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Chapter 1 - decisions

Katherine Hillard, known to her friends as Kat, walked through the streets of Reefside. This was her first day back in California in over nine years.


Katherine, Tommy, Tanya, and Adam passed on their Turbo Powers to Cassie, TJ, Ashley, and Carlos. The blue ranger, Justin, was keeping his powers. After the power transfer, the four left the Power Chamber and went to their favourite spot, the Youth Centre. They didn't really know what to do with their lives now. They had graduated high school recently and since then had dedicated their time to protecting the city. Not being a power ranger was something they couldn't forget easily. It felt weird to them. They knew that they wanted to go to university, not knowing where seeing as they hadn't thought of university much when it was time to fill out applications for obvious reasons.

"Any idea where you guys wanna go? You know, when it comes time to fill out applications again?" asked Tanya.

"Not really." Said Adam. "But for now I'm thinking of trying to find a job. Maybe teach karate, you know I've always wanted to open my own dojo one day."

"I hear ya, bro." said Tommy. "It's mine and Jase's dream. We promised we'd open a dojo together one day."

"Ya, me and Rocky said the same thing. Although now that he's gone to see his family I don't know how we're gonna work that out."

"I know. With Jason being at the World Peace Conference with Zack and Trini it's kinda hard."

"What about you Kat?" asked Tanya.

"Well, I had thought about going to see my family in Australia. Just for a visit, you know. Then I don't know. I've always wanted to dance, either professionally or not." said the girl in her heavy Australian accent. She shifted a little in her seat, something that didn't go unnoticed by her best friend.

"You're a great dancer Kat. You could easily make it on stage, or wherever you wanna go." said Tommy to his girlfriend, leaning over to kiss her on the cheek. Kat shifted uncomfortably again, and didn't say anything.

"Ok girl what's up?" said Tanya. Kat looked at her with sad, uncertain eyes.

"Well…you see I've applied to a dance school that I've always wanted to go to since I started dancing. It's a really great school, only the best are accepted."

"And…?" cried Tanya. Everyone was listening intently.

"I…I got in." Cheers erupted from the group. Tanya and Adam hugged her and Tommy kissed her. Kat smiled a little weakly and shifted in her seat again.

"What's wrong now? You got into a really great dance school. That's great news!" cried Tanya.

"The thing is I'm not sure if I'm going to accept it."

"What? Why?" everyone cried out in protest.

"If it's a great school and you've always wanted to go there, then why are you hesitating?" asked Tommy. Kat hesitated, and everyone looked at her expectantly.

"The…the school is the Royal Academy of Dance…in London, England." She muttered. Everyone was silent. They understood why she hadn't sent back her reply the minute she had gotten the letter. They knew that she must really want to take it and learn to dance at one of the best school's there is, but they also knew that she didn't want to leave her friends. This was a decision that five rangers in the past had had to make. When Zack, Trini, and Jason had decided to join the Peace Conference, when Kimberly had decided to go train in Florida for the Pan Globals, and when Billy decided to go to Aquitar, although his choice was the easiest seeing as the illness he had could not be cured on Earth.

Tommy had so many emotions running through him. He wanted Kat to be happy, but the fact that yet another girlfriend might be leaving him, was not a pretty thought. When Kim had left him, he was happy for her, he really was, but he missed her like crazy. In the beginning he wrote to her as often as he could and she him. But then when the Machine Empire started making tougher monsters, it was a wonder he and his team had time to do anything but fight, go to school and sleep. Then she sent the letter. She said she was sorry that things had turned out that way, but that with him not calling or writing or answering any of the letters she wrote, she felt neglected and turned to someone else. When she was captured along with Jason when they first got their Turbo Powers, Tommy finally worked up the courage to talk to her. She told him everything, and he understood. By then he was dating Katherine, and he really loved her. Tommy pulled Kim into one last kiss, and both of them knew that what they had was over. They had remained close friends and Tommy even started thinking about her as his little sister. Something that happened only recently when a guy was hitting on her and instead of feeling a pang of jealousy, he felt overprotective.

When Kim went away, long before she sent him the letter, he was heartbroken. He loved her, and still did, although in a different way. But with Kat… He really loved her. He knew that nothing would change that. He even planned on asking her to marry him in a few years. He hadn't gotten further then that though. He didn't have a ring, or a place, or a time or anything. He just knew he wanted to a marry her. And now she was thinking about going away. It hurt him more then when Kimberly had left. But he knew that he would have to let go. This was her dream, and she deserved to live it.

"Go." He said.

"What?" Kat was shocked. Yes, she wanted to go, but she wanted Tommy to ask her to stay, to fight for her to stay. To let her know that he really cared about her.

"This is your dream Kat. You deserve to be able to live it. I know we'll all miss you a lot, me more then anyone, but I can't hold you back. If you want to do this, then do it. I'm not going to hold you back. Just like I know you wouldn't hold me back from my dreams." He was right. Kat would never hold him back if he really wanted something. But it still hurt to hear him give her up without a fight.

"You want me to go Tommy?" Tommy sighed, reached over the pulled her into his lap.

"Hell no. If I had it my way you'd stay here with me. But if I asked you to stay I'd be being selfish. This is your dream. One you've thought of since you were a little girl. You have the right to fulfill it. I'll miss you like crazy, and I'll write to you and call you everyday. Nothing will get in the way with us not having our powers anymore, unlike with Kim." Kimberly's name didn't affect Kat anymore. She knew that Kim was part of the team, and without her, Kat would never have met any of her friends. Nor would she be free of Rita's spell. Kat used to resent Kim a little when she first left the team, but was still Tommy's girlfriend. But when the letter arrived, Kat was there for Tommy to lean on. She'd grown used to, accepted, and even embraced the fact that Kim would always be part of Tommy's life. She knew that if something was wrong with Kim, Tommy, and all the others would be by her side in an instant, and that if Kim ever got looked at by a guy Tommy would step into his new Big Brother mode immediately and kill the guy twice before he hit the ground. Even without powers.

"Alright. I'll go. It's something I've always wanted, but I didn't want to leave you Tommy. But like you said, we'll call everyday and write letters." Tommy smiled and kissed Kat as Tanya and Adam catcalled.

Three weeks later the gang, including the new rangers and Justin, said a tearful farewell to Kat. Tommy came forwards and embraced Kat, pulling her into a passionate kiss. Tanya and Ashley covered Justin's eyes simultaneously, and it took TJ, Carlos, Adam, and Cassie to pull Tommy away when Kat's flight was called. That was the last time she had seen him for six years.

End Flashback

As Kat walked the streets she thought about how she got here. Kat had been offered a teaching job at Reefside High where she would teach dance, as well as the dance club after school. She had jumped at the job, knowing she needed to get back to California.. She never really thought of herself as a high school teacher. Reefside looked a lot like Angel Grove, and although she knew she could never go back to the way things were before she left for London, it was still comforting. Kat also thought of Tommy. Over the last nine years they had drifted apart little by little. There had been no official break up, but Kat knew deep down it was over. She hoped that if she ever saw Tommy again things would work out. Then that same part of her that told her it was over surfaced and she knew she had no hope. The last time she had spoken to Tommy was almost a year ago. Unless you counted a brief call that was cut off. That call, which she had received almost two months ago, was the reason Kat had returned to California.


It was almost midnight and Kat was about to go to bed after a long day at the dance academy. She took a shower and put on her pjs. Just then her phone rang.

"Hello?" She said groggily.

"Kat?" said the masculine voice on the other end.

"Tommy?" Now Kat was awake.

"Yeah. How are you?"

"I'm good. You?"

"Fine. I'm on an island with Anton Mercer, the other palaeontologist I told you about. We think there might be dinosaur remains here that have been undisturbed."

"That's great. I'm so happy for you."

"Thanks." There was a long pause. "Listen Kat. There's something I have to tell you. When we were on our first dig, I found three…gems…power…I don't know who their going to bond to, but when they do we can be sure trouble's on its way."

"Tommy you were breaking up, what did you say?"

"I said there were-"

"Tommy what is it?" Just then Kat heard a scream and what sounded like an explosion on the other end.

"Tommy?" Kat cried "Tommy are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." He panted. "Kat something's happening. There's-" There was silence. Kat listened intently and then Kat heard Tommy's unmistakable battle cry. A cry she had heard many times before. More battle cries came and she could hear him kicking whatever it was attacking him. Then everything was silent again.

"Tommy?" Kat all but whispered, and was relieved when she got a response.

"Kat, listen to me, a new…surfaced…after…dino…found…exploding…powerful…backup…"

"Tommy you're breaking up again."


"Tommy? Tommy!" Kat cried. But it was too late. The line was dead. All Kat knew now was that Tommy was in trouble, and he needed her help. The next day Kat attempted to call her friends. She wasn't surprised when she couldn't reach them. It was June after all and most of her friends would be away on vacation. The one's she did reach were Adam and Tanya who were both in Korea visiting Adam's family. With her friends gone, Kat started calling around to find an apartment near Angel Grove, the last place she knew Tommy to live. The closest she could get was Reefside which was about an hours drive from her former home. Once she got the apartment, she booked a flight, packed up her apartment, and in the three days she had before she left called around Reefside for a job. She almost immediately got a reply from Reefside high, and she took the job just as fast as it had been offered.

End Flashback

It was now the end of August, almost time for her to start her new job. Kat had settled in nicely in Reefside, and had had many visitors in the forms of her friends. The only one who didn't come to see her was Tommy. No one had been able to contact him for two months. Kat refused to think the worst. Tommy was able to take care of himself. She and her friends should know that above all people. But it didn't stop her from being worried.

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