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Gibbs stepped into the bullpen and warily eyed his agents. McGee was sitting quietly at his desk, probably playing some stupid computer game, he thought shaking his head, Ziva was playing with a knife, flicking the blade, whilst arguing with a grinning Tony. Gibbs sighed.

"Gear up." He said and walked straight to the elevator his agents following. "Dead marine. CBI are gonna be there. They believe the death is related to one of their ongoing cases, but they've agreed to let us take the lead."

Gibbs surveyed the looks on his agents' faces. He saw the mischievous glint in Tony's eyes. He smirked a little, "Behave."

Ziva drove. She smirked a little as she saw Tony and McGee groaning a little and supporting each other whilst climbing out of the truck. Gibbs arrived a minute later.

He smirked at Ziva, "You're driving is getting better." Then gave Tony and McGee his infamous "Gibbs stare"

They looked over to the taped off crime scene to see 4 people waiting for them, the CBI agents Gibbs guessed.

They walked over to them.

The shorter woman with dark hair shook Gibbs's hand. "I'm Teresa Lisbon, you must be Special Agent Gibbs." He nodded.

She introduced her agents, "This is Cho," she said pointing to the agent who gave Ziva an appreciative look. Tony read too much into it and narrowed his eyes at him and looked at him distastefully.

"Van Pelt," the taller woman with lighter coloured hair smiled at them.

"Rigsby," gesturing to the well built man who also nodded.

"And Jane.." she said, then looked around. "Where is Jane?" she asked her agents. They shrugged.

Gibbs smirked. "You make a habit of losing your agents Lisbon?"

"He's not an agent, he's a consultant. He has a habit of wandering off." Lisbon replied with a sigh. "Speak of the devil." She said as she saw Jane suddenly appear.

Ziva looked at Tony confused. "Speak of the devil?" she questioned. Tony sighed, but didn't answer.

Patrick made his way over to the agents nonchalantly, "Hey guys." He said with a lopsided grin.

"Special Agent Gibbs-" she began. Patrick held out a hand to Gibbs who took it. He looked into Gibbs's eyes as if looking into his soul.

"Special Agent Gibbs" he said softly, placing his other hand on top of Gibbs's "I know what you're going through." He said sincerely.

The agents looked at each other stupefied.

Gibbs tilted his head at Patrick curiously. "What did you say your name was?"

"Patrick Jane."

The agents watched as recognition and surprise flashed on Gibbs face.

Gibbs gave him a sad smile.

"In that case," he said with a sigh. "You do."

There was a silence.

"I don't talk about it." Gibbs said quietly.

Patrick smiled a little. "That's ok. Neither do I."

After they had processed the crime scene and Ducky had "done his thang", as Tony liked to say, they were ordered back to NCIS headquarters, Lisbon, Patrick and much to Tony's disdain, Cho joining them.

Tony glanced at Ziva, McGee was talking non-stop about some new computer game and she hadn't said a word.

"The graphics are amazing, you should-"

Tony interrupted McGee "Something on your mind Zee-Vah?" he asked.

"Hmmmm?" she said not looking up.

"Something on your mind? Penny for your thoughts?"

She looked up at him and ran her hands through her hair.

That hair of hers, that thick glossy beautiful smelling hair, it made him want to reach out and..

"I still do not understand that one." She said frowning. "Thoughts cost more than pennies"

Tony mentally agreed, what he would give to know what she was thinking just for a day..

Instead he said "Whatever you say Zee-Vah. What're you thinking? What's on your mind? Tell me and McAgony-Aunt."

McGee rolled his eyes.

"I'm just thinking about Gibbs and Patrick."

"On first name terms already Ziva?" Tony said with an uneasy laugh.

"So what Tony?" Ziva said annoyed. "I like him. He's funny."

"He's not funny! He's-"

"Anyway Ziva." McGee said. "What about them?"

"It's sad." Ziva said.

Did Ziva just talk about feelings? McGee questioned mentally. He knew she had feelings but she never, ever spoke about them.

The rest of the journey passed in silence as their minds went to Gibbs and Patrick, then they arrived at NCIS.

They walked into the bullpen, Gibbs, Patrick and Lisbon deep in conversation. Ziva suddenly stopped abruptly making Tony bump into her and making McGee bump into him, it reminded Cho, who was sitting on Ziva's desk, of dominoes.

"Cho." Ziva said as McGee and Tony wisely went to sit in their desks.

"Can you get off my desk." Ziva growled. "Please." She added as an after thought.

Cho didn't move.

Gibbs thought it was wise to interrupt at this point. "Cho-"

Too late. Ziva had flipped him and pinned him onto the floor. She twisted his arm behind him and she ground her knee into his back.

"I only ask once." She said bending down to whisper into his ear with a growl.

"Ziva.." Gibbs said half heartedly warning her.

She stood up, leaving a stunned Cho on the floor and sat at her desk innocently.

Lisbon smirked as he stood up rubbing his back. "You asked for it."

Cho pouted, walking over to join her.

She turned to face Patrick. Who wasn't there. "Damn it." She growled. "He's gone again."