01 – Yaoi! Of course, the pairings are RockxNetto/DarkRockxNetto

02 – If follows the ANIME not the manga.

In the deepest parts of the Undernet, a lone dark coloured navi sits, alone but thinking. Thinking…

A simple click could be heard throughout the whole of the area, looking up and smiled with his evil glare.

"I have it… finally, a perfect idea. Not even that dope of a navi could think of this. Never, and I know just how to accomplish it"

He let out an evil laugh but stopping after a few seconds as there's another problem.

"Hmm… it doesn't sound… fun" he said simply, looking back down and thinking to himself once again. "What else do I need to do to make it fun?" He shouted out

He let out a heavy sigh and closed his eyes. Once again another loud click of his finger and this time and even bigger grin came to his face.

"I know how to make it fun" He said rubbing his hands together "I'll make him watch"

He stood up and opened a link and made his way towards it

"Netto-kun will be all mine, and not even that rockman will be able to expect this plan" He laughed loudly and evily that ruptured the Undernet as he made his way through the link.

What was dark rockman planning this time?