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Alex POV

"Alex! Over here!" That's all I heard from the paparazzi as I got out of my car when I got to the Grey's house.

Of course Nate was right, I went from New York to L.A. as soon as I got back home. My career has been soaring since the Play My Music tour and same with my boyfriend, Nate. I knocked on the door and Shane answered it.

"Hey come in." He said as I walked in.

He closed the door on the press. "Nate's in the back."

I smiled, "Thanks Shane, where's Mitchie?"

"She's on her way." He smiled at me.

I nodded and walked to the backyard and smiled when I saw Nate sitting by the pool I sat next to him.

"Hey." He smiled kissing my cheek.

I smiled, "Thanks for that. So what's this surprise you want to show me?"

Nate smiled and got up. He reached his hand down and I put mine in his as we walked over to a tree. Nate pointed at a heart craving with AR + NG 4EVER in it. I smiled.

"Nate! That's so romantic and sweet!" I said looking at him.

Nate got all shy, "Well-."

I kissed his lips and he smiled after it. His smile made all the drama and confusion worth having.

"Alex promise me one thing." He said.

"Mhmmm." I put my head on his shoulder.

He looked at me, "Don't ever change."

I got up from his shoulder, "I promise I won't."

We kissed on the lips. I guess tour troubles were also worth having to get Nate. But will I ever go through drama again just to make a choice?

Heck no!

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