My first fiction.

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Chapter one:

Misty sat listening to the rain pelting hard against her hotel window. She was lost in her thoughts, hoping that she had made the right choice to take up the offer of a lifetime. A chance to move on and look forward to a new start... a new beginning.

It finally seemed like she had been dealt a decent bit of luck. After all, her past has been nothing but bad luck.

"Why can't you keep quiet? He said as he threw her to the bedroom floor. "I swear you must love being punished or are you just stupid?"

"Don't say that!" she replied in nothing more than a whisper.

"I think you just answered my questions... you love being punished because you are stupid!" he said with a smirk forming on his face...

Hearing him call her stupid sent her over the edge. Years of the verbal abuse had gotten to her. Even more than the daily belt beatings she was dealt with for reasons she didn't know. A fire inside was ignited inside and consumed her. Without realizing what she was doing, she had bolted from the floor and speared him into the wall.

She got up feeling winded from the sudden attack and just stared at him lying there on the floor. After a few seconds of thinking she realized she had the choice; walk out the bedroom, down the stairs and out of the house or stay behind and face the consequences of her actions.

A sudden knock at the door brought her around. "Just a sec please." she shouted as she was just jumping into some jogging bottoms and a loose fitting t-shirt that hung off of her body as it was way too big for her but she found it comfortable.

The knocking at the door began again but this time more fist banging then knocking. She ran to the door and went to shout at whoever it was but stood dead still as she opened the door looking at the man staring at her dead in the eyes.

"Hey" said the deep voice. "Hello?" he said again. Being very impatient he said "I swear if you don't respond to me in 3 seconds, I promise you I will make your first day a living hell." he said in a slight angry tone. "Stupid trainees!" he muttered to himself.

Hearing the word stupid brought her back from the shock of seeing someone she had admired for years, dreamed about seeing in person, turn up at her door. "I do apologise for my rudeness but please don't call me that again." she said nervously but left a hint of anger there.

He looked at her and sensed that she was somewhat hurt but didn't know what he had said to offend her.

"I'm sorry, let's start this again. I'm Mark Calaway, as you probably know I am The Undertaker." He noticed her nod and also noticed she was blushing and trying not to stare at him. He was used to people acting in awe of him but he just decided to carry on with what he was saying.

"You have been selected from thousands of candidates throughout the country to become a 'New Breed' of Diva. By 'New Breed of Diva' I mean actually going back to how it used to be where you actually wrestle more then just being 'Eye candy'. I am here to train you up to the best possible standard I can get from you... which is already a good standard from the tapes I've seen of your matches on the Indy circuit."

He gave her a moment to take all of it in before he explained all of the information she needed for the time being. He could see that she was now looking up at him. She then said something unexpected to him.