Way Back into Love

So here is a little idea I got while writing un-birthdays. I am a Team Emmett girl just as much as I am a Team Edward. Oh what the hell I am a Team Cullen girl and proud of it!

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Chapter 1 Who needs Happy Endings?


"Once upon a time in a land far far away lived a beautiful young maiden, she had golden curls like the sun and her face held the beauty of a thousand angel's………." This is my favourite part of the day, story time. As I read from the golden edged story book, I smile at the faces of my students. The girls wanting to be the pretty princess and the boys wanting to slay the dragon.

I love telling fairy tales, to lose myself in the innocence of love and magic even for a minute. The beautiful princess getting rescued by her handsome prince charming, he of course slays the evil dragon before breaking the magic spell with loves first kiss.

No need to tell my 5 year old students that the princess needs to carry a phone, pepper spray and make sure to always have a fridge full of chocolate ice cream, to give her a happy ending. As for prince charming well he is as real as a fairy god mother serving my morning coffee.

I used to believe in the magic of love, that when he held me in his arms and kissed me that it was true love, first love.

Royce King was your very charming, handsome and popular prince. When he asked me the pretty blonde to the prom it seemed my own fairy story was heading for a happy ever after. My parents were so happy for me to be dating the son of the Kings, a wealthy and known family in the business world. In the words of my mother herself, "I knew you would marry into greatness, you could not have been so beautiful for nothing. Now don't disappoint your father, after all our family is owed this opportunity."

My best friend's Bella and Alice gushed over my beauty in my pale pink prom dress, as Royce and I danced together. We were matched perfectly his charm, my beauty, his intelligence and my kindness, everyone believed in our whirl wind romance, just like they were reading it straight from a story book.

No one seemed surprised by our engagement 6 months later, it would be the wedding of the century, giving my father his business connections and my mother her invites to every high society event. I would have the charming prince, the white house with the flower garden and our cute baby to rock in my arms.

Of course no one tells you as a little girl that prince charming will break you down, get drunk with his loyal "court hands" playing poker and during the game offer you as a prize to said "court hands" treating you as a possession, trophy that other's should envy and want, not like the good, kind person you know you truly are.

My fairy story shattered like the magic mirror 3 weeks before my wedding day, I came home from visiting Bella and Alice to find Royce drunk, he had lost a large amount of money during his poker game and decided that hitting me made him feel better.

Feeling scared, alone and lost I turned to the "queen," my mother was meant to always have my best interests at her heart to help me, love me and guide me. "Well no one said love was a bed of Roses. Its time you grew up my child and stopped believing in silly love stories. Royce may not be a "Disney" prince but you will always have a beautiful home and plenty of dances to wear fine dresses. You are lucky to have the heir of King Enterprises give you the finer things in the world."

So the words from the "queen" were to shut up and put up, unfortunately this Cinderella ran long before the clock struck mid night, leaving the evil queen and king behind her.

Five years later living alone in the city I have watched my dearest friends find their happy ever after, I am happy for my sisters, but who needs love when you can have chocolate and Brad Pitt at the end of your day, a happy ending that won't break or beat you.

"The handsome prince Eric climbed the tower and awoke the sleeping princess with loves first kiss and they lived happily ever after. The end. Now let's have our milk and cookies before play time."


"Faster Daddy! Higher Daddy!" the little girl's screams of joy make me smile. I watch her tired but very happy father push his daughters swing harder.

My lunch break is almost over I best make my way back to the club, I don't know why I still come to the park every lunch time it only makes me sad, knowing it should have been me pushing my kid on that swing by now.

Five years ago kids were the last thing on my mind, it was parties, girls and beer I was a one man party machine.

Meeting Lauren Mallory at Edwards 21st birthday party soon changed all that. She was real nice looking, long blonde hair, red nails and fair smile, nothing stunning but pretty. We danced a little, kissed and had a great night's fuck session.

Waking up in the bath tub the next morning I found her number in my back jean pocket and one night a week later feeling a little horny I called her up.

It was no big romance just meant to be a few night's of fun, still we soon got into a regular pattern and became fuck buddies or as my baby brother Edward would say "friends with benefits".

My mother Esme has always said I was just like "Peter Pan" the boy who never wanted to grow up and she was right as she always is. Edward was more put together then me, he always knew he would become a Doctor just like out father Carlisle, you would never catch old "golden bollocks Eddie" fucking some pretty little thing in his Volvo on a Friday night.

Now don't get me wrong I have not always treated women in such a way, but after being lied and cheated too the way I have this guy has every right to flip love the finger.

"Emmie, I'm pregnant!" Lauren was jumping up and down crying, it was a shock to say the least. I was not anywhere near ready to be a father, but after a few weeks the idea really took hold of my heart and to know I was going to have a child with chubby little legs and dimples filled my every being.

I was not in love with Lauren but hoped that in time the love I already had for the growing child within her would mean I could.

It was time for this little boy to grow up, I always wanted to own my own club and so taking some of the money my grandparents left me I did just that ,I bought a club and began to build a future for my family.

Lauren wanted us to marry as soon as possible, saying she wanted to be my wife and I agreed to give her this little wish, after all she was going to be the mother of my child. The wedding was set for 6 weeks later and our baby would be born just 7 months after.

My family were supportive, proud of me for doing the right thing and standing by the mother of my baby. Edward was reserved about the whole situation and I put his distaste of Lauren down to past school crushes and hormones.

"I just don't trust her Emmett, I know you're a good guy and so does she, and that's why I'm worried. You should really slow this down. Have you seen the doctor, or seen a scan yet?" I had to stop and think, Lauren had just told me she was pregnant and that her doctor had confirmed it. So thinking about what my brother had said I decided to talk to Lauren, she was having my baby and I should be there with her through every appointment, scan or test.

"When are you next seeing the doctor Lauren? Only Edward said you should be having some tests, scans and stuff. I think I should be there too." I watched as her face drained of every last drop of colour.

"Well, I'm not sure. He never really said anything other then I am pregnant. What does Edward know anyway, you should trust me Emmett? I wouldn't make this up."

I was put on edge right away at that statement; I never question whether or not she was pregnant so why ask if I trusted her?

Edward must have his reasons for not trusting her and I was right to trust him.

3 weeks before my wedding day I popped home from the club early to surprise my bride, it was just that…. a great surprise.

I over heard Lauren chatting excitedly with her bridesmaid, Jessica. "But Lauren what are you going to do when you are married and there is no baby? I mean he's going to be real pissed if he finds out you lied." Jessica's words shattered my world, "Oh it will all be fine, I shall just tell him I lost it and anyway we will be busy planning holidays and what else to spend the clubs money on. Did I tell you how well it's been doing?"

They say a picture can tell a thousand words.

I only wish I had a camera to show the sickened look on their faces when opened the door and gave away my hiding place.

So five years later living alone watching my friends fall in love and grow up I'm left feeling a little bitter, its of my opinion that love can go fuck her self, along with every other fool she wants to deceive.


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