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Full List of Pairings/Characters: my usual Lelouch/CC, VV/CC, Suzaku/Euphie, Suzaku/Nunnally, Gino/Anya, Milly/Lloyd, Villeta/Ohgi, Kanon/Schneizel, Kallen, Cecille, Cornelia/Guilford, Charles/Marianne

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So first in line, Suzaku and Euphemia.

Suzaku + Euphemia

They only had few memories. The blood-filled ones were abundant among those few stolen snapshots, but the love and hope and longing was in every moment.

They only had few memories. The intimates ones were rare, but they were filled with smiles and certainty and acceptance and yearning.

They only had few memories. His smile, her laugh, his embrace, her tears. Their fingers intertwined, their arms wrapped around each other, their hope clashing, their love fitting perfectly.

They only had few memories. She, his princess. He, her knight. Only few stolen moments of meaningful gazes and unreasonable glances.

They only had few memories. And today, he concludes. That was kind of a good thing. Because he remembers each and every one of them. No matter how painful, they were of her, and her beauty, her personality, her hope, her love.

No - THEIR hope. THEIR love.

He remembers. Each and every single moment. And as Princess Euphemia's knight, Suzaku Kururugi relishes her memories, sheds not a single tear and walks away from her grave, making a silent promise to always, always remember. He would never forget.

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