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"How is he, Gunter?" A man wearing a green uniform asked. He had his hair tied down in a ponytail.

Gunter took a seat and looked at the man. He was looking tired and weary as if he had not slept for days. "It's no good, Gwendal. He's locked up in his room and has refused to talk to anyone."

Gwendal sighed and momentarily closed his eyes in frustration. "And Conrad?"

"He's still in a coma," Gunter answered. "If only he wasn't in that state, then perhaps he could talk to Yuuri-heika. Conrad's the only person he'll listen to now."

"Why did it have to happen like this?" Gwendal wondered. He stood up and looked outside. The sky was dark. Just then, rain started to fall. It was as if the heavens were sympathizing with them.

"It has already been a week," he heard Gunter say.

"Yes," Gwendal answered sadly, still staring outside. He didn't want to face Gunter as he was trying to fight back the tears threatening to fall. He, of all the people, must remain strong.

"You can cry if you want, you know," Gunter said understandingly. He too was devastated. It was an unexpected blow for them.

"Thank you," Gwendal said after a while, wiping the tears away. "But if Wolfram saw me like this, he'd have a fit. He'd probably say 'I don't recall having such a weak brother!'"

The Maoh's advisor laughed out weakly at what Gwendal had said. It was true. Wolfram wouldn't want to see them sad. And yet, they couldn't help but to feel so. The youngest prince cared more for their happiness than for his own. Over the years, he had grown from a selfish, spoiled brat to a selfless person. That's why. That's why they couldn't accept his fate, especially the young king. They all took it hard, but no one took it harder than Yuuri. He was totally devastated.

"Your Excellencies!"

The door suddenly burst open. A soldier came in, panting heavily.

"What happened?" Gwendal asked urgently.

"Ulrike-sama asks you to come to heika's room immediately," the soldier replied hurriedly. "She said his life is in danger."

"Wha-?!" Gunter said, stunned.

"Gunter!" Gwendal shouted. "Let's go. There isn't a moment to lose!"

In an instant, both of them rushed out of the room. They ran as quickly as they could. Along the way, they met Gisela. She told them she was also asked by Ulrike to come. What could have happen to Yuuri?

They are now coming close to Yuuri's room. From a distance, they could see two figures. One was trying to open the door and the smaller one was close by.

"Your Excellencies!" Ulrike yelled. "We have to get this door opened!" There was a tone of urgency and panic in her voice.

The soldier moved aside to let Gwendal open the door with his key. However, the door would not open.

"Yuuri-heika is using his maryoku to lock the door," Ulrike informed them.

"What should we do?" Gunter asked.

"Place your hands on the door," Gwendal said as he move closer. He also placed his hands on the opposite side of Gunter. "We'll concentrate our own maryoku on the door to disrupt the flow. Use that opportunity to get it opened."

"Okay," Gisela said. She positioned herself in front of the door.

Gwendal and Gunter let their maryoku flow. They could feel an overwhelming power countering them. It was the king's; but strangely, it was getting weaker and weaker.

"Now!" Gwendal yelled.

Gisela turned the door knob and it opened. They quickly went inside.

"Oh no," Ulrike said in horror.

In front of them, lying on the bed was Yuuri. He was covered in blood.

"He is still alive," Gisela said, checking his pulse. She then started to heal him. The others moved back to give her space.

"Why did you do this?" Gwendal said out loud. They stood frozen, unable to do anything but to watch Gisela heal him. And then, after what felt like an eternity, she finally stood up. She looked exhausted.

"He'll be fine now," she said. "His condition has stabilized."

"I'm relieved," Ulrike said.

"Thank goodness," said Gunter.

"Please carry Yuuri- heika to the other room," She ordered the guards. The guards gently carried Yuuri out. They all followed afterwards.

"What happened to him?" Gunter asked.

"He slashed both of his wrists," Gisela explained. "It was a deep cut. That's why there was so much blood. If we had gotten there a minute later, he could have died. He was already in a critical condition when we came in. He lost a lot of blood."

No one spoke after. They were all still shocked at what happened.

"Ulrike?" Gwendal said questioningly.

"I was at Shinou's temple when I saw Yuuri-heika's life force starting to weaken," she informed them. "I knew he was at Blood Pledge Castle so that didn't make sense. But it still continued to get weaker so I hurriedly came here."

"Why did he have to do it?" Gisela asked, covering her face with her hands. She was crying.

Nobody answered her. They all knew the reason but decided to keep it to themselves. Gunter embraced his daughter in an effort to comfort her. Everything was a mess.

"I'll return to the temple now," Ulrike said after a while.

Gunter stood up and escorted her. "Please be careful on your way back. I'll have one of the soldiers accompany you."

"Yes, thank you," Ulrike said as they made their way to the gate. There her horse was waiting for her.

"I'll send a message regarding Yuuri-heika's condition."

Ulrike nodded and left. Gunter stayed long enough to watch her disappear and went back to the castle.


He stirred. He was slowly beginning to regain consciousness.

"Where am I?"

"Am I still alive?"

He tried to move, but he couldn't. He tried to open his eyes. Everything was a blur. Slowly, his eyes became accustomed to the light. He scanned his surroundings. It wasn't his room, but he was sure it was still Blood Pledge Castle. Nobody was inside, but he could feel some auras outside the room. There were guards stationed outside.

"They transferred me into one of the guest rooms."

He rose up to a sitting position. He turned on his right. He caught a sight of his reflection. Something was different about him. His onyx eyes were no longer shining with life. His face was no longer cheerful. He was no longer the same Yuuri.

"I didn't die," he said disappointedly.

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