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June 20th 1990

"Well Charlie, I'd say we have officially done it, all you need to do is sign here" a handsome man with striking blond hair and blue eyes pushed a piece of paper to the other side of his desk and gestured with his finger to the dotted line.

The other man sat across the desk with brown curls and appreciative hazel eyes. Staring at the paper he started "Carlisle, how long have we dreamed of eventually doing this" before picking up a black ball point pen from the desk.

"A long time my friend" Carlisle smiled. Charlie eagerly signed his name 'Charles Swan' on the paper before closing his eyes and taking a deep breath.

Carlisle chuckled "This is worth it you know. I mean for me being a doctor..it's just..it's not enough, but now I am moving up, we are moving up...our own pharmaceutical business"

"Doctor...not enough, you haven't changed since college" Charlie laughed on high spirits.

"Hey don't knock it, we got here didn't we, like we always said when we were boys 'We will own our own business together, marry beautiful women and have amazing children' ahh college days" Carlisle stated packing up his briefcase.

"Slow down" Charlie chuckled "I'm there, your only half way"

"I know, any day now i'm hoping" Carlisle said stuck in thought.

Charlie gestured to the door "let's celebrate, come over to my place for an hour, Renee will cook us something nice, in fact why don't you ring Esme bring her along too"

"Well...One drink, I am still on call"

Carlisle and Charlie made their way out of Carlisle's office and towards the entrance of the hospital. "It's cold out" Charlie commented rubbing his hands together as the pair stepped out into the cold, wet Forks night. Carlisle pulled out his phone as the pair walked to his car.

"Voicemail" Carlisle muttered "Esme, when you get this please ring me. I'm going to Charlie's for a drink, we finally signed the deal, we are official owners of the now 'Cullen-Swan' Pharmaceuticals" he grinned into the phone "Okay, well I love you" Carlisle put the phone down opening his drivers door.

"She will probably be with Ren anyway, I swear those two are making up being separated at birth" Charlie chuckled getting into the passenger seat.

"I know, I feel sorry for your Bella" Carlisle laughed before driving off

Carlisle pulled up outside the Swan's house. Charlie stroked his moustache thoughtfully whilst unbuckling his seatbelt.

"No lights" Charlie turned towards Carlisle "at this time?" he checked his watch '9.37pm'


"They will still be at my house, exchanging baby toys and tips" Carlisle smiled as they both exited the car.

"Yeah, I suppose. But it's a little late for Bells, she's usually tucked up nice and tight in her cot at seven sharp. Ren and I made it routine"

Charlie fished his keys out of his pocket as the pair approached the house, Charlie unlocked the door and stepped in turning on the hallway light.

"No ladies present. Now that beer" Charlie smirked.

Carlisle shook his head in amusement "Of course, how could we forget"

Charlie led the way to the kitchen, Carlisle following behind. "Sooo, what happens now?" Charlie asked opening the fridge.

"About what?" Carlisle asked taking a seat on one of the small kitchen chairs.

Charlie pulled two beers out of the fridge and shut the fridge door with his foot. He gestured to Carlisle's suitcase with one beer "About the contract" he explained before turning to the kitchen drawer for the bottle opener.

"Oh, right" laughed Carlisle "Well I send this paper off ASAP to my lawyer, he sorts out the credentials and everything. You know all the boring legal stuff, then you and me" Charlie gave Carlisle his beer "Cheers. You and me, in a couple of months will get official ownership papers and then it will be one hundred percent ours" Carlisle finished taking a sip of his beer.

"Wow" Charlie breathed looking at nothing.

"I know. This really is happening. Can you imagine the lives we could possible change...and save" Carlisle lounged back on his chair.

Charlie played absent-mindedly with the top of his beer bottle "You know Carlisle...I never had dreams like you did...like you planned all this" Charlie gestured his arms towards Carlisle. "Before I even...grew up really"

Carlisle furrowed his eyebrows.

"That's why I have never stayed in one job. I mean bank clerk, bar man, security...Cop. But now it all fits into place, what I really want to do and all I ever want to do" Charlie continued. Carlisle nodded understandably. "I do it for Bella, my little girl...and Renee of course"

Carlisle offered a smile at Charlie "Your right and when my bundle of joy comes along I am going to be the same."

A comfortable silence filled the room as the two men mused on their lives.

"Boy or girl?" Charlie asked abruptly taking a large gulp of his beer.

Carlisle let out a deep breath before running his hands through his unruly blond hair "Boy, I hope"

Charlie chuckled then suddenly stopped "Oh no! I want you to have a girl so I won't have to beat another boy off Bella" he joked.

"Well I'd rather my son, if he is a boy, marry your Bella than some other girl who would break his heart" Carlisle said raising his beer bottle. Charlie tapped his beer against Carlisle's and chuckled "Touché."

The ringing phone brought them both out of their laughter. "I'll be a sec" Charlie grimaced as his knees cracked as he stood up.

"Getting old Charlie?" Carlisle said over his shoulder as Charlie walked into the hallway.

"Hey, I'm as old as you" he retorted back before picking up the phone "Hello...What?...When did this happen?" Carlisle stood at Charlie's frantic words. "Oh God...Yes, Renee we are on our way now" Charlie gestured for Carlisle to go to the front door. "Yes...Bye" Charlie hung up the phone and dashed into the kitchen then out again with his coat in his hand.

Carlisle held the front door open for Charlie "What's wrong?"

Charlie walked over to Carlisle and slapped him on the shoulder "Nothing is wrong my man. You are about to become a father" Charlie closed the front door behind them both, locked it then virtually ran to Carlisle's car. Carlisle was still at the front door looking at Charlie with an unfathomable expression on his face "W-what did you say?"

"Esme is in labour, RIGHT NOW! SO MOVE YOUR FUCKING ASS" that was all it took before Carlisle raced to his car and sped off.

"I rang as soon as I could" Charlie sat down next to his wife Renee.

"I know sweetheart" he said pulling her into a hug and kissing her head.

"I was so scared honey, and I mean so scared. I thought I was having an aneurism for a moment. I nearly blacked out you know, then I realised I wasn't the actual one in labour. But Esme handled it like a pro, she had to calm ME down and tell ME to do deep breathing" Renee commented smoothing down her auburn hair.

"I can't imagine how Carlisle is feeling, we were only talking about the baby not a minute before you called" Charlie said.

"Well...We will just wait here, I told Esme we would be here, even if it meant staying all night" Renee said looking deep in thought "Well that was before she told me to sing rock-a-bye-baby, then slapped me telling me I was rubbish at singing and to get out" Renee sighed.

Charlie smiled "We'll wait" he leaned further back in the hospital lounge chair and looked towards the playpen in the corner "I have to say Bells is handling this eventful day with ease" he said grinning.

"I know she dropped off like two hours ago but woke up again after twenty minutes, restless" Renee replied looking towards the playpen also. Bella began crawling towards her parents, her denim dungarees scraping across the floor, her soft silky chocolate hair swaying with the motion and her tired glazed brown eyes were fixed on Charlie and Renee.

"Hey sweetie" Renee smiled.

Bella put her hands up in the air from her now sitting position. Charlie leaned over and scooped her up with both arms before placing her on his lap. "Hey baby. What have you being doing today?"

Bella just clapped her hands and pointed at Charlie's moustache. Charlie smiled and nuzzled his nose into Bella's.

"Well...we went shopping and we saw these amazing, adorable, uber-cool baby t-shirts." Renee turned and started rummaging in a bag to her right. She pulled out a navy blue baby top which had a picture of a white and blue bowl tipped upside down over an egg with the words 'Cereal Killer' written underneath in white.

Charlie let out a raucous laugh. "I know right" Renee laughed along "I thought it was ironic, what with her daddy being Fork's finest chief and her loving her breakfast so much" Renee cooed pinching Bella's cheeks. Bella let out a soft yawn before leaning back into Charlie's arms and rubbing her eyes.

"Yeah, Renee about that" Charlie smoothed down one of Bella's untidy dungaree leg's as she peacefully drifted off. "The contract came through" Charlie turned to look at his wife to gorge her reaction. Renee stared at him for a total of five seconds blankly before finally exploding.

"CHARLIE! THAT'S AMAZING" Renee wrapped her arms around her husband's shoulders. An old women sat across from them in the lounge glared in their direction, shook her head and told them to 'Shhh' Renee giggled and whispered in Charlie's ear "That's amazing."

Bella let out a soft groan in her sleep. "I know it's great right?" Charlie whispered "Should be around September before it's official though" he grinned widely.

Renee put the t-shirt she had been holding back in it's bag. "So what about your job? You going to give that up?" she enquired, her brown eyes curious.

"Well Carlisle isn't giving up being a doctor is he? So why should I need to give up chief? I mean i'll own half of the company but it's not like I am going to be working there. I like working, I like being chief. I'm keeping the job" Charlie said shrugging.

Renee kept quiet for a few minutes staring at Bella's sleeping form "Charlie. Do you..." Renee broke off at the sound of Carlisle's hurried voice down the corridor.

"Charlie? Charlie?!"

"Here mate" Charlie and Renee stood up. Charlie adjusted Bella comfortably over his shoulder and walked with Renee out into the corridor to meet Carlisle.

Carlisle's perfect white teeth were showing as his face was lit up in a huge grin. "He's a boy."

Renee squealed and wrapped her arms around Carlisle's neck "Oh congratulations Carlisle! How are you? How is Esme? What have you called him?" she shot out at lightning speed.

"Renee calm down and let the man catch his breath" Charlie said before turning to Carlisle "I'm proud of you man" Charlie gave Carlisle a one armed hug, patting his back carefully to avoid Bella.

"Thanks...Esme's doing fine, we haven't named him yet, haven't really discussed it since the birth" Carlisle took a deep breath "He's beautiful...and me, I am shaking like a leaf" Carlisle held his trembling hands in front of him. Renee and Charlie beamed at him.

"Do you want to?..." Carlisle gestured behind him.

Renee clapped "Of course! I can't wait. Lead the way"

The three walked down the corridor, Bella safe in Charlie's arms. Carlisle stopped in front of Room 7 and pushed it open. Renee rushed inside towards Esme who was holding a bundle of blankets in her arms. Carlisle softly closed the door again when Charlie had stepped inside.

Esme's green eyes shone proudly at the small person wrapped in the blankets before turning to the others "Hey" she whispered weakly.

Carlisle stood over her and leaned over to place a kiss on her forehead "Hey" he whispered.

"Well done honey" Renee smiled kissing Esme's cheek.

"We Swan's are officially here to meet Cullen Jr" Charlie chuckled. Bella let out a small sigh in her sleep.

Esme adjusted the blankets in her arms to reveal a thirty minute year old new baby boy. Renee gasped and covered her mouth "Esme" she breathed "He is beautiful"

Charlie looked on and smirked sideways "Hey, he's inherited your unique hair colour" He nodded towards Esme.

Esme ran her fingers down her son's barely there bronze hair before running the same hand over her own. Carlisle picked the baby from Esme's arms " We need to name him"

" He looks like a Romeo" Renee smiled. All the others stared at her incredulously.

"No, I'd say an Edwin" Charlie commented. Carlisle shot Charlie an annoyed look.

"Edward" Esme mumbled from the bed "Edward Cullen" she continued as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

"I love it" Renee gasped "It sounds like a name from an old romance novel. Like Darcy" she swooned.

Charlie grinned and looked at Carlisle. "Edward, my Edward" Carlisle smiled tears welling. Charlie passed Bella to Renee.

"Can I?" he pointed to Edward.

"Of course" Carlisle passed Edward to Charlie.

"You know Carlisle and I have been thinking" Esme said as Carlisle walked over to her and put his arms around her shoulders. Renee walked over to Charlie and Edward, Bella safe in her arms. " We want you two to be Edward's godparents" Esme continued.

Charlie looked at the couple "Us? Really?"

"Yes. You are our dearest friends, there is nobody else we would trust with him. And we are Bella's godparents, it's only fair" Carlisle explained smiling.

"We would be honoured" Renee said stroking Edwards soft cheek.

Charlie softly touched Edwards little hand with his index finger, Edward's tiny hand grasped his finger in a tight grip. Both Renee and Esme gasped.

"Bella's going to have trouble keeping the other girls off you when you get older" Renee laughed.

"Hey, Edward will have the same problem with Bella" Esme replied.

"Please tell me you two are not already planning the wedding" Carlisle tutted. Charlie chuckled.

"Carlisle! Of course we are. The invitations have already gone out" Renee laughed.

Suddenly Edward let out a piercing cry "Ohh, I think he wants his mom" Charlie chuckled nervously, practically running back over to Esme with Edward. Edward immediately quietened down.

The door behind them opened and a short, plump nurse walked in "Oh...sorry am I interrupting?"

"No" Esme smiled. The nurse looked over at Bella on Renee's shoulder before walking over to her.

"And who might this sleeping beauty be?" The nurse smiled

"Bella Swan" Renee replied proudly. The nurse smiled before turning to Esme and Carlisle with a narrow white strip in her hands. "Name tag" she explained. "Have you decided on a name yet?" she asked taking a pen out of her dress pocket.

Carlisle beamed and said " Yes. Edward Cullen."


17 years later- 2nd September 2008

God damn my alarm clock, God damn the date and God damn my life.

Groaning I reached over my lilac sheets and slammed my hand down on the off button of the alarm clock.

I caught my hand on the side of the dresser "Ouch!" I muttered to myself before turning my hand over to inspect the damage. A fresh red graze was evident on the skin at the bottom of my little finger on the left hand.

Typical, that's just me. I can't even turn an alarm clock off without hurting myself. Now, I know for a fact I am officially, hands down, the clumsiest person in Forks. Hell, I must have the largest hospital record too. My theory is that I inherited it from my mother. Where she was clumsy mentally, she passed it onto me physically.

Moving as gracefully as I could out of bed I walked to my full length mirror in the right hand corner of the room. God I was a mess! Matted dull brown hair, half in a bun, half like a birds nest on my head. My brown eyes which I would love to call deep and chocolaty, I inwardly scoffed, were a dark and bland brown with purple rings underneath. Clearly the only colouring on my sickly white pale face.

Stretching I made my way out of my bedroom towards the bathroom. I needed a good shower. Stopping by the staircase I leaned over resting my palms on the top railing.

"Dad?" I questioned, I knew Charlie would be up, he was always up. Sometimes I wondered of he ever slept.

"Yeah" I heard a grunting reply.

"Would you make me some eggs and toast for when I get out of the shower?" I asked stepping away from the staircase, just to lean back over again and add "Please."

"Sure" was all I heard before shutting the bathroom door. Charlie was the chief of police in my small town of Forks, he had been for years. Charlie was probably the world's best dad, literally. He knew when to keep to himself and knew when I needed space, which was more often than not. Sometimes I think he even needs me more than I need him. A perfect example of that was when Mom left...The only thing Charlie can virtually cook is eggs, I do mostly everything else; The cleaning, cooking, laundry, washing up. You name it, I do it.

I stripped off my almost five year old loyal Tigger pyjamas and threw them into the laundry basket, mentally making a note to do the laundry when I got home from school tonight.

I stepped into the shower letting the hot water rush over me. I basked in the last bit of time that was free before school started again. I would be starting my senior year today. I knew it would be no different to any other day at school. Same people, same place only now we weren't juniors but seniors.

I yelped as the hot water turned cold, jumping out of the shower I wrapped myself in the fluffy warm fluffy towel from the radiator. Fast as I could with the after-shower cold breeze, I tip-toed into my room. But predictably stubbed my little toe on the corner of my door.

"Owwww" Did I mention I am also a little over dramatic? I threw myself on the floor, towel coming undone and rolling about clutching my little toe and laughing, because if I didn't laugh I'd cry. I don't cry.

"Bells?" I heard my Dad's voice from downstairs.

"Yeah...I'm fine, totally fine" I laughed and grimaced at the same time. My toe was throbbing like a son of a bitch.

"O...Kay" I heard Charlie stutter as he stomped back into the kitchen.

I grabbed my towel and wrapped it back around myself again. I blow dried my hair and brushed my teeth before heading to my tiny wardrobe. This was another reason why I hated school, the pressure you felt about what you wore and how you looked. Now don't get me wrong, I really don't give a shit what people think or say about me but it makes my life that little bit more easier. In the holidays it didn't really matter, you could wear whatever concoction of clothing you could find because you hardly saw anyone except your friends. Oh and maybe worst enemy, but like I'd care what he thought.

Searching my scarce wardrobe I picked out two black items, I heard black makes you look skinnier. I might actually start the year with some illusion based compliments. I picked out a plain low-cut t-shirt with three-quarter length arms, joined by some skinny jeans and white converse.

Walking to my mirror, I was impressed. Well it was an improvement from this morning. I sighed running my hands through my hair. That's all the styling I need.

I turned glancing at my clock '7.58.' Great, only thirty more minutes before I need to set off for hell.

I picked my white school bag off the floor and checked I had everything for today. Paper, pens, paper, phone, money, iPod...Wuthering Heights book hmmm no I didn't need that. I took my book out of my bag and threw it on the end of the bed. I groaned when the book slipped off the end and hit the floor with an unhealthy thud. Scrambling over my bed I peered over the edge.

"Awww Crap!" the cover had completely detached itself. Great, I'd need sellotape now! I picked up the book and it's broken cover and placed it next to me.

Turning back to my bag I realised my Romeo and Juliet essay as missing. I'd spent all yesterday finishing that bad-boy. It was already overdue from last year. That was one of my downsides, I always left things until the last minute or just didn't do them at all.

Throwing my bag over my shoulder and picking up my dismantled book I headed downstairs.

Walking into the kitchen, Charlie was sat, cup of coffee in one hand and a newspaper in the other.

"Your eggs are on the side" he said not looking away from the paper. I chucked my book down on the table in front of him.

"Thanks, hey do we have any sellotape? And have you seen my Romeo and Juliet essay?" I said grabbing my plate of eggs and toast. Charlie lowered the paper and placed his mug on the table.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down. One at a time"

I rolled my eyes and took my place across from the table from him. "Have you seen my essay anywhere? the one I was working on yesterday"

Charlie stroked his moustache. He always did this when he was thinking. " I think it's in the lounge" he smiled taking a sip of his coffee. I internally shuddered. I hated coffee, I had no idea how anybody could drink something so vile and poisonous tasting.

"Thanks, and hey do we have any sellotape?" I took a bite out of my eggs. Charlie's cooking of eggs and toast had defiantly improved over the years.

"No. I used the last of it last week on the TV remote, but I can get you some from the station today"

"Thanks, my book broke" I gestured to the ill book on the table in front of us.

Charlie laughed "I'm not surprised, how old is this? I'll just buy you a new one"

"NO!" I said loudly, I lowered my voice at the taken back look on Charlie's face "I mean you buy me things all the time. Plus it was Mom's" I trailed off lowering my fork and scooping more eggs.

Charlie sighed deeply "Yeah...I was talking to your mother on the phone last night"

My eyes snapped up to my dad, this must have been important they hardly ever talk without me in the middle.

"About what?" I asked squinting suspiciously at my father's face. Charlie's face had always been a dead giveaway when he was going to say something he knew I wouldn't like.

"It's about your eighteenth" he said leaning foward.

I lowered my fork with a clang "No, whatever it is, no way" I said blandly standing up. If Charlie had not mentioned that my mother was involved in this idea, whatever it was, I would have been totally fine. But I knew if she was involved it can only be bad.

"Be reasonable Bells, just listen please"

I sighed and walked over to the sink "OK, hit me" I said rubbing my eyes.

"Well your mother and I was thinking about taking you for a family dinner, then letting you have a party here afterwards or something" Charlie said awkwardly.

I stared blankly, I was expecting worse "No party, you know I only go to them. Never throw them, being eighteen is not going to change that" I paused "But I don't see why we can't go out to dinner. You, mom and me" I shrugged "In fact I would like that."

Charlie scratched his head "Yeah we were going to ask your Godparents as well."

My eyes narrowed and locked on Charlie's "The Cullens?" I questioned.

"Yes" Charlie said standing up. I loved my Godparents Carlisle and Esme, they were like my second parents, always kind and lovely. I loved them as much as my own parents. But they had one flaw, the fact that they produced the spawn of satan.

"Including Edward?" I said through gritted teeth.

"I presume" Charlie said bluntly.

"No way!" I stamped my foot like a child "I am not spending my eighteenth with that...that...animal!" I screeched.

"Bells, you really need to get over this grudge you have against young Edward. Your nearly eighteen"

My mouth gaped open "Me?!...He's the pri...Dad seriously, we do not get on and we never will"

"Well it's tough, he is in your life whether you like it or not. Carlisle is my best friend and business partner. He and Esme are your Godparents and Edward is my Godchild" Charlie chastised me softly. He could never get mad at me no matter how hard he tried.

I clicked my tongue and went in the living room to pick my essay up.

"Is that a yes then?" My dad asked hopefully from behind me.

I put my hands on my hips and turned towards him "Do I have a choice?"

"No, I was just being polite" Charlie smiled largely.

"Right then well I'll keep out of his way and he can keep out of mine" I said shoving my essay into my bag.

Walking into the hallway I picked my car keys off the rack and headed to the front door, Charlie on my heels.

"I wish you would let me buy you a new car Bells" My dad said pleadingly. Walking outside we both turned to my drive. A large, red rusty chevy parked there next to Charlie's police cruiser. I loved that truck ever since I first saw it. Charlie had offered to buy me something more flashy, but the sentimental bitch that I am fell in love with the beast when we drove past it at a second-hand car store. My dad had protested like mad, but I was adamant with my decision.

I mocked punched my dad on his shoulder "Hey, do not offend my baby."

Charlie smiled and kissed my cheek "And my baby have a good day at school." He climbed into his cruiser. Charlie was always good at quick, comfortable good-byes.

Opening my driver door I swung my bad off my shoulder and propelled it into the passenger seat before climbing into the driving seat. My dad honked his horn at me before peeling out of the driveway.

I started my engine after three tries and my truck groaned loudly into power. Automatically and uncontrollably a red blush made it's way up my face. I wasn't embarrassed, my face just somehow did it.

I set off for Forks High praying that Angela or Jessica would be there already. Turning on my stereo I put my favourite track 'Kings of Leon- Sex on Fire' on. I realised as I stopped at some lights, how ridiculous I must look. A small girl, in a big-ass truck, listening to Sex on Fire. I inwardly chuckled.

Forks High virtually housed every teenager in this tiny town, in my opinion the high school seriously needed refurbishing or maybe even demolished. To every other girl Forks High was a way of staking out, what they would call 'Man-meat.' Mainly Edward Cullen. I scrunched my nose up at the thought. All the girls were insanely jealous that Edward was my...God-brother, or whatever the hell we were. They would preach to me that they would give anything to be me. But I would shut them up by laughing in their faces and declaring that I hated him.

Ever since Edward and I were three or four, well old enough to remember, we have hated each other. We constantly try to out-do each other and we are opposite sides of the scale. I am a normal, creative, virgin girl. He is a popular, sporty, player. I am probably the only girl in this town he hasn't slept with. But...I did once have a dream where we had extremely hot hate sex on Esme's marble kitchen work top, then in the end after we had finished, I killed him with the frying pan. I didn't know whether to be more horrified that i'd just committed a murder in my dream or that I had just had terrific angry sex with my worst enemy...But that only happened once about 2 years ago, and I haven't had one since. Thank God.

I would be a hypocrite and a liar if I didn't say he was good-looking though. He had Carlisle and Esme's beautiful genes to thank. He had this unusual, unruly bronze hair that i'd heard many girls disgustingly call 'Sex hair.' Then he had these piercing emerald green eyes. I had never seen any eyes like it. Not even Esme's were that green. He was tall but athletic standing about 6ft 2", he towered over my 5ft 2" height. Then he had the whole bad-boy persona going on: guitar player, cigarette smoker, women hanging on his every word. It made me want to gag.

All that was good, but unfortunately his let-down was his personality. He knew how attractive he was and used it to his up most advantage, especially on the women. Edward wouldn't know how to treat a women right if the manual jumped up and bit his ass. He was the world's biggest asshole, treated girls and weaker boys like shit and never had a good word to say about anyone. Many people were intimidated by him, but not me. That was probably another reason why he hated me. Yeah that's right, I'm not scared of you Dickward.

I laughed to myself, I always took the opportunity to remind him that he didn't intimidate me. I chuckled at the reminder of his face when once I told him that bathing together as children made me immune to his intimidation, I said this right in front of his friends. Needless to say though, I paid for that stunt later.

I brought myself out of my reverie as I pulled into the car park of Forks high. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw Angela's Ford Hybrid in it's usual spot. I pulled up next to her and got out of the car, locking it. Angela came jogging round to the side of my truck.

"Hey Ang"

"Hey Bella, did you do that essay? You know Mr Mason is going to bust your ass if you haven't"

I pulled my essay out of my bad and wafted it in front of her face. "Happy."

Angela smiled and gestured for us to walk to the entrance. Angela was my best friend she was kind, caring and totally loyal. I've relied on her more than I have had hot dinners. She was more shy than me and it was always left to me to be the spokesperson of our 'duo.'

"Oh my god" Angela suddenly grabbed my arm, stopping us in the middle of the car park.

"What?!" I asked panicked.

"I have so much to tell you about this weekend" she squealed clapping her hands together.

"Oohhh" I motioned with my hands "let me guess...about Ben?" I asked smiling.

"Yeah" she squeaked nodding. "But I will tell you at lunch, it's a long story and it's..." she glanced at her watch "ten to nine."

I nodded.

"Bella! Angela! Wait up!" turning I saw our other friend Jessica running towards us, hair failing in the wind behind her.

"Hey girl" Angela said giving Jessica a hug before Jessica turned to me and pulled me into a hug.

"Hey Jess, have a good holiday?" I asked.

"Yep, Mike and I are back together again" she smiled punching her fist in the air.

"Wow" Angela gasped.

Jessica turned to me "What about your love life Bella?"

I scratched my head "You know I kinda like being single" Angela gave me a small smile and Jessica looked at me with Horror

"You like being sing..." she trailed off as the sound of Sex on Fire reached our ears. Turning to the car park entrance a silver, shiny Volvo came reeling into the car park. There was only one person who could have such a dramatic, attention grabbing entrance.

I groaned as Edward Fucking Cullen stepped out of his car. He was followed by Emmett McCarthy, Rosalie Hale and Jacob Black who came out from the back seats. Then the passenger door opened and out stepped Forks High's ultimate bitch Tanya Denali in the tiniest skirt and top ever. Please did this girl have any shred of dignity left. I rolled my eyes at the whole crew. They were known as Forks popular group with Alice Brandon and Jasper Hale, Rosalie's brother, who I could see were not with the rest of them. I had English with Alice and Jasper and both of them had always been nice to me, so I had nothing against them.

But the rest of this crew, ironically labelled 'Edward's Crew' were totally assholes. Emmett McCarthy was Edwards BFF. He had short, dark curly hair with a kind face which dimpled when he smiled. Only he wasn't kind, he was just as bad as Edward. I admit I found him scary. I mean who wouldn't he was taller than Edward, just, standing at around 6ft 3" and he had humongous muscles which could rival a world wrestling champion.

His girlfriend Rosalie was so beautiful that I looked like a corpse next to her. She had long wavy blonde hair and striking blue eyes, she would be a perfect model but yet everybody knew that you didn't mess with her.

Jacob Black was the tallest of the boys, I swear that boy was nearly 7ft. He was tanned skinned and had dark features, he was good-looking but not as much as Edward. Jacob never joined in with the others goads at me but he never tried to stop them either. Sometimes I would even catch him hesitantly smiling at me. I had the feeling sometimes he wanted to talk to me but was too scared of Edward and Emmett.

Lastly was my worst enemy Tanya. Urghh shoot me please. Even her name left a bad scent on my tongue. She had long strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. Aside from that everything else about her was fake. She was like the female Edward, figures they would be attracted to each other. I pitied her desperation as well. She didn't mind that Edward was giving it to all the other girls in town just as long as he slipped her a length at least 3 times a week. What a slut.

Suddenly I caught Edward's eye and he winked and blew me a kiss. I grabbed Angela and Jessica arms "Come on" I said turning them around and dragging them towards the entrance.

"Hey Beautiful wait up!" I clenched my fist, that patronising git! I turned and crossed my arms across my chest facing Assward as he ran towards our group, his usual bronze hair blowing in the wind. He was wearing a white t-shirt with a black jacket and black low jeans.

"Hmmm are your arms a substitute for a push up bra, trying to flaunt them plums at me baby" he smirked.

I automatically dropped my arms to my side "Whatever you gotta say I don't want to hear it, so fuck off back into the sty you came from" I said bluntly.

"Careful, thats my mom and your Godmother you are talking about" he said leaning forward. I scowled at him.

Edward mock hurt at my expression "Oh Isabella you break my heart" he then draped an arm over Angela's shoulder "and anyway who said I was talking to you" he smirked.

I saw Angela's tense body, It was one thing to get to me but my friends. I scowled even more before flipping him the bird, I could see the rest of his crew looking at us behind him. Tanya shot me a dirty glare. I smiled and waved at her. Turning back to Edward I said "Well she doesn't want to talk to you either" I grabbed his arm off Angela's shoulder and shoved it back into his chest, before I could let go he grabbed my hand and entwined our fingers.

"Bella, Bella, Bella If you wanted to touch me all you needed to do was ask, I'd gladly give you the best five minutes of touching in your life" I looked at him shocked as he brought my hand to his face, looking at my fingers he inhaled deeply. "Hmmm or have you already been doing some touching, your fingers smell of sex" he chuckled.

I gasped, a bright red blush spread across my face. I pulled my hand out of his grip "No! You are such a fucking pervy bastard, get lost" I knew he said that to embarrass me in front of my friends. God he was such a jerk.

Edward just smirked again then put his other arm over Jessica's shoulder "Well I'm sure Jess doesn't want that to happen" he said before turning to her and giving her a wink. Jessica blushed, I guessed it was either at the fact he winked at her or at the fact he actually knew her name.

"So I want to thank you for inviting me to your birthday party" Edward said smugly. Jessica and Angela's head snapped towards mine.

"I didn't, my dad did" I said through clenched teeth.

"Yeah...whatever, but no thanks I've got better things to do with my time than go to stupid princess parties"

I clenched my fists and teeth "Fine. By. Me."

"Hey Ed, stop flirting with the virgins" I heard Emmett boom behind Edward. Edward sniggered and walked past me knocking me to the side. The rest of the crew followed.

Tanya immediately went to Edward's side as the rest sneered at us, all except Jacob who gave me a nervous smile. I frowned at him. When they disappeared round the corner Jessica grabbed my hand. But immediately let go, I knew what she was thinking. Arghh Edward you prick.

"Oh my god" Jessica swooned. Angela playfully poked my chest with her finger.

"Why were we not invited?"

"It's not a party" I defended myself "It's dinner with" I made hyphens with my fingers "family."

Angela nodded, knowing Edward was somewhat extended family, unfortunately. Jessica still looked dazed, I snapped my fingers in front of her face.

"Hello?!" I laughed "You know he's a major man-whore and plus you have Mike" Mike's name brought her out of her funk.

"Let's get our slips" Jess smiled.

The three of us walked to the office reception, before going in I looked down the side of the building to see all Edward and Tanya leaning against the wall. They were alternating smoking a cigarette and making out. Gross.

We walked into the reception towards Mrs Cope.

"Hey, we were wanting our schedule list please" I asked smiling.

"Name?" She asked her glasses slipping off the end of her nose.

"Ermm Isabella Swan" She slid a sheet of paper towards me.

Whilst the other two got theirs I opened mine

Period 1- English 9-10.30am Room: C7 Mr Mason

Period 2- Trig 10.30-12pm Room: D4 Mrs Netts


Period 3- History 1-2pm Room: D5 Mrs Anderson

Period 4-Biology 2-3.30pm Room A2 Mr Banner

I groaned Great last period with Edward.

Jessica brought me out of my thoughts by grabbing my arm and looking me up and down "Hey Bella, have you lost weight?"

I chuckled "Come on."

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