He was just about ready to drop the controller.

The strange (and, by today's standards, crudely-modelled) character he was facing against had started talking. Not that that was very weird at all in a plot-heavy video game, no. Nor was it because the guy had just accurately riffed off the save states on his memory card. Something told him that he'd read about this point before - the game did have different voice-lines logged for different save states. So he should have been only just a little shocked, and then perfectly happy to keep on playing.

No. It was actually because straight after that, the bondage freak had mentioned something a little... off-subject.

"Thinking of your friend in the blue suit?"

Now no way in hell did they have a voice-line ready for THAT.

"That porcupine-head seems to be everywhere up in that head of yours. Are you obsessed?"

Shut the hell up. You're a video game boss. If the game is played well enough, you shouldn't even be alive within the next few minutes.

"It's like tearing through a library's worth of photo albums and every picture's of the same person."

This was just completely impossible.

"This isn't impossible. You're just really, really bad at secret crushes." And then the player character was choking for no goddamn reason. Edgeworth, meanwhile, had simply just started staring at the screen, not bothering to move.

His friend Phoenix, who was eternally dressed in a dashing blue suit and had the spikiest hair known to all California (Japanifornia? Who honestly cared?), was sitting in the adjacent armchair and was matching his dumbfounded expression.

"Did he just say...?"

"No comment."

Phoenix watched as his friend turned the exact same shade of cerise as his jacket, completely oblivious as to what the hell had just happened.

A/N: You may ask yourselves now - why on Earth would somebody who dislikes PWP write for and post anything to a kink meme? Because kink memes aren't just PWP - there's a hell of a lot of crack there as well which is fun to read. Crack is also fun to write. The original prompt just made me laugh, anyway:

While playing Metal Gear Solid, Edgeworth gets to the part with Psycho Mantis. Then he discovers that not only is the game legitimately reading his mind, but he's also in love with Phoenix. He learns this cause the game tells him so. Bonus points if Phoenix is watching him play.

I just had to write it and post it. By the way, if you're wondering, the prompter found it adorable, and the concept of Japanifornia awesome. The credit for the latter goes to the nuts at the Phoenix Wright Musical Project.