y set off to go to the hospital. He surely knew the way by now. He stepped into the waiting room, which was filled with patients waiting anxiously. He even heard people wailing. It made his heart race. He was sent the waiting room. He sat down awkwardly. He came to Aidensfield to have a nice time with his sister, whooo! what a great way to spend it. He heard those conversations in his head again. He even had a few flash backs of when he met Carol. Well he heard he voice again. Oh heck he was going mad.

"Danny?" her voice ringing in his ears "Danny Cassidy?"

"Danny Cassidy?" again he was back to earth it was the doctor who was calling him.

"oh sorry" he stood up. The doctor looked down at his clip board.

"come with me" he said. Danny felt nervous. His legs were going to give way. Chris sat down.

"she's gone hasn't she" he said, he could hardly talk.

"actually, her heart has got stonger"

"what?" he sat up

"yes but it is still low, and we are afraid that she still could die. I'm sorry but the average heart rate has gone up by 20% her's has gone up only 17% and no one at Ashfordally General has survived, I'm sorry" he said. Danny's heart sinked.

"all we have to do is wait, these next hours are vital"

"was she just stabbed?" he asked

"actually, her arms were bruised, and she was lying in the cold for a while which didn't make the situation better" he said. Danny stood up angrily.

"There must be something you can do!" he said fisting the table

"Calm down!" Chris stood up


"No there is nothing more we can do, can you please leave"


"just please leave" he said. Danny stormed out. Tears rolling down his cheek. Joe was n his bike. He stopped by him

"Danny? Where are you going?" he asked

"to the middle of no where" he said walking across a field upon the moors.

"what? Just come with me" he said. Danny didn't listen. He stood on a wall with a large dip on the other side "Danny?!"

He looked around "A beautiful place, shame isn't it"

"it is, just come down Danny"

"Don't worry, I'm not going to jump" Danny assured

"your just not thinking straight"

"she's my sister, my only family! I lost her once, I'm not loosing her again, I knew it was too good to be true" he said calmly

"I know how you feel just p..." Joe said

"No" he cut him off. "no you don't, remember what I said Joe, take care of my little sister for me" he said

"it's not my fault" Joe protested

"after I said that you answered, will do, what happened, she's in hospital dieing!" he shouted. Hopped back down off the wall. "YOU didn't keep your word" he stood up close to him. "WHY?!" He cried "WHY!" He forced his hands onto Joe's shoulders. Joe grabbed his wrists and pulled him off.

"ENOUGH! If I could have stopped this from happening believe me I would" he said.

"You don't know what it's like, I LOVE HER JOE!"

"WELL YOUR NOT THE ONLY ONE!" Joe shouted. He stopped. Danny looked at her. He broke down crying. He walked backwards. He slid down the wall. He didn't care about the snow, he just sat and sobbed.

"Look, let's get out of here" Joe said.

"leave me alone" Danny said, not even looking up. Without saying anything Joe walked to his bike and rode off. He arrived back in Aidensfield and stormed into the police station. He heard Sagent Miller shouting in his office.

"what's he shouting at?" Rachel asked

"Geoff, he threw a snow ball at him or something" Ventress chuckled.

"stupid behaviour" Rachel rolled her eyes.

"Rachel can I have a word" Joe said

"what about now?" she asked

"The attack on Carol"

"oh, it's really annoying because I need to find out , this man is on the run, I know his name. It's Robin Newood."

"Robin? He was at.." he said to himself

"eh?" Rachel asked

"yeah yeah, he was at the Aidensfield arms, Gina said he just left without saying anything"

"I think we have our suspect" Rachel said.