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This is a vampire-type fic. It's the first vampire one that I have done, so please bear with me on this.







Summary: The world is ruled by vampires. In order to survive in this world as a human, you are mated to vampire. Once a human is mated to a vampire, no other vampire can touch them, or they will be put to death. Atemu is mated to Heba, the Emperor's brother. The plan was simple. Yami, Atemu's twin brother, would be mated to the Emperor to protect him from the other vampires, and the Emperor would to get the coumcil off his back about finding a mate. Falling in love was never part of the plan. And Yami fell hard. Now, Yami is mated to vampire whom he loves with all his heart. Will Yami ever be able to breach the cold heart of the Emperor, or is Yami doomed to be in a relationship where he will never be loved?

Warnings: lemons, mpreg

In this fic, the Hikaris and the Yamis will have a personality flip. If you've read Melting the Ice, it's like that as far as the personality flip goes.

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Chapter 1- The Question of Mating

The Millennial World is a place that ruled by vampires only.

The vampire king, Emperor Yugi, has ruled the vampire world for over a thousand years.

Humans that live in the Millennial World are considered to be inferior to some of the vampires, who use humans for their own amusement or pleasure.

The only way for a human to truly be safe in the Millennial World is for them to be mated to a vampire as the law states that if a human is mated to a vampire, no other vampire may bring any harm or use the human in any way or it is an immediate death sentence.

Many humans will try to be mates with vampires just so that they know that they are safe from harm.

"Emperor, there is a vampire that needs to be dealt with." a councilman said.

"Then bring him in." the Emperor said.

The guards brought in a vampire with black hair and green eyes. He was forced to kneel before the Emperor.

"What are his crimes?" the Emperor asked.

"He tried to take a human for his own pleasure when that human is mated to a vampire lord." the councilman said.

"I see. You know the law states that humans that are mated to vampires cannot be taken or harmed by another vampire." the Emperor said.

"Why should it matter? Humans are worthless creatures anyway!" the vampire spat.

The Emperor stood up. "Do not insult me! You know that law, and you know that it is against the law to do what you did." the Emperor said.

"Then maybe the law needs to be changed!" the vampire growled.

One of the guards hit the vampire so hard that he hit the floor with an audible crash.

"It does not matter what you think. Ryou. Malik." the Emperor said.

Two of the other four sitting with the Emperor stood up.

"You two can do what you will to him. Just ensure that he is dead by sunset." the Emperor said.

"As you command." the two said.

"Take him to the dungeons." the Emperor ordered.

The guards took the vampire back to the dungeons.

The Emperor sat back down as did the other two.

"Is there anything else?" the Emperor asked.

"Yes, Emperor. The council believes that it is time for you to choose a mate." the councilman said.

The Emperor's eyes darkened. "Do you?" the Emperor asked.

The head of the council gulped. He knew that crossing the Emperor was a very bad idea, and that a mate was a very sore spot for the Emperor.

"I do not need you to choose when the time for me to have a mate is. It is not the concern of the council when I choose one, and I don't need to tell you when I want to choose one." the Emperor said.

"Emperor, we just-" the head of the council started.

"No! I have no need for a mate, and I do not intend to have one! Do not bring this subject up again!" the Emperor growled, getting tired of having to say no to the council.

"Very well, Emperor." the head of the council said.

The Emperor along with the other four with him stood up, and the five left the throne room.

The Emperor walked off and headed down the hallway.

"He does realize that the council is going to keep bringing up the issue of a mate until Yugi finally gives in and gets one." Joey said.

"That may be true, Joey, but you know that Yugi doesn't want one. Truth be known, he wants nothing to do with the issue period." Heba said.

"But why?" Ryou asked.

"He just doesn't want a mate, Ryou. The reasons are his own." Heba said.

"Well, there's not much that we can do about it. We should get going." Malik said.

"Right. Our own mates are going to want to see us." Joey said.

"Actually, I thought that Malik and I would go on and do our job." Ryou said with an evil smirk.

Malik also smirked. "Ryou, I love your thinking. Tell Marik and Bakura that we'll be with them later." Malik said.

"All right. Once that vampire is dead, make sure that you tell Yugi so that he knows that his orders were carried out." Heba said.

"No problem." Ryou said.

Ryou and Malik went on down the hall.

"Sometime, I think that those two enjoy their job a little too much." Joey said.

"Well, at least they're only torturing and killing criminals." Heba said.

"Right." Joey agreed as the two walked on.

"Where do you think they are at?" Seto asked.

"I wouldn't worry about it too much. Everything should be fine." Bakura said.

"Of course everything is fine. They're the greatest vampires in title and in skill. They're the most feared warriors, so there is no way that they are going to let anything happen to themselves." Marik said.

The door opened, and Joey and Heba walked into the room.

"Well, I hope that you behaved yourself today, Dragon." Joey said.

"Shut up, Puppy. I don't have to do anything!" Seto snapped.

"Where are Malik and Ryou?" Bakura asked.

"There was a prisoner that was sentenced to death, and Yugi had them kill him." Heba said.

"Now?" Marik asked.

"Well, no. Yugi just said before sunset. Ryou and Malik chose to go ahead and get on with it." Heba said.

"You know how much those two enjoy their jobs." Joey said.

"Yeah." Bakura said.

"Joey, if Yugi comes looking for me, tell him that I've gone out." Heba said before he left the room.

"Where's he off to?" Marik asked.

"Probably to see my cousin again." Seto said.

"Yeah. Heba and Atemu have been getting along pretty well together." Joey said.

"Pretty well? They've been sleeping together for months now. I wish that they would get mated already." Marik said.

"Come on. You know that Heba doesn't want to make the big ordeal over that just yet." Joey said.

"Well, that, and the fact that Atemu isn't ready to be mated to Heba just yet." Seto said.

"I don't see why not. I mean, no other vampire could harm him then." Bakura said.

"Well, no vampire would dare harm him now. Most know that Atemu is with Heba, and they know that Heba would kill them if any of them harmed Atemu in any way. You all know that Heba has a pretty nasty temper, and that he doesn't like people messing with what's his." Joey said.

"Are you implying that my cousin belongs to him?" Seto demanded.

"Yes, and you know that it's true. The moment that Atemu agrees to become his mate, Heba will have the ceremony." Joey said.

"He's right. Besides, I think that Atemu would be happier when he knew that he couldn't be harmed." Marik said.

Yugi, the Emperor, was in office and looked out the window. He saw his brother leave the palace and head for the palace gates.

'He's off to see his lover again.' Yugi thought before turning his attention to the papers in front of him.

Yugi worked on them for a few moments.

'I know that I'll be having to have another mating ceremony performed soon.' Yugi thought.

He hated the mating ceremonies because it only gave the council more reason to push for him to get a mate.

Ryou and Malik walked down into the dungeons.

"Lord Ryou. Lord Malik. What can we do for you?" one of the guards asked.

"There was a vampire that was sentenced to death for his crimes. The Emperor ordered that we carry out the punishment." Ryou said.

"Of course. This way." the guard said.

The guard led them to the cell that held the vampire.

Ryou and Malik went in.

"What do you want?" the vampire spat.

Ryou smirked before he brought his hand across and slapped the vampire, making sure that his claws dug into the skin of the vampire's face.

The vampire screamed in pain.

"You were sentenced to death, and Malik and I were given the opportunity to get rid of you." Ryou said.

"Yes, and the Emperor wants it done right, which is why he chose us. You see, he allows us to torture the criminal before we kill him." Malik said.

The vampire's eyes widened in fear. He had heard horror stories of what Malik and Ryou had done to others who were not sentenced to death.

"Let the fun begin." Ryou said with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

"Agreed." Malik said, equally wicked.

Heba walked through the town.

Humans and vampires alike all stayed out of the way as Heba was known for his temper, and no one wanted to make him angry for any reason.

Heba came to a house and knocked on the door.

The door opened to reveal a human that looked almost like Heba only he had crimson eyes and lightening bolt streaks in his hair. Heba was a little taller than his look alike.

Atemu smiled warmly at Heba and said, "Come on in."

Heba walked into the room and shut the door before he grabbed Atemu and pulled him to him in a rough kiss.

Atemu moaned into the kiss as he wrapped his arms around Heba's neck.

"Miss me?" Heba asked when he broke the kiss.

"Of course I did." Atemu replied.

Heba let go of Atemu and walked into the living room with him.

"Where is Yami at?" Heba asked.

"He's not here right now. There were a few errands that he needed to do." Atemu said.

"He knew that I was coming, didn't he?" Heba asked.

"Yes, he did." Atemu admitted.

Heba smiled. "Well, I certainly don't mind." Heba said.

"How have things been for you?" Atemu asked.

"They've been fine. We had a meeting earlier today, although nothing unusual happened." Heba answered.

Atemu snuggled up against Heba, who wrapped his arms around Atemu.

"Does the Emperor know about us, Heba?" Atemu asked.

"He knows that I have a lover, but he doesn't know it's you specifically." Heba answered.

"What would he say to the fact that you are with a human, though?" Atemu asked.

"Nothing. He didn't say a word about the fact that Joey, Malik, and Ryou are with humans, so it won't matter to him now." Heba said.

"But you're his brother. Joey, Malik, and Ryou aren't. Isn't he going to have different feelings about it since you're his family?" Atemu asked.

"No, and even if he didn't agree with it, he wouldn't say anything against it." Heba said.

"I just don't want to drive a wedge between you two." Atemu said.

"You won't. There is nothing that you can do to do that." Heba said. After all, my brother and I are not close in the least now.' Heba thought.

"Still, I don't want to cause any trouble." Atemu said.

"Listen. Come to the palace with me for a little while, and we'll tell Yugi about us." Heba said.

"Do you think that is a good idea?" Atemu asked.

"Yes, it is. Trust me." Heba said.

"Well, I guess I can." Atemu said a little hesitantly.

"You can leave a note for Yami to let him know where you are." Heba said.

"Okay." Atemu finally agreed.

There was a knock on Yugi's office door.

"Enter!" Yugi called.

Ryou and Malik walked into the room.

"We thought that we would let you know that the vampire that was sentenced earlier is dead." Ryou said.

"Good. Did you dispose of the body?" Yugi asked.

"Yes. As always, the body was burned, and we stayed until the body was gone." Malik replied.

"Very well. Thank you." Yugi said, never once looking up at them.

Ryou and Malik left the room.

Yugi looked out the window. 'At least they carried out my orders.' Yugi thought.

"There you two are." Bakura said as he got up and hugged and Ryou.

"Hello, Bakura. They did tell you where we were, right?" Ryou asked.

"Of course we did." Joey snapped.

"Now, you don't have to be mean about it." Malik said in a teasing voice.

"So, is that vampire gone?" Marik asked.

"Yeah. We carried out our orders and killed him." Malik answered.

Ryou looked around and said, "Where is Heba at?"

"He went into town." Seto answered.

"Ah. Going to see that lover of his." Ryou said.

"Yeah. He and my cousin are still together." Seto said.

"Which is why it doesn't make any sense why they are not mated yet." Malik said.

"Knock it off. It's not our business." Joey said.

"Maybe, but they've been together for almost a year now. Most vampires are mated within a few months of being with someone." Ryou said.

"I think that it's more because of Atemu's hesitance than anything." Seto said.

"Well, he has a right to be hesitant." Marik said.

"Let's not get into this now. It's between Heba and Atemu, and they'll deal with it in their own way." Bakura said.

"He's right. We should just let it go." Seto agreed.

Heba and Atemu stood outside the gates to the palace.

"Are you sure that he won't be angry?" Atemu asked.

"Yes, Atemu, I am sure. You don't need to worry about it." Heba said.

"Well, if you're sure, okay." Atemu said.

"Come on." Heba said.

The gates opened, Heba and Atemu walked into the palace grounds.

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