Chapter 10 – The New Werehog.

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Chris had returned to school the next day, after all the events he had forced everyone else to believe he was ready to go back to school.

Sonic had secretly followed him to school that day, as he always did. He wasn't asked to do it, nor did he tell anyone that he was doing it, obviously it was a secret.

But he waited patiently for Chris to exit, he was thinking of a way to tell Chris how he really felt… but it wasn't exactly a normal proposal of feelings, a hedgehog to a human.

But he had to do it, if he wanted his normal life back, this was the only way, a day he'd never expect to see but with hog being around, its made him a little more confident in himself.

As the school bell rang for the end of the day, Sonics fur shook in nervousness, he was sat on the roof, peering over at the kids rushing out of school, keeping his eye out for a certain someone.

And as they did exit the school, alone unlike most days, the boy seemed rather sad and depressed… lonely and on his own, but he had probably felt like that all his life until Sonic and everyone showed up.

As he made his way down the pathway and out of school, he was stopped as Sonic had dashed up in front of him, Chris had let out a large smile and almost felt like hugging him, as if he hadn't seen him in so long.

"Hey Sonic" he said in his cheery voice

"Hi Chris…"

Tell him, tell him… tell him! Sonic thought frantically "Listen… Chris can we uh… talk?"

Chris shrugged his shoulders and continued walking on, hoping that Sonic would follow behind. "Sure, what's up?" He asked

"Well…" He started, Okay nearly there just a little more… "I… I…"

"Yes?" Chris rushed

Sonic could feel the worlds lingering at the back of his throat, but not pressing forward, it was times like these during the day when hog would have come in real handy. "Ah… crap Ive forgotten it" he said in a defeating way "Sorry, I'll ask you when it comes back"

Chris was a little worried about Sonic, each day over the past week they had grown apart and Chris really didn't like the feeling "Sonic… are we growing apart" He asked sadly.

Sonic looked up at his human friend, Chris was right in some ways and Sonic really didn't want it to happen, that's why he had to tell Chris and soon before he started to move on from Sonic. "No… No I don't think were growing apart" Sonic said pleadingly.

Chris carried on looking forward, thinking about what Sonic had said. Chris hadn't forgotten about everything that had happened over the past few days, his suspicion that Sonic was werehog and that beast was definitely true, the fact that were wouldn't fight him… Sonic promised that he'd never hurt him and it was the same for Were.

All this thinking and bringing memories back to his head made him stop in the middle of the pavement leaning against the wall in slight agony, rubbing one of his hands on his temple and clinching his eyes. Sonic realised that Chris wasn't next to him anymore and turned to see Chris sliding down the wall from lack of energy.

Sonic rushed over to his side placing his hand to Chris's back and helping him feel a little better "Chris, are you okay?" He asked

Chris nodded slowly, not moving his head to meet Sonics overly caring eyes. "Im fine, just a little tired" he said almost in pain

"Do you want me to carry you home?" Sonic asked

"No, im fine… just give me a second" he said standing up steadily, keeping his hand to the wall for balance.

He shook of the pain and all of the thought alongside with it and walked on, leaving Sonic a little confused but not asking questions, he hurried up to walk alongside a staggering Chris.

Occasionally on the way home, Sonic glanced up at Chris who stared on straight not making any contact with Sonic.


Later on that night, when Chris had finished his tea and told everyone he was going up to his room, Sonic had stayed outside on Chris's balcony, sat in his usual position waiting for Chris to return.

When he heard the door to Chris's room open, he hurried to the corner next to the window so that Chris wouldn't be able to see him, but as he luckily made it to the window, he didn't realise that Chris had looked over to the window, hearing the sound of a 'zoom' noise outside.

He shrugged his shoulders and decided to do a little homework before going to sleep. He had to keep his mind together some how and a little science wouldn't do any harm towards it.

So as he lazily got on with his homework, Sonic outside listened to the sound of the pen scratch against the paper, while in his mind he desperately tried to work out an explanation before night fall.

He clicked his finger thinking of a brilliant and easy way to tell Chris, he jumped of the balcony ledge and ran over to the window, he was close to talking except there was another problem… it wasn't stuck at the back of his throat, Chris had fallen asleep, his head was lay on the desk, his hand still had a weak hold on the pen and a little bit of drool had spilt from the side of his mouth.

He gently walked over to the desk, gently picking Chris up with ease and lay him down on his bed, indeed the blue hedgehog had tones of strength and it wasn't the first time he had picked him up after all.

Great… more delays He thought I really need to tell Chris and at least kiss him, if I don't then im never going to and hog just going to end up sticking with me forever… imagine that.. He thought sarcastically.

He shook it off and curled up at the end of the bed, just as he did the other day, but no once did he fall asleep, he waited patiently for Chris to at least show some signs of life.


A few hours on, time had passed pretty slow, Sonic had been up and down and around the room, he must of circled it at least twenty times, waiting patiently for Chris.

But he always kept looking at the floor, only alternating his eyes to Chris or the window, the sun was entering the horizon and could just be seen above some buildings in station square.

Sonics worry grew, he wasn't going to be able to tell Chris unless he awakened him, but what other choice did he have.

But Sonic spent more time worrying that the sun setting, it was almost like someone had attached a line to it and forced it down, nightfall was cast over the sky and the billions of stars lit it up unlike any other night.

"Hay, hay, hay Sonic…" The nagging and cheerful voice cried in his mind "Guess who's moving out!" He said cheerfully, waiting to be passed on. "Oh wait… I'll probably be stuck here for another night, great… and just as our connection was getting a little stronger" he said worriedly

Sonic moved over to the window outside, incase Chris had awakened and saw his half human half wolf like state. "I want to confess but how can I now…"

"I dunno" Hog said dumbly

Were rolled his eyes, obviously in the tone of hogs voice, he did have an idea how he could help him "You know something, you can help me!"

"Maybe…" he said longingly, in a low to high pitch

"If you don't help me this one very last time… I sware I'll dump you in the loneliest, ungrateful and boring person in the entire world…" He threatened

Hog tutted "Tuh, yeah… then I can just improve them, that's kinda what I was created for…"

Hog was always one step ahead of Were, but he couldn't quit now "Hog, please… just this one last chance… otherwise you'll be here forever"

Immediately hog was straight in to help, no way was he sticking around in this confused hedgehog "Fine, fine… look if you wanna confess to that human… which may I add is crazy by the way"

"Shut up"

"Anyway…" Hog continued "I'll change you back to a human, but you have five minutes… that's all I can hold"

Were jumped around with joy, but he needed to be a little more mature "Thanks…" He thought nicely. "Okay, I think if im going to tell Chris, then I might as well tell him it was me that bit him and just… everything!"

"Ooo" Hog mocked "Is that a good idea?"

"Well… he already knows… so I cant make it worse, apart from him calling me a liar and keeping it away and stuff but I'll make my way around it"

"Fine, just get on with it"

Were turned back to himself, his normal self that after tonight would be the same for the rest of his life, he hoped.

He speedily walked over to Chris's bed raising a hand out to shake him but as close as he was, he had to pull back, but as hog grew impatient, he forced him to do it… as he had done the first time in a different way obviously.

Sonic shook Chris awake, who at first just flickered awake, but when he saw it was sonic he sat up immediately, acting like he didn't mean to fall asleep, but at least he seemed a lot better now.

"Chris… do you remember before when" he paused "When I said I wanted to tell you something?"

"Yeah, do you remember what you wanted to ask me?"

"Well…" Sonic paused again, the words were at the back of his throat "If you don't tell him then I'll make you tell him… just like all them other things you wouldn't do to him but I made you…" hog added

No way could he have hog make him tell him… it had to be from himself "Chris… Im really sorry for lying to you, but I take it you remember everything that happened this past week"

Chris got up from the bed, kneeling down in front of Sonic to take of a lot of pressure "It was me, all along… I was that beast that bit you… but not on purpose" Sonic didn't want to stop there, he had to make sure Chris understood and started to panic "I didn't mean to kill you, honest I wouldn't do that I even told you id never hurt you, im really sorry"

Chris wasn't really sure how to react, he knew it was Sonic but it was still too much to handle being told by him. "I don't mind Sonic, but why did you bite me… I know about the desire virus and all but what reason, what was your desire of me?" he asked in such a plain way… like it was any normal conversation but sonic could see that his confession was leading behind this part of the conversation.

"It was because I wanted to taste you… but my idiotic desire virus" In his mind, hog had abruptly interrupted saying "I heard that" but sonic ignored and continued "Got it mixed up and thought I wanted to taste you blood when I actually just wanted to… to kiss you"

Sonic paused to let all the information sink into Chris, while he blushed profoundly, even turning his head to hide it. "Nearly done" hog added "You're doing well, keep going" he cheered.

"So, you like like me? As you love me?" He asked

Sonic turned back and plainly nodded, it wasn't as bad as he thought but Chris wasn't exactly thrilled to hear it and well he didn't seem like it.

But in Chris's mind everything felt harmonic, everything was flowing smoothly again and that's how he liked it, but to show sonic that he was happy, he hugged him rather roughly burying his head in Sonics warm fur. "Thank god" Chris added "Im glad you finally told me, im not mad sonic… im beyond happy" he said, almost in tears at his own words.

Sonic placed his hand on Chris's hair to ruffle it; at least the awkwardness had gone but there was still one last thing to do.

Chris pulled back from Sonic, each stared at each other in the eyes, both smiling happily, but neither said or did anything.

"Only a few seconds left Sonic" hog warned

Sonic without warning stepped onto Chris knees, grabbing Chris's head and passionately kissing the solid human lips.

"Nothing serious" Hog added "Im still here you know" he joked

Chris relaxed into the furry kiss, tickling Sonics back in the process while Sonic traced his hand around Chris's stomach under his shirt.

Chris leaned back against the bed, turning his mouth slightly creating a teeny gap and Sonic just went with instinct, he was more leading this time… this time did feel right, he felt like he had accomplished so much for himself, he'd finally told Chris and it was his best moment ever, being locked in a deep kiss with Chris, feeling his solid and wet lips against his dry furry lips, its was soothing and comfortable, something he could relax into but he had to pull back sometime soon, as much as he didn't want to.

But as Sonic drew back, Chris felt like he had lost something big and important, he wanted it to continue all night… but as he double checked on Sonic, he had changed back into Were.

"Ow" he cried, slapping his hand to his head

"What's up?" Chris asked normally, thinking he'd just clicked something

"It felt like something had snapped in my brain" he said

"Oh sorry… that was me, ive detached my self from your brain, so get a move on and pass me on already" Hog pleaded, Were rolled his eyes to the comment.

Were gave Chris one last kiss, but one the forehead "I'll be back in a few, wait for me" he asked

Chris nodded happily, watching as Were speeded out of his room and out onto the balcony "I guess that kiss was probably his greatest desire" he muttered to himself as he started to undress and change.

But now that everything between him and Sonic had been sorted, a huge weight had been lifted off his heart and he felt like the rest of his life could be happy, as long as Sonic was by his side.


Else wear, Sonic was speeding over the sea; in the distance laid a small island, once the secret lair for Eggman but now deserted island floating in the sea.

Once on the island, it didn't take long to trace up the scent he was after, and by the smell of it, it wasn't on the move… most probably asleep.

It didn't take long searching through the woods to find what he was after, he could see a bright orange and reddish fire in the middle of the woods and lay beside it was his target, fast asleep.

"Tell me again, why you've chosen this guy? He looks pretty fun" hog spoke

"I just think this guy is too big and bulked up in his pride that he'd dare not show his desires you can have some real fun with this one, he's perfect… fulfil his desires well hog"

"Thanks, although it has been pretty fun being around with you, but let my tell you know, you are a very messed up hedgehog" he said, being pretty serious too

But Were ignored and agreed, he was pretty messed up for loving a human but its how he truly felt and nothing was changing that. He gently proceeded over to the victim, who lay quietly next to the fire.

His next victim was not human, nor robot. He decided that another animal would be quite interesting for hog.

He leant over and before he attracted the attention of the other male, he pierced the neck with his teeth and let hog travel his way to the other creature.

He felt his mind loose something pretty big and he had to let go from the bite. He pulled back and by doing so let little droplets of blood drip out from the small holes he had made.

He hadn't taken anything, so the victim should be okay, so before it awoke, he speeded away, not as Were but as Sonic… the first time in a week when he had been Sonic in the middle of the night.

Over the sea, he took one last look at the island hearing the loud howl of the newborn creature, and before it caught his scent, as he know knew everything about the desire virus he sped up quicker.

But it had been one hell of a week, what was yet to come?

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