Disclaimer: I don't own Robin Hood.

Just something I wrote when I couldn't sleep. Basically this could be any of the outlaws except one of the women. Please review ;)

In a world of darkness

Drip, drip, drip

I hear the dripping

It nealy drives me mad

It's my own blood that's dripping

I can't see it

It's too dark

The torches are out

Sometimes i hear screams

Sometimes i hear laughter

The sounds of pain and joy

I want to close my ears

Sometimes I'm on fire

Sometimes I see a flah

A flash from a knife

In rare light

That's coming from a rare torch

I love when I see light

I can see the colors again

It shows me my world

A world not completely filled with darkness

Feelings doesn't exist hear

Only the feelings of pain

The laughter is taunting

The screams are a wish

A wish to leave this world

Fear is a pain

It aches in your heart

It makes the pain outside

More real

I feel fear everytime

Footsteps neares the celldoor

But each time I look up

Hoping it is a friend

But it never is

It's always someone

Who wants to hurt me

Never a woman, never the woman

Whose hands were soft and kind

The footsteps neares again

I don't look up, why should I

I know it's them again

No-one will ever save me

"My friend," a voice says

and I look up

But it's him again, he's tauting me

I will never be free.

This shows what kind of thoughts I have when I can't sleep ;)