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Start Flashback

An alarm lying on top of Ichigo's nightstand sounded off. The big soccer game against a rival college and he didn't feel up to doing much of anything except continuing his slumber. With a big yawn, the orange-haired young man sluggishly sprang to his feet. He wandered to the kitchen to grab himself a beer.

It hadn't surprised him to discover Soifon's absence. He expected her to react this way. The only piece that puzzled was why did she choose him to be her first? Sure he's been with a few virgins in his time but for a woman like her to take sexual interest in him, one would often times found themselves bewildered or mislead. Nevertheless, he pleasured her and she pleasured him and that's all that counts.

"No use thinking about it now." Ichigo downed the alcoholic beverage and got himself ready to meet his team on the bus.


Soifon on the other hand had different views of last night's events. The experience classified as one she'd rather forget. From start to finish only pain coursed through her. When his member popped her cherry causing her to bleed, she swore someone must have stabbed her multiple times in the stomach. The physical pain she could handily shrug off in a day or two but emotionally was a different story entirely.

Being just another chick for him to belittle in front of his teammates didn't sit well with her. Neither did the fact he more than likely didn't give a damn about her. Again, the raven-haired young woman questioned herself as to why she would give herself to him so easily and so trustingly. "He's irritating, rude, arrogant, cute, dumb, and charming. Damn him and his good looks. I despise you greatly, Ichigo Kurosaki. You did this to me and I'll never forgive you."

Soifon left without any further comment and vowed to put everything involving the jock behind her for good. Unfortunately, she had a feeling this wasn't over by a long-shot. Of course, she wouldn't dare confess to such feelings. "Only the weak hold onto such feeble sentiments."


Ichigo had just gotten dressed when his phone rang. He rushed over to it. "Yeah."

"Player, player!"

"Keigo you jackass, what do you want?"

"The bus is taking off, hurry up!," he cried. "If you don't, I'll have nobody cool to talk to."

"You aren't cool in the first place doofus. Anyway I'll be right there, tell the coach to give me five minutes."

"Meanie! Coach, Ichigo called me a doofus and said to give him five minutes," the brunette announced.

"He should've had his ass here on time. I don't give free passes, you know that Asano! Now sit the fuck down before I bench your sorry ass," their coach responded.

Keigo went back to his seat without so much as a sigh. "Coach ain't buyin' it. Sorry Ichigo."

"Son of a bitch!!!!!!," he angrily shouted before hanging up in his friend's face. "That dude's such a fuckin' dick. I'll bet he'll go soft when I tell him after this month I'm going pro."

Ichigo retrieved the letter. He read it for the umpteenth time, finding it hard to believe he's really going to be heading overseas and receive monster pay. When the scouts came, he remembered being nervous but keeping his composure. He split defenders and made the goalie shudder in fright due to his exceptional skill. They immediately informed him they would send him a notification of their decision. Three days later, anticipation set in and the young soccer player opened the letter. In his excitement, he gave himself a paper cut but it had no effect. He considered it a blessing and remembered thanking his mother. Maybe now his life could bear meaning and shine brightly from here on out.

Ichigo decided to return to bed for now. No use in remaining awake now.


Soifon arrived to class and most of the students laughed at her.

"Soifon's a hoe!," one of the classmates stated.

She glared at the troublemaker.

"You triflin' tramp. Hey everybody, this groupie sucked the whole soccer team. Hahahaha!" Once again the majority of the students cackled at this loser's proposterous accusations.

The raven-haired young woman lunged for him. She managed to grab hold of his neck while his face was turned opposite of her. "I SWEAR if you don't tell me the despicable piece of shit who told you this garbage right now, I'LL KILL YOU!," she menacingly hissed.

"Fu...ck you.....ugly.....slut," he choked out.

"Very well, prepare to die." Without remorce or second thought, she tightened her grip around his neck. Another student appeared behind her and somehow garnished the strength to pry her loose after many unsuccessful attempts.

"Hey there cutie. This dude ain't worth you wasting your energy over, let me take care of him."

Soifon looked behind her to see this person. Her first impression of him spelled negative. Well, her first impression of everyone is negative. "What does this sloppy, out-of-shape tub of lard hope to do? He appears to lack the strength to move anything weighing more than a donut. This one requires a diet and strenuous exercise."

"I bet you're wondering who I am, huh?," said sloppy ass boasted.

"I don't care. I'd prefer if you didn't state your name," she truthfully replied.

"Marechiyo Omaeda of the great Omaeda dynasty and I'm going to make you my wife when this fight is over."

"Kick rocks and hide your repulsive face in a corner."

Rather than make a comment, the "great" Omaeda threw a punch at the troublemaker, missing badly.

"What's wrong flubber? Somebody steal your fifteenth cheeseburger."

"Don't call me flubber. I am handsome and rich. You're just jealous women flock to me."

The class laughed at him. "You fat ass dope, the zoo just called and asked me to return you." The troublemaker landed a punch to his face.

Omaeda lied there, unable to pull himself back to his feet.

"Useless," Soifon chimed in. Why she bothered even coming to his aid she'd never know. After successfully choking the troublemaker who later identified himself as Ikkaku, gave her the information she wanted. "I need to see Kurosaki. Unfortunately, it will have to wait until the weekend."

As the weekend approached, an unusual feeling of fatigue claimed her. She lacked the energy to move around her house let alone travel to Ichigo's dorm. She settled for calling him but everytime she tried, the answering machine would pick up. "Someone must have tipped him off that I would be coming for his head. Oh well, one way or another I'll kill him." Soifon was determined to show him what happens to people who dare cross her. He would pay, he would pay dearly.

Three weeks passed and Soifon hadn't recovered. On top of that, other weird thing started occuring within her lithe frame. She frequently needed to pee, her appetite has substantially changed, her menstrual period hadn't appeared for what marked the 8th day, and if she didn't know better, her breasts seemed to become tender. Being the stubborn woman she is, the young woman wrote it off as stress and continued to press forward.

The overlarge oaf befriended her and became somewhat of a shadow in recent weeks. While useless and overbearing to deal with at times, he certainly was loyal and seemed to embrace when she would abuse him. The perfect soldier and lover but he wasn't Kurosaki. "Also he's revolting and flabby."

Marechiyo, concerned for her well-being, personally drove her to the hospital.

Soifon waited in a small room for the doctor to see her. Suddenly the door opened.

"Hello, I'm Dr. Unohana," she politely spoke.

The young woman remained silent.

"I see her you've been terribly ill for the past few weeks, is that correct?"

She nodded.

"Can you tell me if you've been experience any of these symptoms: frequent urination, significant change in appetite, increasingly tender in the breast region, fatigue, bypassing of one or more menstrual periods, increase in sexual activity."

"I've experienced none of these," the young woman lied. "I'm sure it's nothing more than simple food poisoning."

"I see. Just to be safe I would like to ask the last time you engaged in sexual activity," the doctor asked.

Soifon certainly didn't expect that question to be directed toward her. Maybe since she only had sex once. "Um, maybe a month ago."

"Did you or your partner use protection?"


"Ok. Ms. Soifon, I would like you to pee in a small container for me."

"Will it help you find out what's wrong with me so I can go home!," she growled impatiently.

Dr. Unohana wasn't phased at all by her temper. "It should explain everything if my hypothesis is correct." The raven-haired medic stepped over to a cupboard above the sink to retrieve said container.

Soifon uncomfortably removed her pants and underwear, standing before the rather attractive medic.

"Here you are."

After a few minutes the cup was filled with urine. The doctor excused herself for a few minutes to run some tests. Meanwhile, Soifon wondered why Unohana needed her to piss, unless she suspected what the young woman feared the most, pregnancy. "There's no way. Kurosaki isn't that dumb."

The door opened and a sudden fear came over the young woman.

"Ms. Soifon, I've just completed my tests and I believe congratulations are in order."

"Congratulations for what? There is nothing to celebrate when one is sick."

"Normally you'd be right but based on my findings, you are pregnant."

"I'm what?????," were her last words before fainting.

"Ms. Soifon. Ms. Soifon."


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