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A/N: This is a sequel to my story Primal but you don't have to have read that story to like this one. This takes place three months after the events in Primal and the three months before the events in Star Trek. I hope you enjoy.


They had four rules to their relationship.

The first rule was that they kept it private. It was not out ofshame or because the relationship was improper but because they liked their time together to be their time without commentary from others. So other officers heard nothing from Spock about his new relationship (Not that they heard anything in general) and fellow cadets did not know that sometimes when she said she was going to the lab she was really sneaking out for dinner with him.

The second rule was there was no pressure to make it a commitment. Due to the bond that they formed on Gourian V, Uhura wanted to make sure she was dating and being in a relationship because she wanted to and not because of their shared memories or emotional bond. She wanted to be in love with him voluntarily, not because of a telepathic connection they had formed because of his pon farr. Spock had agreed even though he was unfamiliar with human mating rituals. Nyota believed he was becoming a great student at it, even though he had accidentally given her a garden weed instead of a flower that one time.

The third rule tied into the second one. They were not to be intimate or share intercourse until both were ready for it. This was something that Spock had come up with as he reminded her that she wanted something that was undetermined by their bond. Reintroducing sex into the equation, he reasoned, would be cheating against her wants of creating a new bond that was based on mutual admiration. Nyota struggled with this rule from time to time but for the most part kept their romance strictly around first base when she had the honor of introducing Spock to the intricacies of french kissing.

Rule number four tied into rule number one. They were to absolutely, under no circumstances, take their dates anywhere nearby Starfleet Academy or the San Francisco area due to the number of officers and cadets that hung out there. Spock usually took the transporter to other parts of Earth while Nyota took another transporter to do the same. Sometimes they would meet in Madrid to have a nice dinner. Other times they would be taking in a concert in Sydney. But never did they ever take up those Ha'Dak tickets in San Francisco, no matter how tempted Nyota was to do so.

These rules had worked out rather fine for their relationship. They had never had any close calls. They retained their professional distance on campus and he moved in his circles and she still moved in hers. Even her normally perceptive roommate had no idea.

It was all working to plan….at least until the night when the one and the only Cadet James T. Kirk showed up.