I am like a girl. Well most likely an 8 year old. My dream when I grow up is to be a singer. Also I want to be come famous like movie stars but it won't probably happen since I ended up in a foster home with poor stuff. My foster mother Dona is poor. She is plumy by the way. We even can't afford to buy food for 3 children! Who poor can we be1 As you know I m very bad at everything. My grades are bad like zoo poo. That's how bad. So a normal day as always me Ashley and lee. We were playing hop scotch with rocks. You might think that it's a bit crazy but that's how poor kids like us rool .Suddenly a car pulls up in front of the drive way. A man stepped out from it wearing a very nice black suit. Probably Dona would flirt with him since she is so interest in boys. We gasp at his with excitement! How often does a man with a black suit come to you house. Well not much!

This is my first story so please comment on it