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Ichigo + Rukia

Ichigo assured himself, he has control over his Hollow. That creature was his horse, he was the King.

But the king lost himself.

The horse took over.

Because the king needs his horse, but the horse didn't need its king.

Filthy bastard.

Ichigo struggles, because he watches as what was left of his existence came to slash his sword and emit energy, and kill, kill - enemies and friends alike.

This isn't supposed to happen.

And then the overthroaned king watches as SHE draws her sword.

"Don't lose to it! Fight it, dammit, Ichigo! Stop that!"

He hears her.

He almost got her. That direct slash almost wounded her.

He. It was he - there was no escaping the fact. Ichigo simply looked down and punched the ground, if it was a ground.

It was him. No excuses. It is a part of him doing this - therefore, it was still Ichigo who had killed and hurt and showed no mercy, showed more bloodlust.

This was enough.

Ichigo stood up, and headed to where the self-proclaimed king was standing, laughing.

That bastard always loved the fear in HER eyes.

And dammit, she was pleasing the devil.

Ichigo has had enough.

The king does not tolerate crap.

He punches and kicks the beast. The horse, the filthy, cunning, selfish part of his being.

"Fuck off, moron. Nobody said you could claim my crown."

"I did! I told you to keep your guard 'cause if you'll lose it I'll kick you off that throne of yours. Why angry now, king?"

The horse mocks him.

Ichigo does not take shit from anyone.

So he takes it back by force.

Of course the king succeeds.

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