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"Uncle Jackie!!" Dean came throwing himself into his arms, enthralled with the surprise visit. "What 'cha doin' here?"

Jack picked up the three-year-old and ruffled his dark blond hair "Let me look at you…wow! Look at how you'd grown in just three days." He pretended being shocked.

Dean giggled like crazy "Uncle Jackie…you're funny."

"Hi Deannie." Jenny came to his side and kissed Dean's chubby cheek. She carefully brushed the little boy's bangs off his forehead as he slouched over and peeked into the bundle she was carrying in her arms.

"Whazzat?" He asked, eyes wide with amazement.

Jack and Jenny exchanged amused glances before she answered "This is our baby…little Kyle."

Dean looked at Jack and Jenny alternately, his face distorted with worry. "You're not goin' to love me anymore?"

"No silly. We'd still love you." Jack was quick with his answer. He liked teasing the little boy but this was one thing he wouldn't use to gain his purpose. Dean was the first one he ever called son and it would not change till the day he died.

Jenny chuckled. "Of course we love you honey…you're still our baby. But now we have a second baby, which is yours too." Jenny smiled lovingly when baby Kyle reach out a hand and grasp Dean's finger. "See, he likes you."

Smiling, Dean giggled "I like baby Kyle too."

"Jack! Jenny!" Mary came down the stairs with John at her side and she walked over to Jack, kissed him on the cheek and turned to Jenny, looking into her cradle. "Aww…he's such a sweetie…you came straight from the hospital?" She gave Jenny a kiss and guided her to the living room. The men followed closely behind.

"Yeah, we came right away when we heard the news." Jenny let Mary sit her down on the couch and gratefully handed her the baby. "Congratulation!"

Mary looked up to John, who towered over her, smiling nervously. "He broke the news already?"

"I couldn't help it." John shrugged his shoulders and bit his lips.

Jack laughed and winked at John's direction, his brother needed assistance. "Never trust John to keep a secret from me."

Mary rolled her eyes and chuckled. She should have known.

"So…?" Jenny was curious.

"It's been three months now." Mary looked into Kyle's face, cooed as she gently rocked the baby in her arms. "Guess baby Kyle is going to have a playmate soon."

"And Deannie will have to babysit two babies." Jack teased the kid in his arms.

"I'm cool." The boy replied excitedly.

Jack laughed, he'd taught him that. He looked at John and asked "What's your hunch this time? A boy or a girl?"

John and Mary looked into each other's faces and smiled. "Well, we sort of hoping for a…" John couldn't finish when Dean say…

"I'm getting a brother." He declared, never been so sure.

"Oh really? How did you know?"

"I know." Dean nodded confidently. "And his name is Sammy."

"Sammy?" Jack was fascinated by the kid's determination. The confidence in his voice was so convincing Jack believed him without doubt. "You already picked a name for him? That's quick." He looked at John and Mary and laughed when they rolled their eyes in amusement.

"It looks like this time Dean is one step ahead of you John," Jenny smiled at John.

"What can I say, like father like son." The pride was evident in John's voice.

"Deannie…aren't you afraid? If you get a brother, he'd take away all your toys and then he'd steal mommy and daddy from you." Jack couldn't help taunting the little boy.

"Jaaacck?!" Jenny hissed disapprovingly. It had always been her husband's habit to tease the little boy and sometimes the teasing caused Dean to sulk for days. But Jack was unstoppable. He knew Dean like the back of his hand. Jack knew what button to push and always how to make things up to the little boy.

But this time, Jack lost as Dean answered "No…I'm goin' to give him everythin' because he's my baby...like baby Kyle." He saw so much determination in Dean's eyes Jack's breath caught in his chest.

Jenny, Mary and John laughed as Jack's face turned slightly red.

"I'm goin' to love 'em more than anything." Dean declared proudly.

"Then you're not going to love us anymore?" Jack put on his best pouty face.

"No silly! Of course I love you…forever!" Dean smiled and wrapped Jack's neck with his arms. "I love you uncle Jackie."

Jack felt his heart warm hearing the honest answer. He'd just got a taste of his own medicine. "I love you too Deannie."


Jack downed half of his beer and looked up to the night sky. The noise from inside the house had him smiling to himself. The girls' voices emerged among everything, sharing stories and secrets and sometimes there was Deannie rambling about his backyard discovery. It was past the boy's bedtime but he begged everyone to let him stay up a little bit longer using all the persuasive power he could muster – and naturally succeeded.

Everything was perfect, for him and John, especially for John. Deep inside him, he was grateful for Mary and Dean, and soon his second nephew. They had become John's new task, and saved him from his overprotective big brother.

Jack snorted. Did John ever really give up on him? He didn't think so. John might have a family of his own now that he needed to protect, but he would never give up protecting Jack. John had been Jack's parent since forever and he would never stop being one now. His big brother was that stubborn.

There had been times Jack feared John would never have a family of his own because of him. John was so keen on protecting Jack he didn't allow anything or anyone to distract him from his duty. But then Mary came and Jack was thankful his brother finally opened his heart for her.

Jack raised his bottle towards the sky, thanking God for blessing his big brother with a perfect family, and made a toast for John's everlasting happiness.

"You sneaky bastard! How could you leave me in there and come here, drinking on your own?"

Jack turned around and found John hovering over him, shooting him an accusing glare. His brother huffed and sat right beside him on the hood of the Impala.

The Impala was one more thing Jack was grateful for. One day John came back with it, beaming proudly and saying "Meet our new car," when he was supposed to buy a van instead. He said a guy talked him into buying the car, convincing him the baby would still run after thirty years. And Jack thought John had been put under a spell, believing a stranger all of a sudden when all his life, John had never trusted anyone except Jack and Mary. But the car had been with them for quite some time now and so far no harm was made. Even Jack had learnt to love the car though not to the extent of calling it baby like John did.

"I thought you like listening to gossip." Jack snickered and gained a smack to the back of his head. Rubbing the sore spot, he pouted a little – a childhood habit he couldn't put off when he was alone with John.

"The next time Jenny makes you listen to her whines I'm not going to help you out dude," John warned – Jack was so getting his payback.

"Touchy!" Jack made a face and took a swig of his beer. He watched as John followed suit, then sighed. "Hey, John?"

John turned his attention to him – like he always did when Jack used this intonation. "What?"

Jack looked his brother in the eyes and shook his head. "Nothing."

He'd been living with his little brother for so long John understood what Jack was trying to say. "Save your soap drama for Jenny man."

"You're a jerk!" His elbow met John's ribs. But then he took a deep breath and smiled. "Just…whatever happens, we'll keep this family together, okay?" He had to say it.

Knowing his brother's reluctance towards heart-to-heart talks, Jack had expected some witty remarks as a response to his request. So when John answered "Yeah," he was caught off guard. "We'll keep this family together."

"Whatever happens?" That was a little brother asking for confirmation, needing security.

"Whatever happens." John confirmed and clinked his bottle to the one Jack was holding. "And our kids are going to make sure it continues that way."

"Yeah." Jack smiled as John's words reminded him of something.

They were not alone anymore.


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