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Author's Note: Written for a lost cause, but it was fun to write regardless. Enjoy!


Character(s)/Pairing(s): Ed/Winry

August 19, 2011

After deciding that it would obviously be the funniest story to tell for years to come, the men decided to crash Winry's bachelorette party.

The ladies' reactions were priceless, screams and squeals in abundance, when the men made their appearance.

The real fun began when Edward had somehow managed to get underneath Winry's table successfully undetected due to an extravagant tablecloth. Ed received a solid kick to the shoulder when he planted a rather wet kiss on her inner thigh.

High heels hurt, most definitely, but his preexisting buzz from his own party numbed the throbbing pain. Besides, this barely hurt compared to reattaching limbs. Ed's eyes were closed, thankfully, when he felt a sudden, cool splash to his face. Wiping his eyes, he licked the drink off his lips. "Another round!" he shouted, pleased with the taste.

Winry, amused yet disgruntled he couldn't let her have one thing to herself, rolled her eyes at his behavior and pulled him up to sit. After shuffling around, she now sat, perched on his lap. When the waiter returned with another round of drinks, Ed took one look at the bright pink cocktail and winced.

"That's what you were drinking?"

"What did you think it would be?"

Pause. "Something less pink."

"Tough. You're just going to have to man-up and accept you like a girly drink."

He shrugged, giving in to sip the martini.

"Pinky out, Edward," Winry teased.

The whole bar heard her shriek when he pinched her backside in retaliation.