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Takes place during a paintball game for improved morale. Or at least that's what Weir called it. Or as one of the marines had observed sourly, 'time us to have our asses handed to us'. There was no doubt as to who the marine was referring to. And she split up the pre-existing teams, not that it would really have affected the outcome.

Sheppard shook the fragments of last night's admittedly erotic dream out of his head with a sigh. Now was not the time to be lost in a dream. Cautiously he peered round the base of his tree. And swiftly jerked his head back as a paintball whizzed past his nose. He was pinned between a ravine, another team had the trail in front pinned down and he was separated from the rest of his team. And the path behind was inconveniently free of cover. He could sense his demise coming rapidly around the corner. He prepared himself for a suicide dash. At least he'd be able to take some out for the rest of his team, where ever the hell they were. He sprang out from behind the tree and was abruptly collected by something heavy moving in a diagonal downward motion. He felt himself achieve flight as the ravine swallowed them up. The landing on the mossy ground was expertly cushioned and he found himself looking down into a pair of dancing dark eyes that had graced last night's dream.

"Hey Sheppard." Ronon said with an amused twitch of his lips as the man in question blinked down at him.

"Anybody would think you were enjoying this." Sheppard said dryly as he started to lever himself upright. Ronon grinned then abruptly rolled them, firing up the bank as he did so. Sheppard strained his head to see up the bank as curses and mutters floated down. He saw what seemed to be the full compliment of the blue team sporting yellow splashes of paint on their upper torso. Grumbling they wandered away.

"Impressive." He said returning his gaze to the big Satedan who now had him pinned to the forrest floor, nose to nose. Or as his traitorous mind whispered, kissably close.

"You have no idea." Ronon almost purred in his ear.

Sheppard abruptly tried to focus his mind on anything, toads, Weir, wraith, anything to stop his body from registering the exact dimensions of the body pressed on top of him. "Not that I am complaining, but aren't you supposed to be shooting me instead of saving me?" He noted with pride that his voice only sounded slightly strained.

Ronon grinned. "Don't worry Sheppard, I'll get to you." He sat up, sitting astride the pale man who was praying to God that he wouldn't blush like a teenager on a first date. Dark eyes regarded the smaller man pinned to the soil beneath him for a moment then gave a casual shrug and a raised eyebrow. "Maybe I'll pick you up on the way back. With that he was gone. Leaving a bemused and exceedingly turned on Sheppard on the forest floor.