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"So, what do you reckon Joyce wants with us all then?"

Jock looked around the large group of boys, hoping for a response of some kind. Everyone had been distant today, and he didn't like it one bit. Dale was in some imaginary land – probably planning what he would do to his next victim, or where he would find her. Charlie and Brendan were obviously paying no attention; too busy gazing into one another's eyes with extreme intensity, fingers intertwined. The others were just complete boneheads.


Everyone's heads shot up, bullets from a revolver. Jock was overjoyed at finally grasping everyone's attention. "I said, what do you reckon Joyce wants with us all?"

"He's decided to give us more booze."

"He's announcing he's gay."

"The queen is coming to visit."

"They've found life on mars."

The suggestions were getting more ridiculous by the second. Little did they know, one of those suggestions made was true. Well, in a sense.


Some time later, all seated in a hall…

Joyce cleared his throat nervously. He had been in this job more years than he could count, but he still got flighty when required to talk in front of his boys. He had to say though, out of the many groups of boys he had encountered over the years, these were his favourite. Save for that rat Dale. Joyce wasn't supposed to judge his boys; he thought Dale should rot in hell for what he had done. Joyce would forfeit his position in this job he loved if the alternative was to defend Dale's actions. However, back to the task in hand.

"Boys, I have called you all here today to make an announcement," Whispers around the room recalled suggestions made previously. "an announcement that may change your lives for a very long time." None of the previous suggestions seemed liable anymore. None of those could make that huge an impact on them. "We have two new arrivals at the borstal later today, although this is rather unlike a usual arrival. One of our new arrivals is a boy of eighteen, named House. The other, however, is quite different. Alina, aged seventeen, has been sent to our borstal as the women's prison couldn't handle her. Hopefully she will see the errors of her ways at our borstal."

She? The boys were ecstatic. A girl! It had been such a long time since any of them had seen a female. This, of course, excluded Elizabeth – she was different. This was an actual girl, an actual girl they could get to know without going past Joyce first. Even Charlie and Brendan were excited. Of course, everyone was happy for the arrival of this "House" as well, but for now "Alina's" arrival seemed much more appealing.

After a rather rash dismissal from Joyce, the guys all looked around at each other.



Later, in the dorms…

The guys had spent the majority of the day talking about the arrival due to take place any moment now. Jock tapped out a familiar beat onto the bedside drawers. Dale sat, cross legged, on his bed playing poker with another boy. Brendan leaned against his headboard, legs apart, with Charlie sat between them. Brendan wrapped his arms tightly around Charlie's waist, who began to draw imaginary patterns onto Brendan's arm with his index finger. The two had been inseparable these last few days, literally; a borstal officer had to drag Charlie back to his own bed the previous night, who pretended to fall asleep then promptly returned to Brendan's bed as soon as the officer left the room. Joyce just told his officers to give up.

A commotion outside the dorm alerted all the boys to reality. Heads shot up; bullets from a revolver. Here we go.

"How fucking dare you! I am NOT a fucking trouble causer, she stole my fucking guitar, what the fuck was I supposed to fucking do except fucking stab the bitch with my fork! Huh? Nothing, exactly, fucking cunts!" The guys gulped. It seemed the word "fuck" was more common in this girl's vocabulary than the word "and". And coming from a girl, that could never be good.

BANG! The door flew open as a boy, presumably House, entered with an officer holding onto his arm. He was closely followed by Alina, kicking and screaming, held up by six officers no less. House looked upon his friend in distain. "Al, you've been saying the exact same thing ever since we left the other place. And guess what? No one cares any more than they did before. So give it up. And if you don't mind, I can walk by myself thank you." He added to the officer as a last thought.

The officer reluctantly let go of House's arm, who smiled politely and carried his things to a spare bed, and Alina's to the bed opposite.

Alina seemed to take on board House's advice and stopped screaming pronto. Her legs suddenly found themselves able to walk by themselves without the guidance of officers so two of them let go. Four remained holding on however, as they were terrified she would flip out. When she arrived at her bed and it became obvious she had given up the façade, they finally let go. Alina sat on the bed and did not speak another word for the remainder of the day.

House, on the other hand, was eager to receive greeting from the other guys. It was not often he had the opportunity to mix with other guys; his usual company consisted of only Alina. Maybe that explained why she was in such a foul mood. She didn't mind them both being in the women's prison, as girls never took a liking to his company anyway. But here, he was surrounded by other lads who all shared his passion – crime. Maybe Alina just didn't want to lose her "partner in crime" if you excuse the obvious joke there.

Charlie, being the people person he was, dragged Brendan curiously over to House. After a simple greeting House and Charlie instantly clicked, as they were both incredibly optimistic, and Brendan quickly followed. Although he was once the worlds greatest pessimist, Charlie had changed that. He had awoken a spirit that Brendan never even knew existed inside him. He had changed his whole world. This explains why it did not take Brendan long to interact with House.

Alina sat on her bed sulkily. She hated it here. Sure, it seemed better than the women's prison from the outside, but it wasn't. The guys here would change House… her House. They would turn him into one of them – a corporate machine that cannot be reset. They were here to be rehabilitated, and that is exactly what was happening to these guys, whether they noticed it or not. Alina just wanted freedom… the freedom to, well, be free. There was no other explanation.

Dale, on the other hand, was intrigued. Unlike the others, he was not perturbed by Alina's sullen, menacing personality. He became mesmerized as she sighed, her deep chest heaving up and down. Mesmerized by the way she sat so that her mini skirt ended just above her thighs. Mesmerized by her long, toned legs, which eventually ended in black Vans with the word "Heaven" in blood red. Mesmerized by her deep blue eyes as they connected with his cold grey ones. He made his way over, ignoring the warning voices of his lackeys who tried to hold him back.

Dale reached Alina as she became the peak of his interest. A girl… an actual girl. Looks like he wouldn't have to wait as long as he thought for his next conquest. Come on, it's not like he ever asked before taking in the first place. He supposed this made him like Charlie in a way… Charlie was in borstal for theft, and Dale had also stolen something – innocence, dignity, respect. He had diminished all of these things in the blink of an eye without a second thought. And here was God's "reward" to him. He wouldn't take it yet, oh no, he would bide his time. But when he got it… well, lets just say the taste of the apple pie would be well worth the wait of cooking time.

Charlie, Brendan and House let their conversation trail off as they joined the other guys in watching the submission taking place. Brendan lightly placed a cigarette in his mouth and lit it, only to have Charlie pull it away immediately and take the first drag for himself. He winked at Brendan after receiving a hilarious mock-glare. Their eyes reluctantly pulled away from each other to attach to the scene unfolding in front of them. They were interested, along with the other guys, because they knew what Dale was capable of. Charlie knew all too well. And as though he could read his mind, Brendan placed a reassuring hand on Charlie's arm. The other guys knew what Dale was capable of… but House didn't. He knew what Alina was capable of.

"Hey baby."

Alina looked up glaring from the spot at the end of her bed she had been emotionlessly staring at for the past ten minutes. Ten minutes she had loathed more than any other.

"Its Alina" she corrected him, undoubtedly furious under her cool exterior, "and what do you want?"

Dale smirked. He knew exactly what he wanted. But he wouldn't mention that – he had her attention, and that would do… for now.

"Well baby" he stated, clearly ignoring the warning tone of voice she had used, "I run this place. Well, pretty much anyway. No one crosses me… well, except Irish." He nodded his head in Brendan's direction, "and I just wanted to make you feel welcome."

Charlie and Brendan were surprised. This was the first time they had ever heard Dale be polite to anyone… including Joyce. This was a turn in history as far as they were concerned. Dale had more filthy plans up his sleeve than newspapers on the Leeds train. Unless the polite front was a secret subplot to entrance the poor girl. They had to get over there and get Dale away from her, before she succumbed to his charms.


With that, Dale hit the floor like heavy rain on a smooth rock.

It seems Alina didn't need saving at all. Good job they didn't get up, in that case.

Dale lifted his head, blood gushing from his nose, mouth and a wound on his pride. He backed from Alina, without standing up, cowering in fear.

"It's Alina" she stated calmly, "and I'm in charge now".

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