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Epilogue – Three years later

Children's laughter rang out throughout the yard, closely followed by parents or caregiver's warnings to be careful, put the bugs down and not eat dirt. These warnings were also closely followed the footfalls of angry, annoyed, impatient and tired caregiver's as they chased their charges, trying to get them to behave and not ruin their clothes. One such child was a nearly three-year-old brunette who felt very grown up in her pretty pink dress with a red bow. She held a basket of flowers as she waited impatiently near the edge of the yard with one of her aunt's as her cousins got to play.

"How much longer aunt Cassie?" she whined, looking wistfully at the other children. Cassie smile and answered the child as patiently as she could given how many times she had been asked.

"Not much longer, Mari." She said. They stood in silence for a moment before Mari once again turned to her aunt.

"Is it time now?" Cassie cursed Kimberly and Jason for delegating the task of keeping their daughter dirt free on this big day. She was just about to answer the little girl when a frantic Jason ran out of the house.

"Daddy!" cried Mari, her attention diverted for the time being.

"Hi sweetheart." He said, stopping long enough to kiss her on the forehead before running off again. "Be good for your aunt Cassie!" he called over his shoulder as he dashed in the direction of the youngest members of the Ranger Family.


"Oh hey, Jason." He said with a smile. Connor had long gotten over the hero worship that came with the Original Red Ranger and the two now got along well. "Aren't you supposed to be inside with Dr. O?" two years after graduation or not, none of the Dino Rangers could bring themselves to call Tommy or Kat by their given names. They figured it was a teacher thing and they'd get over it eventually, even thought Tommy insisted otherwise, saying whenever he saw his old teacher it was Ms. Applebee, and he'd been out of high school for nearly ten years.

"Yea but he's freaking out because I couldn't show him two of today's most important objects." It took a moment for what he was saying to sink in, but when it did the youngsters mouths fell open in unison.

"You didn't…" said Kira, horror in her voice.

"Yea I did. I'm hoping Connor's super speed could help speed up the process of finding them." Connor simply nodded, both due to the shock and due to the fact he did not want to be on Dr. O's, or Jason's, bad side should he say no. The two reds ran back into the house, at normal speed keeping in mind not everyone knew their secret, leaving behind a confused congregation.

"Everything's fine." Said Kira in a falsely sweet voice, hoping against hope it wasn't a lie. Minutes passed in which time the children's fun was brought to a halt by the adults teaming up, outnumbering them two to one, and frog marching them into their assigned seats in the rows of chairs set up in the yard. Finally, Connor walked out and re-joined his friends.

"Did you find them?" asked Kira.

"Yea, they were in Adam's suit jacket instead of Jason's."

"Why were they there?" asked Trent.

"Well apparently Jason took Adam's jacket by accident, stuck them inside and then forgot they were there when the two realized they had each other's jackets." Ethan shook his head and Trent supressed a laugh. Things always seemed to go wrong on days when they couldn't afford them to.

Not long after the latest disaster, Jason once again stepped out of the house, though this time walking and being followed by Zack, Billy, Rocky, Adam and Tommy. The men all wore black tuxes, though had bowties in their respective Ranger colours. Having more then one, Tommy opted to go with simple black. Those scattered around the yard took that as their cue to take their seats, and those with young children let out a collective sigh of relief that things were finally underway. The boys took their places in front of the congregation, turning to face the house, and Cassie headed to her seat, handing over Mari as Kim, Trini, Aisha and Tanya came out of the house, dressed in simple floor length chiffon dresses of pale yellow and pink. The girls lined up just behind the two rows of friends and family.

When the music started, Mari was the first down the aisle, smiling brightly and throwing flowers as she went, just as her mommy had showed her. As she neared the end of the aisle, Mari noticed she had run out of flowers, and being three, was unsure how to proceed. Jason smiled and went to lead his daughter the rest of the way, much to the amusement of everyone watching. Crisis averted, Trini started down the aisle, closely followed by Aisha, Kim and Tanya. Once they had taken their places next to Mari, everyone stood and turned toward the house as Kat stepped out on her father's arm. Aware somewhere in the back of his mind that he was now a cliché, Tommy stopped breathing when he saw her; dressed in white from head to toe, bouquet held aloft and veil covering her face. His face morphed into a goofy grin, which was enough to prompt Jason to elbow him in the side and snap him out of his reverie.

By that time Kat was standing next him, her father placing her hand in Tommy's and lifting the veil. The smile on her face brought back the goofy grin, though this time Jason felt no need to snap him out of it. As the priest began speaking, Tommy and Kat continued to stare at each other, looking up only when they had to. When the time came, Jason gave over the rings, grateful they were no longer in his possession. Tommy and Kat slipped the rings onto each other's fingers, both smiling brightly, and didn't wait for the customary 'you may kiss the bride' before wrapping their arms around each other, relishing in the fact that this was their first act as husband and wife. The sound of applause broke the kiss, but by no means did Tommy and Kat separate. Tommy leaned forward and rested his forehead against Kat's. Staring into each other's eyes, they knew they were ready to face life, love, loss and monsters together.

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