Well, here is the epilogue of my fic! I'm sure you've all been waiting for it and who am I to keep you waiting any longer? Well, apart from the author that is!

I've been a bit busy with coursework – which I now have 6 weeks holidays to complete (joy) – and with other fics as well. But, here you are the final chapter is here for you!


'n flaen Ddiwrnod Chan Darddu

Out of eight-hundred-and-twenty-three employees in that building, seven-hundred-and-ninety-six died and twenty-seven survived. Out of those twenty-seven survivors, nineteen ended up in psychiatric asylums, five decided to take their own lives and three have managed to blunder through the rest of life.

Out of those three semi-sane survivors, two moved away from the British isles and as far away as possible from any reminder of what had happened to them. Only one remained in the British isles.

This survivor remained with the institute that had destroyed his life in so many ways, he chose to join the 'renegade' branch of the institute.

This 'renegade' branch had a somewhat eccentric leader and a small number of employees – nothing compared to that buildings number of employees. It was small, to the point and was the last line of defence against billions of beings beyond imagination.

After this particular survivor made a monumental mistake – namely, trying to save an already dead loved one who was only a shell – he was given a choice. He was given another chance to make amends for his love-blinded actions.

He made a decision.

And he stuck to it.

And he's happy he did.

And he needs to go and make Jack a cup of hot java before his brain crashes from doing paperwork.


In this survivors eyes, the first day of Spring is the most beautiful of days. Especially if you work in an underground establishment where the sun is a rare occurrence and the constant need to supply highly-caffeinated beverages is paramount and only bested by the need to resist the urge to shoot a particularly snarky London Doctor after he didn't get 'some' the night prior.

Oh yes, the first day of Spring is the most beautiful of days...


Okay... This wasn't what I'd originally planned for an epilogue but, I guess it works right? Don't answer that.

But, do tell me what you've thought of this entire thing because I'm a curious little monkey – or kitty if I stick to my name – and I really want to know your thoughts!