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"Give it up..."

"No, not until you take a bite out of this juicy, succulent..."

"Shut up!"

"You know you want it."

"Stop it, and stop smirking. I do have willpower you know and I mean it when I say no."

"Umm, nom nom, come to daddy!"

I chuckled as I opened my mouth wide and shoved half the bacon sandwich in my mouth, ketchup dripping from the sides.

"You disgusting pig, it's all over your shirt now, too. Why can't you take a stand with me? Or at least support me?" Bella said dramatically, swiping my kitchen table with the dishcloth.

I laughed and picked up my plate, hopping off my stool with a slight wobble. Damn leg. "Because I'd be like the hulk if I didn't get my meat fix. I'd be ripping off shirts and everything. Rawr!" I said grabbing her sides.

She swatted me away but despite herself, couldn't stop laughing. "Is that supposed to be a bad thing?"

"Maybe not to you," I said putting my plate in the dishwasher. "But, I wouldn't want to show Emmett and Jasper up with my expanding muscles." I flexed my arms to prove my point.

"Oh, yeah," Bella said sarcastically, nodding her head. I smirked and lowered my arms, walking over to her.

"Mmm..." I stood in front of her, trapping her between my arms and sandwiching her to the counter top. I pressed myself against her, smiling gleefully as she wrapped her arms around my neck. "And, your so called 'willpower?' I know, you don't really mean no...not all the time," I grinned, brushing my nose down her cheek.

Bella arched her back and pushed herself into me as she moaned. "I could...If I wanted to."

"Maybe when I am too old and disabled to protest."

"Eww, that image," Bella giggled, caressing the back of my hair.

"You know you will find me just as irresistible when we are both racing out of the grocery store in our wheelchairs when we are decrepit."

Bella looked away at the side before she turned to me with a pout. "I'm not going to argue...that's true."

"We'll have a real laugh tormenting our kids," I laughed.

"Kids, huh?" Bella smiled. "How would we torment them?"

"You know, pretend we have no brakes on our wheelchairs down a hill or embarrass them by hitting the queue pushers with our walking sticks at the mail office."

Bella threw her head back in laughter, revealing her soft, silky neck to me. "You are evil. They would never forgive you."

I chuckled in my throat and leaned down to kiss her neck, slowly pouting my lips against the soft skin. Bella moaned and her hands tightened even more in my hair. "Sure they would...they would love their daddy."

"Mmm, yeah...you would- Ouch!" Bella pulled away and slapped my arm softly. "No biting. My dad almost had a heart attack the last time when he saw that purple mark."

"Well, how about I do it somewhere else," I said with an eyebrow wiggle.

"You, mister, have a dirty mind. You don't need to mark me, you know I'm yours," Bella said kissing my chin.

"And I'm yours?"


I nodded and licked my lips, going in towards her lips. Bella shrieked and pulled away, pushing her hand to my mouth. "No. You're not kissing me with your bacon mouth! Swill it out!"

I opened my mouth in faux shock. "I don't believe this. You really are serious?"

"Yes!" Bella said in a slightly offended tone. "Thanks for the lack of seriousness. But, I'm a vegetarian. Get used to it."

I rolled my eyes and pulled away, walking to the sink. "Baby, you've been a vegetarian counting twelve hours now, since we watched that documentary last night. I knew we should have gone upstairs." Damn my mother, always making us watch ridiculous shows with her so we can't escape for nookie. Hmm, well she obviously doesn't know about the 'late night visits.'

"How they kill the animals is cruel. Those poor pigs," Bella stomped over to me. "Imagine those poor little piglets, squealing as they get skinned for your breakfast."

I swallowed a mouth full of water and let out a burp. "Uhh, that tasted like bacon," I laughed.

Bella scowled at me and hit the top of my arm. "Prick."

"Ow, ow, ow," I said, holding my shoulder and jumping on the spot. It didn't really hurt but I loved to play her.

"Oh my god! I'm sorry! I forgot...how could I forget?! Oh...do you need a doctor? Let me look...I'm so sorry," Bella was fawning over me, rubbing my arm.

I halted her movements and brushed my lips against hers. "I'm kidding, baby."

"Don't do that to me!" Bella said loudly. "Lift up your shirt, I want to look anyway."

"Ooh, getting kinky," I smiled. Bella shot me an angry gaze and I dropped my smile, lifting up my shirt. This was the best bit.

Bella grimaced and bit her lip as she rubbed her soft palm gently over the scar of my bullet wound. It was still sensitive and the light pink skin tingled with Bella's every move. Her eyes started to brim with tears and I started feeling like shit. "Bella...baby, don't cry. I didn't mean to-"

"Oh, it's not you," Bella smiled a little, dropping a kiss onto the scar. She pulled back and I dropped my shirt again. "It's just...it's bringing it back, you know?"

I sighed and pulled her into my arms, wrapping myself around her. "In a week, it will be over. We have to do one little thing and then we can move on...forever." I placed a long kiss in her hair, breathing in her never changing strawberry smell as I did.

"Yeah," Bella said pulling back. "Will you kiss me now?"

"I'll kiss you whenever and wherever for the rest of my life," I smiled, rubbing my nose to hers. Bella smiled and her eyes darted to my lips. I pulled her lower half close to me and I pressed my lips firmly against hers. Bella let out a sigh of satisfaction and my cock twitched in my boxers.

I pushed her back towards the kitchen counter, holding her there with my hips and I raised my two hands to her face and pulled her closer to me. Our kiss deepened and our tongues slid gently and slowly across one another.

"Alright! Alright! Break it up, come on! My kitchen is not a love nest."

I pulled back and smiled at Bella's slightly flushed face as she giggled. I turned to face my mom who stood in the doorway looking half amused and half embarrassed. "But, Mom, no one gets black marble worktops and expects them not to be christened."

"Ok, smart ass. Get out and get dressed. You have your physio appointment today and Bella has to go home this morning because Charlie is taking her to see...Miss Durnham," My mom said walking further into the kitchen.

I felt Bella stiffen in my arms. "Why can't Edward come with me?"

My mom smiled and stroked her hand down Bella's hair. "You had your joint meeting last week. She needs to see you separately now, just so they can make sure the story is a hundred percent."

"They don't believe us?" Bella said angrily.

"Of course they do. It's just the regular routine of court law. Naturally there will be a defence, so the prosecution needs to make sure they have an upstanding argument. Bella, don't worry, everything will be fine," my mom gave her a reassuring glance and looked at me. "Edward, will you help me with the dishwasher whilst Bella gets ready?"

I nodded and turned to Bella with a smile. "You go ahead; I'll be up in a minute. Yeah?"

Bella bit her lip but reluctantly nodded, giving me a chaste kiss on the lips before she slinked round me and left the room. I admired her with a goofy grin on my face as she went.

"I should take snap shots," my mom said, breaking my trance. "The evolution of Edward and Bella, from those hair pulling ten year olds to full blown lovers," she smiled. "I don't know how many times I will tell you how happy I am for you both. It was destined."

"Around a thousand?" I laughed. "But, I know what you are going to say...don't mess it up. I don't plan to."

"No, I was going to say I'm proud of you. All those girls you used to-"

"How do you...?"

"Forks is small, Edward. For a long time I was scared that you may end up...well, screwed up by all those girls...but Bella, she has always been good for you."

"I know," I smiled looking down. I dropped a plate into the dishwasher and stood up straight. "Mom, what if she realises that she's too good for me? I was horrible to her, before...I screw up everything; she's the one thing I just...don't want to." I realised with an embarrassed glance that I was almost crying.

"Hey," my mom said, roughly grabbing my face between her hands. "Any woman is lucky to have my beautiful, caring, loving son. No one will ever be good enough for you...my little baby boy. Sometimes, I think maybe Bella isn't as deserving either."

"Mom!" I said shocked.

"Don't get me wrong. I love Bella like my own and I love her with you and how happy she makes you. You are perfect together but she is the only girl remotely close to being enough for this," she placed her hand over my heart. "You are the most important man in my life. A thousand times more than your dad, even. I love you and if anything ever happened to you again..." she trailed off shaking her head.

"Mom," I said softly, pulling her into a hug. "I love you, too. I promise nothing will ever happen again."

My mom nodded and brushed imaginary lines off my clothes. "You've always been the strong one. Look after Bella these next few weeks; she's going to be more fragile than she lets on. She loves you, it's written all over her, but because of that...she will try to hide her real fear from you. So be careful and you, too."

"I will, Mom. Once those fuc- idiots get sent down, we'll be laughing free."

"Alright. Now, go see Bella," my mom said pushing me out of the kitchen. "Oh and Edward?"

I turned back to look at my mom who was smirking in the kitchen doorway. "Tell Bella that if she wants it to appear convincing that she slept in the guest room last night, at least to mess up her covers."

My mouth gaped open as I stared at my mom in shock. "Erm..."

"You're father and I were young once..." her voice trailed off as she walked into the kitchen and out of sight. "Just think yourself lucky, your father and I are not Roman Catholic like his parents."

Eek! Granddad George and Grandma Elizabeth! No thanks.

I laughed to myself and headed up the stairs two at a time. I swung around my door post, pushing open the door. My mouth gaped open when I saw a freshly showered and gorgeous smelling naked Bella standing by my balcony window.

"Edward, you scared me," Bella said as she turned around, holding her hand to her chest. "How long have you been there?"

I gulped and looked downwards. "Long enough to have this," I pointed down at the current tent in my boxers. "Fuck, Bella. Standing naked in my window like some fucking goddess. Do you want to get taken in view of the whole street?" I said shutting my bedroom door behind me.

"I was admiring the view," Bella smirked, pulling on her bra.

"As was I," I pouted. "Was being the operative word."

"I'm sorry, baby. I do it just to tease you."

"Oh yeah," I said raising an eyebrow. I walked towards her and came up behind her, pushing my erection into her naked ass. "Is this enough to tease?"

Bella moaned and slid her hands into mine against her stomach. "We had sex an hour ago...how do you keep it up?"

I chuckled against her neck. "Was that a double innuendo question?"

She pushed back against me, making me moan. "You know what I mean," she groaned.

"Baby, look in the mirror and you will have your answer. It's you...it's always you," I leaned my mouth down to her ear. "It will always be you."

Her hands reached behind her and she began to play with the front of my boxers, inching them down slowly. "Edward, I need yo-"

The sound of Boney M's- Daddy Cool started playing from my bed side table. "Ugh, fuck..." I sighed against her neck.

Bella shoulders slumped and she stomped over to her cell, picking it up. "Yes, Dad?"

I shook my head in amusement as I pulled my boxers back up and sat down on my bed, watching Bella as she starting throwing on more of her clothes. "No, he has his appointment today...Oh, my god, ask Esme if you don't believe me!...Yes..." Bella started to blush. "Yes, I stayed in that room...No....Dad, please never ask me that again!...Jesus, I'll be there soon, that's if I haven't died of embarrassment!...DAD!" Bella shrieked down the phone, blushing bright red.

She pressed a button and threw the phone next to me. "Cockblock Charlie?" I asked in amusement.

"Yes! He is so embarrassing."

I laughed and laid down on the bed, watching her tie her shoes. "Charlie is awesome, he is the ultimate dad."

"You don't have to live with him," Bella groaned. "I really wish I was one of those girls who hated and didn't get on with her dad. My life would be much easier."

"But you don't...You love him and you get on like a house on fire," I smirked.

"I know," Bella sighed. She looked up at me and grinned. "Shouldn't you be on my side?...he cock blocked you again."

"I'm used to it," I smiled. "After all, we have all the time in the world."

"Yeah, you're right."

I sat up quickly and picked my jeans up from the floor. "I'll be finished by lunch time. Come over if you get out early," I suggested, pulling my jeans on.

"I'm coming over anyway, remember," Bella said looking at me like I had two heads. I frowned and looked around the room. "Shopping! If you are making me go to this stupid prom, the least you could do is go shopping with me. There is no way I am being dragged around by Alice and Rose for hours. Nah, a boy is the perfect shopping partner in this instance."

"Oh, Yeah. If you don't want to go, we can always stay here and have night in," I said suggestively.

"I promised Alice and Rose, too," Bella blushed. I smiled to myself, knowing that she was more into this prom than she was letting on.

"Well, Ok. Shopping it is."

"Good," Bella smiled, groaning as she stood up. "So, I'll see you later, Gorgeous."

She leaned down to me on the bed, putting one hand on my cheek and the other next to her stomach with her jacket. Her lips fell onto mine and I closed my eyes as I leaned into her, our lips meshed together as one. I reached up to grab her hips and pull her closer but she pulled away with a laugh, pecking my lips a couple of times before standing back up. My hands moved off her hip and down to her hand, grabbing it firmly in mine.

"I love you," Bella whispered, ruffling up my hair with her other hand.

"I love you, too," I smiled, bringing her hand to my lips and kissing it firmly. "Make sure you come back to me."

"Always," Bella smirked. "I'll see you in a few hours."

She turned to leave and I stood up to pat her ass. "You better hurry," I whispered in her ear, causing her to shriek and run out of the room, giving me a little finger wiggle wave.


"That's exciting news, Honey!" My mom exclaimed, grabbing my hand as we walked out of the Health Centre.

"Is it? I have no idea what she said," I chuckled. I didn't understand all this doctor talk.

"She basically said that it won't be long before you are perfectly walking as normal." My mom started to pull a few sheets of paper out of my folder. "Yes, here...Edward is doing extremely well in his progress, possible grade up...See, it's fine."

"As long as I can give Bella a dance at the prom," I shrugged.

"Bella? Dancing?" My mom laughed. "You're going to need more luck now than you did before and that's saying something...Oh, look, there's your dad," my mom waved a hand to the entire hospital car park. I squinted my eyes and saw him parked a few rows away.

"I want to drive again...I hate not driving," I grumbled as we walked to the car.

"You will one day, Baby. Then you can take Bella for a spin in a new fancy car."

"New fancy car?" I said with a raised eyebrow.

"Well your father and I have been talking..."

"Mom, I like the Volvo. It's perfectly fine...stop babying me. I know how much you are overjoyed that we are home, but you have to chillax," I said kissing her cheek as we got to the car.

"How did it go?" My dad turned round in his chair to face me.

"Great. I kind of slipped once but other than that, good."

"Well, that will please Bella. She and Charlie are at the house. She said something about...shopping," My dad smirked as he drove out.

I groaned under my breath and rolled my eyes a little. "Yeah, we got to go for prom."

"But, you can't see her in her dress before the prom!" my mom gasped.

My mouth widened a little. "Mom, it's not like we are getting hitched. My God..."

"Still. You should be proper about it."

"Don't be a hypocrite, Esme. I remember seeing your wedding dress before we got married...even though it was on the floor," my dad smirked.

"Dad! That's Mom, you're talking about! Jesus."

"Oh, Edward. Don't be so embarrassed. How do you think you were conceived?" My mom added to the pain.

I sat in the back and ignored their playful, giggling attempts to make me squirm. God damn parents.

We pulled up next to Charlie's cruiser on our drive. I got out as quick as I could, making a hasty retreat to the house and to Bella. Bella was already at the front door when I opened it and she wrapped her arms around my neck. "How did it go?"

"Good. Yeah, I stumbled once but that was it," I smiled, pinching her waist a little.

"Oh, well done! I knew you could do it!" Bella laughed, pulling me in for a kiss. Her hands slid up from my neck to cup both my cheeks and I smiled into her mouth.

"I wish you would stop manhandling my daughter," Charlie's voice drifted from the side of us.

Bella and I pulled away with smirks on her faces. "Uncle C, you know it's your daughter that manhandles me," I grinned, reaching out to pull him into a hug.

Charlie slapped my back a few times and stepped back with a smile on his face. "So, your physio is going well. I'm proud of you, Son."

"Thanks. I still have some work to do...but, with the right motivation." I threw my arm around Bella's shoulders. "I'm pretty sure I can do anything."

"Well, I hope that includes you having brass balls enough to go shopping with this one," he said, jerking a thumb at Bella. "I've heard nothing all morning other than 'shopping with Edward.' I thought you hated shopping anyway?" Charlie added to Bella.

"Yeah, when I go with the girls. But, I like going with my boyfriend," Bella said turning to look at me.

I smiled back and leaned down to give her another kiss. "Jesus, too many hormones in here for me. Edward, you watch my little girl and Bella...try keep your hands off Edward for one second, please," Charlie said with an amused serious face as he passed us to get out of the door.

"I'll be home for dinner," Bella shouted.

"I'm ordering Chinese tonight, so you better," Charlie shouted back, giving us a wink before he headed to say goodbye to my parents.

"Come on, we better set off if we want to miss the traffic," Bella said, throwing on her coat.

"But, I've not even sat-"

"Now," Bella said sweetly, pushing me out of the door.

"I should report you for domestic abuse," I said shaking my head.

"Then who would drive your precious Volvo into a tree?" Bella smiled. I stared at her open mouthed that she would make fun of that. Two weeks ago she had crashed my car on the way to the grocery and blamed a damn racoon for running across the road. I had only just got the Volvo back and newly repaired.

"I swear if you do anything like that again. I will...put meat in your mouth whilst you're asleep!"

"You wouldn't dare!"

I raised my eyebrow in challenge. "You know I always follow through with a dare...Is that one I hear?"

"No," Bella spat, throwing herself in to the Volvo driver seat. I laughed and got into the passenger seat.

"You know what I could eat right now? Hmm some juicy barbeque chicken legs, wings...breast. All dripping so the sauce goes around your mouth," I said gleefully, rubbing my hands together. "With an extra portion of fries and melted cheese on the top. Oh, and those gorgeous beef kebabs for a starter," I finished, licking my lips and moaning pointedly.

"I know what you're doing and it's not working," Bella smiled although I could see her face tightening a little.

"I beg to differ. I can see your little mouth drooling...mmm, would you like some chicken breast, Bella? Smothered in that sauce I know you love so, so much," I chuckled.

"Shut up," Bella hissed. "I told you, I have great willpower."

"We'll see..." I laughed.

"I hope you know that those chickens you have been so deliriously talking about have been brutally murdered. They take them from the farm, pluck their feathers and slice their neck open whilst they are still alive and squawking for help. Their brain isn't dead yet so they know everything that is happening to them as they get put through incinerators and injected with preservatives and water!" Bella said seriously.

I stared at her for a few seconds with a sad, sombre look on my face before I put my hand on my chest. "Somebody get a violin."

Bella's face hardened and she slapped my arm as I burst out laughing. "You're evil!"

"No, I'm hungry. I'm sorry about the chickens...it's not their fault they taste so good."

"I hate you. I'm not talking to you for the rest of the day," Bella huffed.

"Aww, come on," I said putting my hand on her thigh and tilting my head to the side slightly. "I love you," I said in sing-song voice.

Bella's lips pouted for a second before she turned to give me, what she would be hoping, a harsh glare. I leaned forward and kissed her mouth. Bella took a second before she reacted, her hands weaving into my hair and pulling me more firmly against her. "I don't really hate you. I love you, really," she said onto my lips.

"I know," I smiled, stroking her hair as I pulled away. "Let's get this shopping business over so we can come back here for more fun," I wiggled my eyebrows at her and she laughed, slapping my hand with a look that said, 'behave.'


"What about this one?" Bella stood in front of me, holding a bright pink dress in front of her body. Her cheeks were red and her hair had gotten slightly matted from all the fussing over a pile of dresses.

"Too...pink," I said grimacing. "I told you which one I like best...the blue one," I sighed pointing to the navy blue one near the bottom of the pile.

Bella tilted one side of her hips up and looked at me with narrowed eyes. "No, you just said it was the one with the easiest access."

I chuckled a little and held my knuckles over my mouth. "I said that?"

"Yes, now come on. Be serious!"

"I am. The blue one. Seriously babe, you look gorgeous. Not that you even need a dress for that, you could go naked and you'd still be the best looking there. In fact, that would definitely mean you were the best looking there," I said, drifting off as images of a naked dancing Bella in our sports hall filled my head.

I felt a slap on the side of my head and looked up startled. "Stop mind perving," Bella said humorously.

"Aww babe, Angelina Jolie was just getting to the bra," I mocked, standing up.

"Well, you better hope that Angie has her big lips puckered for your cock tonight then hadn't you?" Bella smiled, waltzing off.

I stared open mouthed before I walked fast towards her, not being able to run yet. I grabbed her hips and she shrieked, laughing. "Hmm, excuse me. This is not a hotel," a posh woman's voice suddenly said. I looked up to see a sneering woman in a large tiger fur coat and a trout smile looking at us. "Navy blue," she said looking down at Bella's dress in her hands. "Darling, that does not compliment your eyes at all."

Her eyes ran over the pair of us before she pushed past us into the changing rooms.

"That's it. I'm getting the brown one," Bella huffed pathetically.

I grabbed her hand and hauled her back to me. "You're going to listen to some fat woman in tiger fur? I'm a man and even I know she needs the fashion police. Trust me, blue is the one for you. I want you to wear it."

Bella grimaced. She always hated when I said I wanted her to do something because she always found it impossible to argue. I grinned and slapped her ass a little. "Now, come on, let's go pay."

I entwined my hands in hers as we set of back down the clothes aisles. "What colour suit are you wearing?" Bella asked, leaning into me.

I shrugged because fashion wasn't my forte. As long as I didn't pull an Emmett who was dressing as a pimp for the occasion, then I was good. "I'll probably get a suit to match your dress."

"Aww, the perfect boyfriend. Do you know how many women wish to hear that?" Bella swooned.

I turned to look at her with a strange expression. I didn't give a shit what I wore, but Bella did, so it was easier to accessorize myself around her.

"So, how did things go with sexy Miss Durnham?" I asked. Bella and I had this thing of calling Miss Durnham, the chief prosecutor in our case, sexy. This wasn't me though, no, it was Bella who started it. Sure Miss Durnham is good looking but I didn't think she was good looking enough for Bella to come home one day and warn me she may be having a lesbian affair in the future.

"Oh, I just had to revise my statement and she said it was all good and that it matched up with yours. She asked if we wanted to be there, at the hearing, but I didn't really know what to say..." Bella shrugged. "What do you think?"

I fingered a t-shirt on a hanger as we went by and took a deep breath. "I think we should. I think we should face them one more time before they get sent down."

"Really? Because this has to be harder on you than me. After, what...they did," Bella said squeezing my hand.

"All the more reason," I said blandly.

Bella pulled a tight smile and looked the other way. I knew she still blamed herself for what happened to me, even if I didn't. I could see it in her eyes that she was ashamed. I tightened my hand in hers and moved my other hand across my chest to her face. I pulled her face back towards me and gave her a smacking kiss on the lips.

"Mm, what was that for?" Bella smiled.

"Because I love you," I sighed, rubbing her cheek.

"Oh my God, get a room!" An annoyed voice came from behind us and we turned around. Rosalie and Alice were walking towards us. Alice looking like her grin was about to explode off her face and Rosalie with her never changing, bored look as she carried a Starbucks in her hand.

"Hey Rose, Alice," I nodded.

"Public make out session?" Rosalie enquired. "No offence," she said looking at Bella. "We knew it would be Edward."

I looked at her uncomfortably but Rose just smiled. Alice jabbed her in the ribs. "Rose!"

"Oh, I was just kidding," she said rolling her eyes. She put on a fake smile and imitated what I thought was Alice. "You guys are cuteness!"

I laughed and Rose giggled, too, pulling me into a hug. "What are you two doing here then?"

"Shopping," Bella smiled, holding up her dress.

"For prom?" Alice said excitedly.


"How's Emmett's hunting going?" I nodded to Rose.

She was looking down at her Starbucks, swivelling her straw around. "Yellow and pink, with a stick."

I burst out laughing as Alice and Bella looked confused at the pair of us. Rose and I were the only ones who knew of Emmett's prom costume surprise. Rose winked and pulled her straw up to her mouth, sucking. There would be something incredibly erotic about it if it wasn't for the fact that I knew Rose and what she was like.

"I don't get it," Alice said.

"You don't want to," I laughed.

Alice shook her head in bafflement. "Whatever. Anyway we need to go get our dresses so we'll leave you two lovers to it."

"Bye, Alice. Rose," Bella said as the girls said their goodbyes. "Has Rose always been so flirty to you?" Bella asked when the girls had walked away.

"Babe, Rose is flirty to everyone. She's even flirty to you; you can't say you've never seen it."

"To me? What is she a..." Bella lowered her voice. "Lesbian?"

I let out a loud laugh. "Rosalie? Lesbian? No. She loves the male genitalia; Emmett's to be precise, way too much! She just knows how to embrace sexuality I guess. It's like me who has no trouble admitting that Jasper is a good-looking guy."

Bella raised her eyebrows in amusement as we got to the checkout. "Hm-hm, somehow I'm kind of comforted that my main competition is a guy. It's less insulting for me."

The man at the checkout looked at Bella with a funny expression before he turned to me with a small smile. Slick and spiky, blond highlighted hair. Low jeans and a pink stripy top with a voice that just screamed 'Bruno'. Thanks Bella. That comment couldn't have come at a better time.

"Would you like a bag?" he said, still looking at me.

"Yes please," Bella said, her voice laced with humour.

I was terrified.

I quickly handed over my credit card despite Bella pulling and tugging on my arm in annoyance. "I'm paying. End of..."

"I can buy it myself," Bella sneered.

"But what type of boyfriend would I be then?"

"Edward Cullen," the guy said behind the counter, looking down at my card. He shifted his hips to one said and looked at us funny. "Where do I know that name from?"

Time to go.

I took the card out of his hands and put it back in my wallet, picking up the bag with the dress in and handing it over to Bella. "No idea. Come on," I said putting my hand out to Bella.

"Hang on! You are those two kids that got kidnapped in the fall! Oh, man...What was it like? I mean, I'm sorry for being rude, but guys...you were fricking kidnapped!"

By now people had turned to stare and were observing with interest.

"Hey," a man behind us laughed, elbowing the guy next to him. "I lost a bet on those two. I put ten dollars on that they would be found dead," he sniggered.

I felt kind of sick.

"That's a truly horrible thing to do!" an older woman chastised him.

"Sorry lady, but I got kids to feed."

"Oh, and I'm sure gambling is the best way," she sneered.

"Can you sign this for me?" Some teenage blonde girl came running up to me, looking a double of Tarty Tanya.

"No," I hissed, finally finding my feet to pull Bella and I out of the crowd and away. People were asking, shouting and quoting things to us that we didn't really want to hear.

"Animals," Bella said quietly for the first time. "I feel like a monkey in a zoo. I want to go home; can we go home?"

"Sure, just don't let go of my hand until we get to the Volvo."

"Never," Bella said, putting her second hand on top of our clasped one.


I scowled and hissed as I clawed at my collar, trying to tie my tie.

"Well, you can tell you are your father's son," I heard my mom's voice behind me. I turned and gave her a hopeless look, gesturing to my tie.

"I can't do the blasted thing!"

My mom shook her head and walked towards me, her head under my chin as she started to correct my tie. "So, are you excited about tonight?"

I scoffed loudly. "Excited? About prom? No, I'm just going to be prowling in the corner all night like a creeper."

"Ooh, I'm sure Bella will be pleased to hear that," my mom chuckled.

"Bella's a bigger creeper than I am, so it wouldn't surprise me," I laughed. I knew Bella hated being the centre of attention at parties.

I felt a light slap on my shoulder and my mom pulled away, smoothing the front of my suit down. "Such a stunner," she whispered. "I can't believe you're all grown up. Next you'll be leaving home and forgetting all about us," she carried on straightening my jacket and biting her lip.

"Mom, don't be ridiculous. You're always going to be my mama."

She chuckled at the name I used to call her when I was little. "You betcha."

I kissed the top of her head and turned around to look in the mirror. "Perfect. Thanks Mom."

She waved me off. "Your dad has the car ready, he's going to pick Bella up then drop you both off."

I nodded and shoved my hands into my pockets. "Should I take...anything? I don't know about these things."

"Just you and a bit of money," my mom smiled with something else dancing behind her eyes. She turned to leave the room and stopped by the door. "And maybe a...condom, in case...You know."

"Mom!" I said flushing.

"Hey, I'm just being a mama," she said holding up her hands as she walked out of the room.

I internally screamed at myself before I picked up my wallet, phone, cigarettes and lighter from the dresser top. I was about to walk out when I stumbled, quickly turned round and opened my top drawer, pulling out a condom. Well, you never know.

Shutting my room light off, I headed down the stairs, my shiny new shoes banging on the wooden floor. Ugh, I hated that sound.

My dad was talking to my mom by the front door. The pair looked so in love and adoring that I took a few seconds to admire them. I had never really given much thought to my parents' relationship. I guess that is one thing a kid just doesn't want to know. But after all, I wasn't an ordinary guy, not anymore. Now, everything has some element of appreciation with me.

My dad spotted me over my mom's shoulder and waved. "Come on, Son. We don't want to be late."

I nodded my head and walked towards them. "I hate prom already."

"Thank God. You wouldn't have been a man if you didn't," my dad laughed. "See you later, Love."

He kissed my mom on the mouth and I settled for the cheek as we walked out. "Have a nice time!"

I smiled and gave her a wave as we headed to the car.

"Do you have everything sorted for tonight then?" my dad asked as we pulled out.

"Yep. It's all paid for...and I made sure Bella's special vegetarian dietary slip was handed in. I have money for drinks, so...yeah."

My dad chuckled. "Vegetarian. Bless her. At least she's being a humanitarian."

"She's been a pain in the ass. Yesterday, she made me feel guilty for eating an egg. I almost shed a tear." My dad laughed more. "I'm glad you find this funny, Dad. I'm in hell."

"Why don't you join her in her stand?"

I gave him a withering look. "Because I'm a red blooded man. My sharp teeth were not made for just ripping corn off the cob."

"Oh, never change, Son. Never change," my dad said as he could barely contain his laughter.


"Dammit, Dad! Ugh, why did I ask you to do this?"

Charlie juggled a combination of hair straighters and hair curlers in his hands, looking at them terrified. "See, this is why you need your mother or Esme. I'm no good at this crap."

I pursed my lips and stared at him with a scowl through the mirror. "Edward and Carlisle are going to be here any moment and you've just singed the front of my hair. Thanks."

"I didn't mean to," my dad said going a little red.

"Oh, it doesn't matter. I'm going to look like shit up next to Edward anyway," I shrugged.

"Hey, Edward is lucky to have a girl like you on his arm."

"Luck as nothing to do with it, Dad," I said grimacing at the lip gloss Alice had asked me to wear. "It was fate."

My dad rolled his eyes and put the hair instruments on the floor. "Young love, I remember that," he said sarcastically.

"Dad? Edward and I aren't you and Renee."

"I know. You're the second generation Carlisle and Esme."

"Have you been out for anymore drinks with Sue?" I asked subtly as I stood up, straightening out my dress.

My dad's eyes widened and he looked me up and down. "Wow, Bells, you look so beautiful. My little angel."

I ignored his question dodge and blushed bashfully. "It's all you, Dad."

"Then I did good," he smiled, coming over to kiss my forehead. "I'll wait for you downstairs. I'll be looking out for Edward, too."

"Thanks, Dad."

He shut the door and I heard his footsteps descend downstairs. I let out a shaky breath and turned to look at myself in the mirror. Beautiful, my ass. My dad was there just to say that, it didn't mean it was true. Edward looks so handsome in his suit, so handsome in fact that that last time he had it on, the handsomeness was just too much to handle and I had to strip it off him. Not like he complained.

I put on the bracelet Jacob got me, the necklace my mom had made me and the earrings that Charlie had bought especially for prom.

"Bella! They're here!"

I quickly ran to my bedroom window and peaked out just in time to see Edward fold his long sexy self out of Carlisle's car. His eyes immediately went up to my window and I squeed like a little girl, waving to him like a madwoman.

Edward gave me one salute and followed Carlisle up our drive towards our door.

I sprinted to my dresser to spray some perfume on then charged out of my room, running downstairs in my bare feet. My heels were on the porch, I would only put them on when I really needed to.

Edward and Carlisle stood at the inside of the door. Carlisle and Charlie were talking to each other and Edward was looking at me with a smile. "Hey. Who's looking gorgeous tonight?"

"You," I replied, wrapping my arms around his neck.

"I beg to differ," he whispered against my lips.

"Oh yeah?" I giggled as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me flush to him.

"Hmm," came from the side of us as Charlie skilfully pulled Edward away from me. "So what's going on tonight?"

"Erm, well after the prom I guess I'll bring Bella back here," Edward replied scratching his head.

I frowned. I didn't want to go home straight after. I wanted some humping.

"But..." I said nodding for Edward to go along. "Someone might be having a party after and we might go there."

"Yeah, Emmett's having a party," Edward smiled.

Carlisle looked as if he wanted to let a chuckle slip and Charlie was analysing both our faces. "Well OK. As long as you're safe."

"So are we going?" I asked pulling Edward's hand.

"To Emmett's?"

"No, now. To the prom," I laughed.

"Oh, oh right, yeah," he smiled. "Dad?"

"Sure. Come on. I'll speak to you later, Char."

"Right. Now come here and give your dad a hug," my dad said opening his arms.

I rolled my eyes and pulled away from Edward, wrapping my dad in a hug. "Remember, fish pie is in the fridge and it needs eating."

"I'm on it right now," he smiled.

"Good. Bye, Dad."

"Where are your shoes?" Carlisle frowned looking at my feet.

"Out there. I didn't want to wear them until I really had to."

Edward burst out laughing and pulled me into his side. "What are we going to do with you?"

"Hopefully," I strained as I pulled one shoe on. "Ah, erm, you won't let me fall." I put the other one on and I immediately rose in height, I was still nowhere near Edward's height but it was nice to be taller. I always wondered what it would be like to be higher up.

"Don't worry. I told my mom we would be creeping in the corner together anyway," he shrugged.

"You read my mind," I smiled as he grabbed my hand, entwining our fingers as he led me to the car.


The music thumped and the multicoloured glow was flashing out of the open sports hall door. I could see Mike Newton standing at the doors with leaflets or something in his hand, nodding his head as he discreetly pulled a bottle of something out of his jacket and took a swig.

"Welcome to hell," I commented.

"Oh, be a woman, Bella. Enjoy yourself," Carlisle chuckled as he leaned out of his window at us. "Now Edward, do you need picking up?"

"No, I've got some cash. I'll get us a cab. If we go to Emmett's we probably will have been drinking so I wouldn't want to bother you at like 2am," Edward said leaning on the car.

"Well, don't be too late and don't drink too much. Your leg definitely won't get better if you have another broken one to boot."

"I'll look after him, Carlisle," I smiled, swinging on Edward's arm.

"That's no comfort, Bella," Carlisle said with humour. He knew how clumsy I was.

"OK, Dad. Stop being such a dad and go back to mom," Edward said slapping his dad's shoulder. "I'll probably see you tomorrow."

Carlisle nodded, put his hand over Edward's. "Be safe."

His face was serious as he pulled away and left us standing in the high school car park. A shiver went up my spine and I shuddered. "Let's go inside, it's freezing."

Edward wrapped an arm around my waist as we headed towards Mike. "He looks at your legs and his are going to get broken," Edward whispered in my ear with a chuckle.

"Behave. You dressed me like this."

"For me only. Oh, hey Mike."

Mike's eyes seemed to widen and he swallowed as he looked from Edward to me. "Hey...guys. Bella you look...nice."

I was about to say something when Edward interrupted me. "Just nice?"

Mike's mouth opened and closed like a fish. "Err, no, gorgeous, you know?" he said, looking terrified. Jesus.

Suddenly Edward slapped him on the shoulder. "I'm just playing, man." He fished something out of his pocket and handed our tickets to Mike.

Mike smiled and made a 'go on in' gesture with his hand. I smiled at him as we walked past and Edward laughed next to me. "You are mean," I commented.

"Chill. It's Mike."

"Still..." I trailed off as we got into the actual sports hall. Everything was colourful and glittery and loud and so Alice. It was no surprise she had been the chief organiser in the event. I squinted around trying to see our friends.

I saw in the top corner, the teachers' table. Mr Masen sat up straight on his chair, his tongue out at all the young girls in short dresses. Ew. Mrs Cope was wearing a flattering floral dress and low and behold my history teacher was wearing leather. Mrs Whiplash indeed.

"There they are," Edward shouted in my ear as he pointed somewhere to his right. I frowned as I saw a flash of gold, black, yellow and pink.

Edward manoeuvred us around the dancing troupe that was in our way, huffing and puffing when they would accidently stand on his feet. Heels and all.

"Edward! Bella!" Alice ran up towards us in a slinky gold coloured dress. "We've all been waiting for you! Where have you been? Do you like the decoration? Emmett is a total spaz isn't he?" she shot off questions at firing speed.

"Whoa, Alice. Too much."

"Sorry," she giggled. She grabbed my hand and yanked me away from Edward. I moaned as his hand was pulled from mine and I lost him amidst the dancers.

"Edward," I groaned to myself. At least he knew where we were all sitting.

As soon as she pulled me up to our table, I stopped dead and took a double take at Emmett. Not knowing whether to howl in laughter or ask him what the fuck he was thinking.

Jasper sniggered from the seat I was standing over and I looked down at him. "Laugh, it's easier," he smiled.

I looked at him for a few seconds before I started to giggle, lifting my head back up to look at Emmett. "Emmett," I said clutching my chest. "What the hell is that?!"

Emmett grinned and opened his coat. "It's me uniform," he said in a convincing Jamaican accent, brandishing a shiny stick with a skull on the end at my face. "Do you like?"

"No, I do not," I laughed. "Where the hell did you get that?"

Emmett was dressed in shiny black pants, making his muscley legs more noticeable. He had on a long bright yellow coat with pink on the inside. He wore those stupid pointy, shiny white shoes and a cow patterned top hat on his head, topped with some golden heart rimmed sunshades.

"Costume shop. I'm a pimp."

"I would have never guessed."

"How much for him?" he said pointing at something with his stick over my shoulder. I turned to see Jacob walking over to us with Kate.

"Hey guys," he said. He picked up my hand and kissed my knuckles before doing the same to Alice and Rose.

"Hey, Jake, you haven't seen Edward have you?"

"No, just got here."

I nodded and looked at Kate. She was wearing a flowing lilac hippy dress which was really gorgeous. "I love your dress," I said lifting my head to smile at her.

She was looking at my dress with a scared expression on her face, her eyes wide and her mouth in an O shape. "Err, thanks."

"What's wrong?" I asked, frowning.

"Nothing," she said really quickly, grabbing Jacob before pulling him away to whisper in his ear. I saw him turn to look at my dress and immediately felt self conscious, what was wrong with me? Jasper grabbed my sides and patted his lap.

"What's wrong?"

I huffed and sat down in his lap, getting a drink from the table, downing it in one. "Jacob and Kate are talking about me," I said looking over his head.

Jasper winced. "I doubt it. You look lovely."

"Thank you, so do you," I blushed. He was wearing a simple, smart black suit. "Although, that is inevitable when sat at the same table as Emmett."

He laughed and bounced me on his lap. "Where's Edward?"

"I lost him," I said looking around the crowd. "Alice pulled me away..."

"Well, I'll look after you until then," he smiled. "I promised Edward that if he ever wasn't around, I'd take care of you."

I rolled my eyes. "That is such an Edward thing to ask you."

"He loves you."

"Yeah, I know and I love him." I smiled, picking up a cherry.

"Hey, it's my turn to fondle my girlfriend," came a voice from the crowd. Bronze flashed through and then the structure of my perfect man walked towards the table balancing a tray of drinks in his hand.

"No way. She's mine now!" Jasper joked, wrapping an arm around my waist. "Besides, she's warm, it's freezing in here."

"Oh, so you were just using me," I mocked to Jasper.

He smiled and tapped my back. "Caught. Fine, go to your beloved...I have mine!" Jasper growled. I just jumped off his lap in time before he pulled Alice onto it with a shriek.

"Drinks? I thought you'd done a runner," I joked to Edward.

He was looking a little nervous about something and flushed as if he had been either running or having an argument.

"Nope, just drinks," he laughed, handing me some blue concoction.

"I think Jake and Kate are laughing at me," I whispered in his ear.

Edward's head shot up to seek out Jacob's and he frowned. "Bella, they aren't even looking at you."

"They were before," I said defensively.

"Bella!" I turned to see Angela and Jessica run up to me. I barely had time to say anything before we were wrapped in our three way hug.

"Guys!" I laughed. "You both look hot! Come sit with us."

"Can't," Jess said as she nodded a hello to Jasper, her face blanching for a second at the sight of Emmett. "We have places but we just thought we would come over for a..." her eyes lowered to my dress and she trailed off, her eyes widening.

"What?" I said quickly. "Why is everyone looking at my dress?"

Edward coughed a little and looked away. I felt kind of hurt, that obviously something was being kept from me.

"Nothing," Angela and Jess said at the same time, realising their mistake and looking at each other quickly. "We'll come over later and have a dance!" Angela said, pulling them both away.

My nose hurt a little and I felt like I could cry a little bit. It sort of felt like being bullied or that a whole room was talking about you.

"Edward?" I said sitting down next to him. He hummed and gave me a smile with his hand over his mouth. "Why are people staring at my dress?"

He looked down at his drink and swilled it around. "I don't know what you mean."

"Yes you do. You've done it...Jake has done it...Alice is doing it right now. What?"

Edward licked his lips but looked away. "Nothing, just drop it, Babe. It's nothing."

"Oh, so there is something," I said pulling away from him. "Fine, if you won't tell me..."

I stood up and cleared my throat. "Alice? Can you tell me why people are looking at my dress funny?"

"Hmm, because it's gorgeous, of course!" she said in a put on bravado.


Jasper frowned and shrugged. I really think he didn't know what was going on. Emmett was too busy beating his stick on the floor to the music.

I turned to Rose who was playing with her nails. "Rose?"

"Tanya is wearing the same dress," she said bored.

"Rose!" Alice shrieked.

My eyes widened and I turned to look at Edward. He looked like he was in pain and shooting daggers at Rose. That was when I noticed the lipstick mark. I grabbed his collar almost choking him as tears welled up in my eyes. "What is this?" I choked out.

"What?" he said, looking panicked as he looked at his collar, his eyes widening in fear. "Oh, no, Bella...it's not what it-"

"Not what it looks like?!"

"Bella," Edward went to grab my hand but I pulled away.

"No, don't," I said moving away from him. "Rose, will you come with me?" I said trying not to break down.

Rose was the only one who had been truthful and she was the only one I could trust. She was by my side in a minute but not before she slapped Edward around the head with a resounding 'THWACK'

"I'll come," Alice chirped.

"No, just Rose," I growled, letting Rose lead me away through the crowd. Edward calling my name behind me with Jasper.

The toilets were quiet and the music thumped through the wall. I sat on the sink and Rose stood next to me, wetting a tissue in her hand. "Your mascara's running. You look a mess."

I said nothing as I thought over Edward's betrayal.

"You know, we may have jumped to conclusions. I don't think Edward would-"

"You saw the lipstick," I gasped. "Bright fucking pink. Let me guess."

"Tanya," Rose nodded. "For the record, you rock that dress much better."

"That's the point," I huffed. "I don't care we are wearing the same dress, I laugh shit like that off. It's the fact that obviously nobody knows me that well to know that, not even Edward...except you of course. Then to find out he..."

"I don't know you that well," Rose reasoned. "I just speak my mind."

"I've noticed," I said sniffing. Rose wiped my nose a little then pulled back.

"You're gorgeous, Bella. And if by some chance, Edward has sleazed off on you with Tanya then more fool him. I say target Jasper next, he seems into you."

I laughed a little. "Rose that's your brother and he loves Alice. I love Edward..."

"Well, just in case...you know, both your little couples don't work out...maybe Edward can go with Alice," she sniggered.

"That's wrong," I frowned at the image. Edward is mine.

"It's a thought...or maybe an affair with Jasper..."

I finally let a laugh out. "What is your obsession with Jasper and me?"

"I got you to laugh didn't I? Plus, life would be much mellower if you were my sister-in-law."

I nodded and jumped off the sink, looking at myself in the mirror. "So is this the break-up or the big bust-up before the make-up?"

"I think the question is whether you are going to break or just bust Tanya's face," Rose said helping me straighten my hair. "Ready?"

"Yep," I breathed.

Rose gave me a shake as we headed out of the bathroom. We stopped dead at the sight of an agitated, tortured looking Edward and a shocked, nervous Jasper waiting outside the door. "How long have you been ear wigging?" Rose scowled at her brother.

"Long enough to hear you play match maker," he stuttered. "I can't believe you told her about my crush," he accused. "That was years ago before Alice even came to Forks."

Rose sniggered. "Err, I never mentioned any crush."

Jasper's eyes widened. Edward looked angrily between Rose and Jasper. "You crushed on Bella?!"

"Ages ag-"

"Jasper," I said in shock. "Oh my God."

"I don't anymore! Ugh, thanks Rose!" Jasper stomped, grabbing his sister and walking off.

I didn't dare look at Edward. It wasn't the fact that I just learned Jasper used to have a thing for me. I believed him when he said it was in the past, anyone would when they saw him with Alice. "Bella are you going to talk to me?" Edward said, his shoes coming into view.

"I don't know what to say," I shrugged.

"I never kissed anyone. I would never, never ever do that to you. I love you," he said putting his hands in his pockets.

"So the lipstick printed itself there did it?" I said finally looking at him. "Magic lipstick?"

"No. Ok, it was Tanya." Oh, no he did not!

I looked at him with fury.

"But it wasn't like that! She tried to kiss me when I went for the drinks; I pushed her away asking what the fuck she thought she was doing. She was trying to be all flirty and I just brushed her off. I had no idea she had left lipstick on me, but I never did anything. I promise."

His eyes held no lies and I knew he was telling the truth. "Why didn't you tell me? And about the dress thing?"

"Because this is our night. We planned it for ages and I didn't want to fuck it up, but obviously I have anyway..." he said toe prodding the carpet. "I knew I'd fuck up one time. It was just when...I'll understand, you know, if you want...Jasper or something now."

I stared at him for a second before I started laughing. Really laughing. Edward frowned but my laugh was too contagious and he started to smile. "Jasper...what is everyone's obsession with that thing?"

"I know...I'm going to have to interrogate him later about that whole crush thing."

"He was young; besides, I think I may have crushed on him for like a week back when I was thirteen," I smiled.

"So, do you believe me? You don't want to...leave me or anything?" he looked at me as if the thought killed him and I moved forward, cupping his cheek to kiss him softly on the lips.

"No. But...I do want a smack down with that bitch," I said sweetly before I grabbed his hand, dragging him back to the party. "Pass me that napkin," I said pointing to a table as we walked past. Edward looked terrified but picked it up and handed it to me.

"Bella, what are you going to do?"

I spotted a head of scraggly strawberry coloured hair and smirked. I grasped Edward's hand tighter and stomped over, stopping behind her back.

Letting go of Edward's hand I tapped her on the shoulder. I let her take a few seconds to turn around and sneer at me and then look aghast when she realized we were wearing the same dress. "Why are you wearing my dress?" she demanded.

"Why is my boyfriend wearing your cheap ass lipstick?" Tanya straightened up and smirked, twirling the straw in her drink. "Seeing as you are so eager to wipe that lipstick off..."

I grabbed the back of her head, earning collective gasps around the hall and started to roughly wipe her mouth with the napkin, no doubt scratching her trout pout lips. I threw the napkin on the floor, smirked and then slapped her across the face as hard as I could.

Everyone in the hall gasped and the DJ was chanting 'Fight' over the microphone.

"You may have also noticed we are wearing the same dress. Time to make some adjustments."

I pulled the bright pink drink out of her hand and threw it over her dress. I then pulled the green one off her friend and tipped it over her hair. Reaching onto the table next to me, I picked up a slab of cake and threw it onto her chest.

"Next time...stay the fuck away from my boyfriend you cheap slut."

"WHOOOOOOOOOO! YEAH MAN!!" Emmett shouted loudly in his Jamaican accent.

"BELLA! YEAH!" Rose shouted, whistling.

"Miss Swan?" I turned to see Mr Banner approaching us. "I'm sorry but that behaviour is not acceptable. I'm going to have to ask that you leave and on Monday report to my office at lunch."

I sighed but nodded. It was so worth it.

Edward was laughing and dragged us to our table to get our things. "Tanya's face..." Alice laughed, giving me a hug. "Sorry, I didn't say anything," she whispered in my ear.

I just waved her off with a smile.

Jasper held something up. "Come on, Crush. I have a feeling you may have worked up an appetite."

I leaned over and bit it. Chewing loudly. "Well, we have to go n...JASPER!!"

Jasper looked at me all innocent as a cocktail sausage dangled out of his mouth. "What?"

Edward started laughing again. "Damn, you did the one thing I've been trying for weeks!"

"It's not funny," I said slumping my shoulders. I was shameful.

"You made her eat meat," he laughed, picking up our coats.

"Sorry," Jasper said like it was no big deal.

What the hell? I've missed this.

I picked up a handful of sausages and waved to everyone. "We've been booted. Catch you all later."

"Awww," Emmett moaned. "Are you coming to the party at eleven?"

"Yes, we are!" Edward said grabbing my hand, leading us away.

"Where are we going until then?" I said eating my sausages.

"Seeing you all territorial and sexy has made me horny," he laughed.

"Oh, not until I've finished my sausages."

"Hurry up then, I have a bigger one for you to eat," he smirked.


"Nope, clean."

"You're so gross," I laughed. Edward pulled us around the side of the school and round to the Science department. "You're not going to break in are you?"

He didn't say anything. "Edward?"

"Relax, the Science labs always have one window open because of the fumes."

"Oh, my God," I laughed.

He was right, there was a window open and before I knew it we were both inside our cold, dark Biology room. I banged into a stool and Edward laughed. "Ssh," he warned, wrapping his hands around my waist and bringing me flush to him. "We don't want anybody coming in," he smiled against my mouth, kissing me gently.

"Why?" I said sarcastically.

Edward just took my mouth with his, holding my face between his big palms as he gently caressed my mouth. I smiled a little and pushed my tongue through his lips, making him moan and push into me. Nothing was behind me and we both stumbled back quickly, falling into the stools which made a loud scraping noise and the desk which thudded on my back.

We both pulled away to laugh and Edward asked me if I was OK to which I replied by kissing him again.

"We're at our table, you know?"

"No shit," I breathed, pulling his collar towards me. "Now shut up and do what you planned."

"What the lady wants..." he smirked. He kissed me with ferocity and grabbed onto my ass, lifting me onto the table.

I moved my legs to the side and let him stand in between them. His hands were on my side, his thumbs caressing the swell of my breasts in time with his lip movements.

I ran my hands up onto his shoulder and pushed the jacket off. His shoulders slumped a little and he pulled his arms away one at a time before the jacket fell to the floor in a rustle of fabric. "I wonder if Mr Banner jacks off to porn in here on his little portable TV?" Edward said pushing his hands up my thighs.

"Do not talk about guys jacking off, especially not Mr Banner, when you are about to have hot desk sex with your girlfriend," I groaned, tugging him roughly to me with his belt. I pulled his shirt out of his pants and began to run my hands underneath his shirt, feeling his warm body in contrast to the room. Edward laughed and jerked back a little.

"Jesus, your hands are freezing!"

"Warm me up then," I said frustrated. Why wasn't he in me yet?

Edward started to kiss my neck as he tugged down the zipper at the back of my dress, the cold air hitting my naked back. He pulled the top half of my dress away, his eyes sparkling until he saw that I still had a bra on. "Why are you not naked?"

"Strapless bra, I wasn't going to let them hang naturally, was I?" Jesus, they would be by my knees.

"Don't be silly. Your boobs are perfect and everyone should know it," he smiled, reaching behind to unclasp the bra. "But, they can only look not touch...never touch," he said, almost to himself as he finally pulled the bra off to reveal my chest.

I pouted and cupped my breasts in my hands, lifting them up. "No, I definitely have some saggage going on."

Edward angrily slapped my hands away and palmed them himself, making me moan. "These are fucking perfect. And mine."

I loved it when he swore during sex.

"Say fuck," I said breathless.

"I'm going to fuck you," he said, starting to tug at his own shirt buttons. I frowned and sat up. That part was mine.

I undid the highest button then worked my way down, all the whilst Edward dominated my mouth and neck with his tongue, his hands working on my chest.

"On our Science desk," I giggled. "Experiments will never be the same again."

"Who cares? I've thought of fucking you on this table so many times, I've lost count. It was just working out how to do it."

"When the school is open but everyone else is indisposed...Prom. Perfect. "

"Actually this was never planned," Edward smirked, undoing his belt.

I cupped his hard on through his trousers and he groaned. "I agree, it's never this hard when planned."

It was all spontaneity with Edward.

"Fuck, Bella...If I'm not inside you in thirty seconds, I'm going to explode!"

"That's what we want," I groaned as I helped him pull his pants down. They fell to the floor with a clatter, making me wonder what was in them. "Have you got everything but the kitchen-"

My words were cut off as Edward roughly attacked my lips, pulling me nearer to the edge of the desk. He ran his hand up my thigh, bunching my dress upwards. "Yes," he gasped in my mouth. "This is what we want."

My ass touched the cold desk and I shrieked a little, tugging at Edward's hair. He ran his index finger over the front of my panties. My hips jerked back and my mouth fell open in a gasp. "Yes..."

"You're so wet for me...again," Edward said cockily before he hurriedly bunched my panties in his hand and began to pull down. I adjusted my legs, helping him all the way until my leg was stretched upwards and he pulled them off my right leg, getting them slightly tangled in the heel.

I reached for my shoes. "Shit, I need to-"

"The shoes stay on," Edward growled pushing me down onto the desk. My head hit the wood a little hard but it was a nice pain.

Before I could come back with a witty comment, he had pushed his fingers into me, wiggling them upwards, something he knew I loved. "Argh, fuck!" I grasped onto his arm that was between my legs as my heels rubbed on his ass through his boxers.

I felt pressure in my stomach and I gasped wordlessly waiting for the release. But Edward knew it was coming and he quickly pulled away. I slapped the desk in frustration. "No!"

He chuckled and I heard something make a snapping noise. The next thing I knew was Edward's face was now suddenly over mine, his hands were pulling me down the desk and something warm and large and oh, so fucking familiar was rammed into me roughly making me scream and him groan.

"Fuck, Edward. A little warning," I said wiggling around to adjust to his size. It's not that it hurt; it just felt so fucking good that I nearly came with just that one thrust.

"Sorry," he grunted, leaning back only to violently push back in again.

"Uhh," I moaned over and over as I grabbed the desk over my head. My heels were dug hard into his ass as he pounded into me, hardly giving me time for breath. His mouth latched onto my nipple and he caught it between his teeth, pulling it slightly away from my body.

He was giving it to me hard and rough on our Science desk and I fucking loved it. "God, Edward...sooooo good," I sounded almost pornographic, but I couldn't help it.

"You like that?" he grunted, thrusting even harder in sharper movements. "You like getting fucked hard on your work desk? Huh?"

"YES!" I screamed as he started to go faster. "Yes, I fucking love it!"

"You're a dirty girl...but you're fucking MY...," he gritted his teeth and pushed even harder making me go numb. "Dirty girl!"

I reached my hands up to tangle in his hair and he lowered his body onto mine, never giving up his rhythm. He took one hand off my hip and caressed my face before kissing me passionately, making me feel like I was floating.

Then like a bolt of lightning, my stomach muscles clenched and everything turned white as I scrunched my eyes up and came with a force I had never before.

"Yes, yes, yes...Fuck, baby!" Edward groaned before his face clenched into his adorable orgasm face and he spilled into me. He gave a few more pumps before he finally laid lifeless on top of me.

I stroked his damp hair for a while before I muttered. "Are you alive?"

"Just," I felt him smile against my boobs. "Ugh, but I'm empty. Damn.."

"That was some sex session and look," I stretched my legs out. "The shoes were the only things which survived."

"Sexy, put your legs down...I wasn't too rough was I?"

"If that was rough, I want it rougher because that was amazing!" I laughed in bliss and kissed his head. "Thank you."

"Thank you?" Edward laughed. "You're welcome."

I rubbed his back to nudge him up. "Come on, Stud. We need to get dressed before we get caught. Prom has probably finished."

Edward groaned but pulled away, kneeling down on the floor to pick up his clothes and my bra. He lifted his phone which had fallen out of his pocket and lit the room with a bright light. "Ten to eleven, I bet they are just leaving," Edward said, quickly shrugging on his shirt.

I sat up and put my bra back on before adjusting my dress. I jumped down off the table and felt something run down a little on my inner thigh. "Ohh," I groaned. "Have you got something to.." I gestured for a tissue.

Edward blushed and pulled one out of his pocket before handing it to me. Something else fell out too...something shiny. "Fuck! I forgot a condom!"

"I'm on the pill anyway," I shrugged.

"Why didn't you say? We've been using condoms all this time for nothing?"

"I tried telling you the past few times but you were so into the moment and you know..."

Edward laughed but looked a little aghast. "We never got to dance."

I laughed a little and helped him refasten his tie which he couldn't do. "Baby...we have all the time in the world to dance. We even have Emmett's."

"And our backyards," Edward shrugged.

"You don't need a prom to dance," I smiled. "That's what weddings are for." I tucked his tie in and winked at his shocked face before I saunted back to the window. "Come on, Babe. We got a pimping party waiting for us."

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