And They All Lived Happily Ever After.

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"If Alice spots you peeking through that door you're going to get another slap to match the one Rose gave you last night, you know that right?" Bella had managed to find me peeping through the small door gap like some kind of pervert, when in reality I just wanted to check on my girl, make sure she was ok. "How is she?" I asked as my nerves were showing through despite my efforts to control them. Bella took my clammy hand in hers and gave me a reassuring smile. "Better, than you. Now go get in your tux." With a swift flick of her hand I had been swatted away to prepare for perhaps one of the most nerve wrecking and best days of my life.

When I had finished dressing I went down stairs to find my mother pinning a stray curl back into her twist, she looked glowing and so proud. "My baby boy...You know I can hardly believe we have reached this day. It has been marked on that calendar for months and seems like only last week you brought your beautiful flower into our hearts and our lives." My loving mother quickly wiped away the spilled tears and cleared her throat. "After all the times you've worn a tux you still never get your button hole right, just like your father. Maybe I should leave this for Rose to straighten; she really enjoys fussing over you just as much as I love doing it for Carlisle." Her voice trembled as her hands shakily smoothed the black material jacket hanging from my board shoulders. "I think she has her hands full with the evil fairy queen, who by the way is on fine form today." We both chuckled and as if on cue the excited shrieks of Alice could be heard from the stairs.

"Hi mum." Bella walked into the kitchen and kissed my mother warmly; over the years all of us had taken to calling my parents mum and dad and with her strong maternal nature it was something my mother relished, and being the head of the family and the protector something my father took great pride from. "Oh Bella don't you look beautiful!" my mother motioned with her hand for Bella to complete a twirl to show off the chocolate brown gown, now she looked very pretty but nothing compared to my beautiful girl upstairs. "Thank you mum." Bella smiled and the legendary blush soon appeared across her heated face. "The book tour has been extended so we have a few extra nights in New York. Do you think we could go see the new opera together while we're there?" Bella had written a book called the Bleeding Flower, it was based on Rosalie's life and after reading Bella's first draft Rose was happy to let Bella go ahead and publish the story. The story was written very sensitively and with such care and tender on Bella's part that even I was impressed. The Bleeding Flower had been Bella's most successful love story to date and there were even talks of a movie. The last few months my mother had been travelling with Bella on her book tour to keep her company and together they had taken in many shows or garden visits, something they both shared a love for. "Certainly dear." My mother smiled at the idea as she patted the top of Bella's hand, "Now does Edward have everything packed for Anthony tonight?" Anthony was Bella and Edward's son, he was a wicked little dude and unlike his old man he was a true boy, nothing made him happier then wasting a few hours with his uncle Emmett and I loved nothing more than filling him in on the "Golden" years.

"Emmett we'll see you at the church. Good luck big guy!" Bella had grabbed the flowers from their box on top of the kitchen table and kissed my cheek. My mother gave me a watery smile and kissed me before she also left me standing there in my favourite thinking spot next to the old wooden kitchen table. My hand rubbed over the cool hard surface and a smile slowly spread across my face as I remembered all the times I had enjoyed working on this table. My thoughts were especially turning to the many lines of text that I was forced to write out as "punishment", and visions of Rosie in black stockings and heels slowly began filtering through my mind.

The delicate sounds of heels tapping on the hard wood landing floor brought me out of my memory and I could already pick up the delicate scent of white chocolate. "You ready monkey man?" I smiled as her voice drifted down our oak stairs and I took my place to wait at the bottom of the stair. Closing my eyes I took a deep breath and prepared myself for the vision of beauty before me.

Slowly my beautiful girl appeared before me and glided down the stairs, my breath hitched in my chest and my heart swelled, after all this time she was still my beautiful flower. Her soft golden curls were framing her stunning violet blue eyes and the white dress made her look like the princess she was. "You are so beautiful." I took her tiny hands in my thick heavy mitts and carefully kissed her cheek as Alice would have killed me without a second thought if I ruined her hair. "Do you like the earrings?" I smiled as only then did I notice the rare pink diamonds.

"They are my something old; mum said I can keep them." A single tear fell on to her cheek and I swept it away with my thumb. "They are as beautiful and rare as the beautiful flower wearing them." Kissing my daughter again and inhaling her soft sweet scent I tried to remember where the little girl went and when she became the stunning women in my arms.

"Daisy Lillian Cullen, I just spent the last 2 hours putting on the perfect make up, don't wipe it all over your oaf of a fathers shoulder!" The evil fairy queen whipped swiftly down the stairs and started to dab at my little girls face as we both started to chuckle at Alice still calling me an "oaf" after all these years. "Tinks leave them alone; this is hard enough on him as it is. Go get the flowers and you better go rescue Jasper from the twins at the church." Looking behind me I saw my angel smiling as she carefully and effortlessly walked down the stairs holding up her skirt as not to trip.

Looking into my wife's sparkling eyes I was unable to speak, yet again I had failed to learn the many words needed to speak of her beauty. Dressed in a smoky pink and bronze dress, her skin still as flawless, her lips as full ever and her body to die for as usual, the woman I saw before me still floored me every single time, even after all these years.

"Mrs Cullen, is it really fair to the bride that you look this stunning?" I spoke softly into her neck as I wrapped her up into my arms holding her tight. "I think she can hold her own, in more ways than one don't you daddy?" Rosie kissed me just underneath my ear and I shivered, 24 years later and this woman could still reduce me to a horn dog.

"Right, Daisy here's your flowers. No more crying ok? Just think about him waiting at the end of that aisle." Alice past my baby her cream and orange daisies before wrapping me into a death grip, for someone so tiny the pixie had power. "Jasper says deep breaths and one final threat of a shot gun before you hand her over to Ryan is how he found the strength to give away Mary." Alice and Jasper's daughter Mary had got married last year and I had found Jasper a great source of strength in helping me control my emotions over my baby girl becoming someone's wife.

Alice left us to have a final moment together before Rose kissed us both, checked Daisy's necklace, and fixed my button hole. "Just us to go Petal." I turned to my beautiful daughter as I held out my arm and walked her to the waiting car. The drive there was not long enough and all too soon I was standing next to her car door helping her out, ready to take the first steps of her life as someone's wife and in time someone's mother. "Thank you daddy" I heard her whisper as she took my hand before stepping away from the car. "Not just for today, but thank you for everyday." Daisy looked up into my eyes and smiled, her eyes sparkled with the happy tears she held back.

She took my hand as we waited just outside the large oak doors for our cue. As soon as we heard the soft piano music from Anthony's "Twinkle" fingers we knew it was time. My heart filled with overwhelming pride and at that moment the heavy church doors slowly opened and Daisy melted away my nerves with 4 simple words, "I love you Daddy"


The doors slowly opened back to reveal my beautiful daughter on the arm of the proudest man in the building. As I watched him escort our baby girl towards her future, I remembered the first time he held her in his strong arms. We had planned to get married after Bella and Edward, around the end of August, however that romantic night on the roof saw us seal our future in more ways than one. Daisy had been a surprise to both of us and I did worry for several weeks and ate enough chocolate over "Chocolate time" to be more fat then pregnant. The girls were so supportive and quickly reminded me Emmett had already proposed so there was no way he would think I was "tricking" him into anything. Of course the second I told my monkey man over chocolate frosting in the kitchen my every worry vanished. I was twirled around over and over in happiness...that is until the chocolate frosting disagreed with the motion of our celebration.

My birth with Daisy had been a long and painful day for everyone; Emmett had refused to leave me, even when the midwife assured him a visit home to sleep for a few hours would be fine. My soft monkey man folded himself up into that horrid blue plastic chair and never left my side and now when he moans of back pain I put it down to that chair. The guys all stayed in the waiting room, Edward brought his I-pod for us to listen to during the labour and it was like pure magic when Daisy Lillian Cullen weighing in at 6lb 2oz was born during her very own lullaby. Bella and Alice brought every raspberry truffle from the Chocolate Pot and we shared our first ever "chocolate time" with my daughter that afternoon.

The flash of a camera brought me out of my memories and I spotted Jasper clicking away capturing more magic moments, just like he has always done throughout our children's lives.

Jasper and Alice married in a small vineyard, the year after Emmett and I sealed our forever. Alice and Bella both found out they were pregnant that summer, so it was no wonder there was a lack of "entertainment" at Tink's bridal shower! Mary Jasmine Whitlock was born weighing a fairy light 5lb 3oz and was just like her mother, perfect in every tiny proportion, although over the years her personality proved to be more like her father's, much to the shopping queen's dismay.

Anthony Mason Cullen was born 2 days after, weighing a chunky 8lbs 13ozs and almost ripping his delicate framed mother in half; poor Bella had the hardest delivery of us all, resulting in an emergency c-section. Edward was beside himself with worry and despite his fears stood right next to his wife in the O.R, with the doctor in him winning out as he even helped deliver their son. Anthony was a writer just like his mother and tonight after dinner he would be leaving us for 3 months to travel Italy for his latest back packing novel. Anthony was a quiet soul, very creative and peaceful; he reminded me a lot of Edward in so many ways. Edward had passed on his "twinkle" talent to his eldest son, but unlike his father Anthony was not the "Golden Balls" of their family - that title was held by the baby of the family. Charlie Carlisle Cullen was 3 years younger than his big brother Anthony, and according to him Charlie was the new "golden balls" as it was Charlie who would be following in his father's and grandfather's footsteps by training to be a doctor. With his mothers kind heart and his father's thirst for knowledge I had every faith in his future and knew one day Charlie would make an excellent doctor.

"Who gives this woman?" the question made me watch my husband as I heard Emmett's deep velvet voice respond. "Her mother and I do." Placing Daisy's hand in Ryan's I watched him wrap his own heavy hand over the top, "Always be true, and love each other always." Emmett kissed our girl and then turned to give Ryan the "face" adding in a whisper loud enough for the first few pews to hear, "You ever hurt my baby, just know her uncles and I have a gun, a pick up and a shovel." Ryan swallowed hard and nodded fiercely at my giant of a husbands warning as I heard a few escaped giggles break through the wedding party. Taking his seat next to me I reached out and took his hand, together we watched our baby declare her devotion to her love and I smiled as Ryan spoke his devotion in return through spilt tears, reminding me of Emmett on our wedding day.

"Matthew Jasper Jones come here!" the small sandy blonde haired toddler sprinted quickly across the green lawn of the gardens as Jasper tried in vain to catch his grandson. "Alice Mary Jones don't you dare sit in that flower bed, your dress is silk!" We heard the voice first and then spotted Alice running behind her granddaughter almost mimicking Jaspers pace and movements, but of course in Alice's own pixie-like way. I started to laugh as Emmett walked towards me with a glass of champagne in his hand, "20 says Jasper catches Matt before the fairy catches the elf." Even after all these years Emmett liked nothing more than to gamble. "Oh Emmett you never learn do you, 40 say's Alice will catch them both – and quickly too." Bella had joined us on the lawn with Edward and together we watched our oldest friends struggle to regain control.

"Oh look what I..." Alice pulled something small out from her pocket, "Nana has chocolate!" and before Alice could even finish her last word both toddlers were wrapped around her legs smiling like angels. "Told you monkey boy, never bet against Alice. Now pay up, your wife and I want new shoes." Bella held out her free hand as she and I bumped glasses to her victory and laughed at Emmett's pouting face.

"Ladies and Gentleman the new Mr and Mrs Richmond are about to leave for their honeymoon!" The DJ informed the guests of the happy couple's farewell. Daisy had stood at the top end of the dance floor and thrown her bouquet and I could see her looking for Emmett. From the moment she opened her eyes and grasped his finger in her tiny fist she had owned her father, she was a daddy's girl through and through and for me having been a daddy's girl myself I would not of had it any other way. I loved how over the years as mother and daughter we'd become the very best of friends, sharing a rare and loving kinship.

"Mum I can't find him." Daisy had found her way to me and looked upset and panicked at the idea of not saying goodbye to her father, of course I knew there was only one place he would be, no doubt lost in his memories. "Come with me sweetheart, I have a feeling I know where to find King Kong." We both laughed as I took her up to the doorway that would lead her to him and as I closed the door I stood behind it and left them to their moment. A few minutes later she returned and my daughter kissed me goodbye before she left with her charming and loving husband for the start of what I hoped would be a life time of happiness to rival her fathers and mine.

Once they had left I too went to find my monkey man, reminiscing over the first time I took this path with each step of the stair that I took. Opening the door and stepping out on to the roof I heard the soft music begin to play our song and slowly I walked over to my husband and wrapped my arms around his waist, placing my head on to his shoulder. "Hey monkey man, you waiting for one of those cocktail groupies?" I felt his back shake with his laughter as Emmett turned around to face me and wrap me up in to his arms, "Not anymore she turned up." He said as he turned to face me planting a lingering kiss upon my lips. "So Barbie you still wearing those ice cold panties?" Emmett wiggled his eye brows as he drew his head back to look at me and I felt my husband's rather cheeky hands slip down my back, "Oh my panties are made of the softest silkiest lace and anything but cold..." I slowly moved my lips to the weakest part on my monkey mans neck and smiled as I felt him shiver and gasp, "Damn it baby"


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