Rockman's P.O.V throughout the chapter.

It's been months since that day, that day that I wish I could forget all about, but it was as Dark Rockman had said to Netto… I will burn myself into your memory and not you, your family, your friends or even your navi can erase it.

I still can't believe I just didn't help him, by now I would have been his first, but I had to realise that if Netto hadn't known how I felt about him, then he would have done it with complete strangers to me long before I would've told him, so I've tried to let it go.

Love isn't just sex, love is feeling and meaning and that's how I feel towards Netto, I don't just want him so I can mess him around and have sex with him all the time… which is kind of impossible since I don't exist in the human world… yet, but still I want to spend my life with Netto and if it mean't making a small sacrifice of his virginity just to please my counterpart then so be it, he's won this time but he can never win again.


When I arrived back at scilabs during their intercourse, I noticed that everyone who had been interrogating Netto a few days before was there, which was good because I desperately needed to speak to them about everything, I was panicking the other day and so was Netto… so we couldn't think straight but now that everything was out in the open there was no cause for alarm.

Unless they didn't hear me out and immediately captured me…

"Um…" I stuttered "Guys? May I please talk to you, It's urgent and important"

Okay, so I wasn't about to tell Mr Hikari about what Netto was doing… that'd be the end of him otherwise, but none the less I had to lie on the spot to protect Netto from further harm.

They looked at me and then at each other and Kifune decided it was okay with a simple nod of his head "What Netto was saying the other day, it's true that we love each other… but that doesn't stop me from wanting to keep Netto safe no matter what the cost, I should've ran away with him the other day to keep him safe but I needed to obey my orders, but If I had ran away with him then none of this would ever have happened to him"

They were quiet but it was Mr Hikari who took the courage to reply "What do you mean, what has happened to him? Is he okay?" He panicked slightly; by the look on his face he was clearly worried about his son.

"He was kidnapped by Dark Rockman again, but don't worry… ive saved him and taken Dark Rockman into custody so you may do as you please… but as Netto was saying the other day, he was kidnapped by Dark Rockman in that old hotel building and then he tried to pin the trouble on us so Netto would run-away and then he'd be vulnerable for capture"

Id been thinking long and hard about what to say, to be honest I was quite pleased that my plan seemed to have been working, everyone was thinking quietly and Mr Hikari had breathed a sigh of relief right of the bat.

"So please, I want you to know that Netto is innocent beyond belief, this was all Dark Rockman's doing"

Of course, I needed to get back to them soon and take Netto of him and somehow capture Dark Rockman... that would be interesting… and difficult.

"But how on earth was Netto even taken into the cyber world, that's impossible" Enzan added, as he had done the other day.

"It was Dark Rockman, he just appeared in the net the first time and then placed a dimensional area and went into the human world and captured him, he brought him back in to the cyber world though, he was right in front of my eyes, as real as anything… it was amazing but still he never told me how he did it, I doubt he'd ever share his secrets"

"Well, it appears that Dark Rockman is the only one who can do that sort of thing, he is very powerful" Kifune added "I guess what we need to do is interrogate him and learn those secrets for our own accord" He said sternly.

"And thank you Rockman" Mr Hikari interrupted "For saving Netto and telling us the truth" So you believe me now but you couldn't even believe your own son a few days ago? I think this man spends too much time in front of science than his own family.

"Enzan, Fezakyuu, please gather a small force and get ready to receive co-ordinates on the net to capture Dark Rockman" He paused while they nodded and went straight away. He turned back to Rockman "Please, bring Netto back safely, all charges or anything against you is now dropped"

Rockman smiled and quickly vanished into thin air onto the net, retracing his footsteps back to that room.

I of course managed to get Netto back off Dark Rockman; it was way easier than I originally thought. I had met him half way back through the link, carrying a sleeping Netto and walking almost tiresomely himself, he looked ready to pass out any second.

"Take him" He said "He's no use to me anymore" He handed Netto over slowly and when weight was no longer holding him down he collapsed to the floor.

"Forgot to charge didn't you?" I smirked. I sent the co-ordinates to Enzan and Fezakyuu sending their navi's to come and collect him.

Of course, Netto should have been seen as the hero, he sacrificed the greatest thing his body had to offer and in the end he captured one of the cyber-worlds biggest enemies.

It was fitting for the enermy, collapsing in defeat; Netto really must have been awkward for him to go all out and loose a lot of energy.

"R-rockman?" Netto quiet and tired voice spoke; I turned my head and looked down at his sleepy form in my arms.

"Yes?" I asked

"I-I didn't once give into the pleasure he gave me, I didn't want to, only you are the one deserves to listen to me moan, cry and scream out your name" He sounded groggy, but I was unbelievably touched by what he had said, only me? Then I guess Dark Rockman really did mean nothing to him.

"Thank you, Netto-kun" I replied, of course I wanted this moment to be a sweet reuniting but how could it when Protoman and Fezakyuu's navi Speed had come and were tying Dark Rockman up and dragging him away, he didn't want to say or do anything to Netto in this awkward silence.

Flashback over--

But like I said, all that happened months ago.

Since that day, since we captured Dark Rockman we managed to gain a lot of his secrets, captured his henchmen and foiled many plots by his followers, it was a unique breakthrough of course.

Mr Hikari learned to accept our relationship, even though we rarely saw each other, it was difficult but it didn't stop us from trying.

Because of Dark Rockman, cyber-travel came around and we were able to transport humans into the cyber-world, I wish it were the other way round, but Dark Rockman only knew of existing in the human world through the use of dimensional areas, it was a shame but none the less I was able to see Netto in person, his father did stop him from going every now and then, worrying that we'd get up to something so them days we were left apart but on others, such as when he wasn't there or when he was away Netto would sneak on and we'd spend the whole day together.

So I guess thanks to Dark Rockman I can now spend time with my Netto and vice versa.

I have learned to just go with the flow… that not everything needs a proper purpose for doing something, what if Dark Rockman only wanted to have sex with Netto because he wanted to try it, maybe he was already giving up? We'll never know because no matter how much I ask him, he'll never talk about that day, he'll just say "What's mine is mine and that memory alone is mine forever"

Of course since that day, myself and Netto have had sex with each other a fair few times, and may I just add… they were very unbelievable experiences, ones that I want to never forget, of course every time I mention it to Dark Rockman… he just laughs away.

It doesn't matter how much I love Netto and forever will… but I can never escape the fact that Dark Rockman had taken Netto first.

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