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Takuya: "…Me?"

No you idiot, I was talking about J.P

Takuya: "…Ohhh"

~ A Moment~

J.P: "Welcome one and all to my new corporation…EMOO milk! Milk for all those emo people that believe regular milk looks too happy!"
Koji: "J.P, there's no such thing as emoo milk"
J.P: "Yes there is"
Koji: "No there isn't"
J.P: "Oh really!? Then why were you advertising emoo milk in the last episode? Hmm, emo boy?"
Koji: "Okay one, NEVER call me emo boy. And two, I wasn't advertising emoo milk. I was just being weirdly emo for some reason"
Kouichi: (walks in) "It's true, Koji's an idiot" (walks out)
Koji: "I am NOT!"

J.P: "You kind of…Are"
Koji: "Grr…"
J.P: "Anyways, EMOO MILK! Coming to stores near you!"
Koji: "There is NO such thing as emoo milk!"
J.P: "Security!"

{Security walks in and drags Koji away}

Koji: "I'll get you J.P! Just wait…"
J.P: "Ladies and gentlemen THAT is what it looks like when a sad, sad emo boy doesn't have EMOO milk"
Koji: "Grr..."

Crowd: "ooohh, awe"
J.P: [holds up glass of emoo milk] "As you can see, the emoo milk is black and mysterious…Just like all those emo people out there!"
Crowd: "Ohhh.."

J.P: "And the black coloring makes you want to just take a razor and cut yourself! Emo people will LOVE this drink!"
Random person in crowd: "Eww…How did it get so black and disgusting looking?"
J.P: "Simple, my little emo friend. (lol) The coloring is black because the milk came from…EMO COWS!"
Crowd: "oohhh fancy!"

J.P: [smiles at camera] "So go get yourself a bottle of EMOO MILK!"

Some narrator: ".,itwillpracticallykillyou."

Crowd: "...Huh?"

J.P: "hehe…" [Shifty eyes]

~ End Moment ~
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