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Why is it always me? I thought bitterly as I started to look through the drawers in the kitchen until I found a dried out pen.

I thought angels are supposed to help you. Not break your wrist. Maybe that TV show My Name is Earl is right about karma existing. I continued to think to myself as I put the pen's end in between the cast and my skin so I could finally scratch the stupid itch that's been bugging me for the last half an hour.

"Damn it!" I yelped as I felt the pen scrape some of my skin off that was still covered by the cast. Frustrated, I took the pen out of my cast; threw it onto the countertop then looked over at the clock on the wall. 10:38 pm.

Heck with it. I'm just going to go to bed. I thought sourly as I walked out of the kitchen, through the living room, and kept walking till I got to the room that Ben, Nina and I claimed as ours till we could move out again.

Thankfully for all of us, there was one twin bed and a full sized one in the room so that we didn't have to share; or make me sleep on the sofa in the living room. I assume that it was supposed to be guest bedroom of some sort till we invaded the house.

Either way, I practically collapsed onto the twin bed without even pulling the covers over myself and fell asleep almost immediately.

The next thing I knew I felt my eyelids slide open and could only make out a blurry background.

I blinked a few times and sat up. I was at the Work Bench, aisle 13. What the hell? I thought and rubbed my eyes, not totally sure if I was awake or still asleep.

So I stood up and looked down at myself. I was still only in my PJ pants and white tank top. That's when my mental light bulb clicked. I took my left arm hoping to pitch my right arm, just above my cast, only to see I didn't have my cast anymore.

This has to be some sort of dream. Only thing is I actually know what I'm doing, I thought as I moved my right wrist. It was fine.

I bit down on my lip and shrugged my shoulders, thinking that in the morning this would be an interesting dream to tell Andi and the guys.

So, I started to walk through the Work Bench. Not doing anything in particular except attempting to take the fuzziness out of my eyes by blinking a lot. After about a minute I had gotten close to my regular sight.

As I was walking I came across a sight that made me stop cold in my feet. About, ten or so yards away from me I saw myself grabbing a shot glass off a stack of them. I blinked my eyes, but the image didn't go away.

That's when I saw Steve appear behind the "other me" I was watching. "Steve what are you doing here?" I heard the other me say. That's when I realized what I was watching. When Steve broke my wrist. I have some of the weirdest dreams.

That's when I had the sudden urge to jump on top of Steve and tell the other me to run with the shot glass back to the Devil and Andi; but I knew it was only a dream and I tried to talk myself into walking, or at least looking, away. However, I found myself frozen to the spot I was standing at like a statue. As I watch Steve break my wrist all over again. Then after he was done, he apologized to the "other me" and vanished, and so did the other me.

"What an ass hole. Huh Sam?" someone said from behind me. I turned my head, happy to regain my ability to move, to see a man in his late 20s, with pasty white skin, jet black hair and pale green eyes, who was also sipping out of a large soda from McDonalds.

"I mean, even I know it's wrong to break someone's wrist when they're trying to win their soul and their girlfriend's soul. Especially when they need their wrist to win," the man said to me as he continued to sip out of the drink. "But I guess that's what you get for trusting an angel."

"Who are you?" I asked the man; and for some reason I knew that he wasn't just some character in my dream. He was real.

"Who do you think I am?" he rebounded as he stopped drinking out of the McDonalds cup.

I looked at him for a moment. He definitely wasn't an angel; he would be wearing white, while he on the other hand was wearing dark blue jeans and a dark gray T-shirt that advertised the TV show "Deadliest Warrior". Whether it was a legal T-shirt or not I couldn't tell you.

"A demon?" I guessed as I remembered Sock complaining about how Gladys and Nina had actually given him their own special nightmare for him before. Literally.

The man shrugged his shoulders. "Close enough," he said and took another skip of his soda.

I sighed. "Well what's your name?" I asked him.

He paused for a moment while staring at me. "Taylor," he answered as I nodded in acknowledgment.

"Anyway, there is something I want to show you," Taylor said to me and took a few steps closer to me. In return, I took just as many steps back.

"Hey dude, I can't hurt you, you're just dreaming anyway. Besides, I'm trying to help you not hurt you. Why do you think I'm here? I could be hurting a lot of other people right now. But thanks to my kind generosity and my hate of angels, especially a couple in particular that you don't know personally, I'm here to help you out," he told me and walked up to me so that he was only an arm reach away. This time however, I didn't move back.

I licked my lips. "What do you want to show me?" I asked him curiously.

I noticed how Taylor's eyes started to look slightly eager. "The Devil's newest attempt to try to kill you. Again," he replied simply.

I shook my head. "That doesn't make sense. He's been convinced that he can make me into that Anti-Christ thing. Why would kill me?" I asked.

Taylor rolled his eyes. "Because he thinks you broke your wrist on purpose. To him, that is a sign of weakness that's way too deep to fix. The Devil doesn't want to think that even God wants you stuck with him so badly he would make your angel friend break your wrist," he replied then started to sip his drink again.

I sighed. That sounds like the Devil I knew. "How would knowing what he was going to do next help me?" I muttered under my breath.

Taylor laughed. "I'm not going to just show you kid. I'll tell you how to survive this soul he'll make you capture and his little buddies," he told me with a smirk.

I bit my lip. "How do I know that I can trust you?" I asked him.

"When you wake up tomorrow and the Devil gives you your next soul you'll find that this dream and that soul will match. Also because this is a dream, so you can't get hurt. And lastly, because I'm all you've got honestly," he told me seriously.

There was a few seconds pause. "Fine," I said looking at the floor.

When I looked up back at Taylor, he was smiling. Not in an evil, or maniacal way that you would see the average demon do, but in an almost warm way.

"Good," he told me and put his hand on my left shoulder and as soon as he did so the background changed.