challenge and magic simply made things too easy. The natural Ravenclaw that young Gregory was needed constant challenges, in fact Dumbledore would have dared to say there had not been a truer Ravenclaw in Hogwarts since Rowena herself. Dumbledore had often had cause to question the sorting hats placement of his pupils but the hat had made no mistake when placing young Gregory House in Ravenclaw. So Albus had done all he could to help the young man out and make sure he would reach his potential.