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Lelouch + C.C.

Departures and goodbyes were always sad.

C.C. first felt it when the nun had left her. She loved that woman. That woman had been her mother - and C.C. used betrayal as an excuse for not being lonely.

Then it was a long time.

A long long time before she cared.

Marianne had been her friend.

C.C. was sad. Marianne died. Sad that the woman had to leave her children behind as they commence with the plan.

Lelouch cried. Nunnally cried. Their mother was gone. Charles was guilty and confused. He knows what and who is behind it all.

Departures were supposed to be exits. But if it was an exit, she should be able to follow by the same door, without anyone who cares.

Because it was just an exit.

And she wasn't able to follow through.

So their departures were nothing but just plain departures.

An immortal should not be daunted by the death of the people around her.

Yet there was the nun. Marianne. Mao. She watched as countless comrades died. Euphemia. She watched as her warlock killed and cried.

She was the witness of endless departures. Departures, not exits.

Urabe died. Their loss. Shirley died. She could care less, but that tore his partner apart so much. The slaughter of the directorate. She not just watched, she helped.


She watched as V.V. died. She didn't neglect giving the boy a kiss on the cheek goodbye. It was unfair.

Yet another departure.

She thought she could follow the boy shortly. She thought she could finally die.

But Lelouch was a selfish man. Charles failed stupidly. She didn't regret though.

Charles. Marianne. Ah, they met again. But she left them, hand-in-hand with her partner and their new comrade.

Nunnally died. Or did she? But for what little time the illusion lasted, they grieved.

Another departure.

She was tired, really.

And Lelouch's resolve was flailing and failing and falling.

She tries her best. All her best to comfort him - even though she had learned to love that girl too.

An immortal has two choices. Pretend that it never happened, or cry and grieve.

The former was easier but suffocating, the latter was soothing but painful.

She waits for an exit.

Not a departure, an exit.

And Lelouch gives it to her, right in the palm of her hand.

She cries on that chapel because he gives her what she wants, and he decides to carry a burden which was the same as hers.

He dies in the face of the world. In front of his sister. In the hands of his best friend. In the witness of his old subordinates and friends. In the face of his people.

It was a tragedy.

His volition.

It was an exit.

His action.

Because she had followed through the same door, and left with him after, and nobody minds.

It was a grand exit.

And after that, they share eternity.

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