For Amu it was an ordinary day like any other. She was returning home from school when a flash of dark blue caught her eye. She looked again and noticed it was a dark blue cat. The cat had the prettiest sapphire blue eyes she had ever seen.

Amu looked around for a possible owner and noticed no one was around. She looked again at the cat who was swishing his tail looking bored. He was too cute and Amu desperately wanted to take him home. She had always wanted a pet but due to certain circum stances (namely her evil-stepmother) she wasn't allowed to have pets. The cat stood up and began walking across the road. Amu couldn't help but follow the cat. It's to pretty a creature to leave out here on the street I'll take him home anyway who cares what she thinks!

Amu dove to catch him but he darted out of the way. She tried again and he merely jumped on her head and behind her.

"Hey I'm just trying to Help you!" She yelled falling on to the side walk face first. The cat looked at her with an amused smile and walked out into the road again. Amu rubbed her nose and stood up and picked up her bag. The sound of a fast approaching car caught Amu's attention. The cat also noticed this and froze in place.

Without really thinking it through Amu dove for the cat and rolled out of the way just as the car passed by. Surprised by her sudden action the cat tried to struggle from her grip and scratched her left cheek.

"You can fuss all you want but I'm not letting you go. You almost got hit by a car so I'm taking you home to make sure your ok after we'll decide on your situation." Amu said sternly.

The cat stopped and let out a small exasperated meow as of to agree. Satisfied Amu opened her bag and put the cat on top of her jacket and closed the top with just enough room for him to pop out his head.

Amu carefully walked home. It was only a block away but if Amu was late she knew she'd get a lecture so she quickened her pace as much as she could when she almost ran into her stepsister Saiya. Saiya hates animals as much as her mother So Amu quickly closed the rest of the bag.

"HoHoHo it's about time you got here Amu!" She flashed her newly manicured nails at Amu, "And since a can't very well ruin my perfect manicure I command you to open the door for me."

Amu grumbled and pulled out her keys, She's been standing here this whole time hasn't she? Amu opened the door and walked in and shut the door before Saiya entered.

"Amu open this door right now" Saiya screamed through the door.

"You have key's don't you? Open it for yourself." Amu said in a cool manner.

Saiya let out a loud ear piercing scream, The cat moved trying to get away from the sound.

Amu noticed the movement in her bag.

"Sorry for my step-sister she's a but of a spoiled brat."

"No kidding."

Amu stopped in her tracks and looked around "What?"

The cat simply responded "Meow"

"Oh…. I must be hearing things." I could have sworn I heard somebody speak.


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