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Chapter 1: The Well

Lightning cracked like a whip across the evening sky. Danny Fenton pulled his rain coat tighter around him.

"Danny, I really don't think this a good idea," Danny's friend, Tucker, chimed.

"Yeah, we should probably get back inside," Danny's other friend, Sam, pointed out.

"Not until we find that well," Danny said.

Ever since Danny's family had moved to Amity Park seven years ago, Danny had been determined to find a magic well that had generated much rumor around the town.

"Can't this wait? Seriously, dude, a storm's coming!" Tucker said as another lightning bolt lashed out from above.

Danny looked up at the sky. Dark gray clouds had begun to form overhead.

"Fine, Tuck. You can go back inside. Me and Sam will keep looking," Danny said motioning to the Goth girl.

"Actually, I'm gonna head inside too," Sam said pulling her hood over her head.

"What?! I thought you liked the dark!" Danny gaped in awe.

"Not when there's a chance I could get killed! Come on, Danny. You can look for the well later," Sam urged.

Danny rolled his eyes. "But I've never been this close before! I just know the well's around here somewhere!"

"Well then, you'll know where to look later on," Tucker said.

A drop of rain plopped down on Danny's messy black hair. Brushing his hair back, Danny said: "You guys can go inside. I'm gonna keep looking."

"You're gonna get yourself killed! Lightning could hit a tree branch and fall on you!" Sam cried.

"I'll be fine!" Danny called as he wandered off deeper into the thick forest of trees.

Sam wrinkled her nose in annoyance. "Don't worry, Sam. Danny's been in tight spots before. I'm sure he'll be fine," Tucker assured.

"In a storm? Tucker, you can't seriously think Danny's gonna be okay in there!" Sam snapped.

Tucker squinted. Danny had now completely vanished behind all the trees.

"Maybe you're right. Come on, we'll follow him," Tucker said.

As the two pushed their way through the thickets, Danny had already made it halfway through the forest. After pushing back a few leafy branches, Danny found himself in a small opening. In the center, there was a pile of twine, leaves, and branches, but there was no well. Danny growled.

"Oh, come on! Where are you, you stupid well?!" he cried storming ahead.

When he made it to the center, he tripped and fell over a wooden plank that was lying underneath the leafy remains. Curiosity peaked and Danny pushed the plank aside, brushing some leaves away as well. Underneath, there was a giant hole. Danny looked around and found a pebble lying by his feet. He grabbed it and dropped it into the hole. When he heard a faint 'plop', he grinned.

"Ha! I found it. I found it!" he cried.

Crack! A large branch toppled over and landed an inch away from. As rain drops began to pour down at a rapid speed, Danny flinched and ran.

He pushed through the branches, ducking and jumping through any unreachable obstacles. Suddenly, he bumped into something. As he and the unknown object fell to the ground, he heard a faint groan come from underneath him.

"I found him," Tucker grunted.

"Sorry," Danny apologized, helping his friend up.

"No problem, man," Tucker said adjusting his glasses.

"You idiot!" Sam shrieked jabbing Danny in the arm. "You could've gotten yourself killed!"

"I'm fine, jeez. And plus, I found the well!" Danny explained.

"You did? Dude, that's awesome!" Tucker cried.

Just then, another lightning bolt struck a nearby tree. The threesome jumped out of the way before the branch could hit them but plummeted right into another tree.

Sam growled. "Let's get out of here!"

The three children bolted through the forest and stumbled into a bush. Fumbling and groaning, the kids made their way out of the forest and back to their street.

Sam cracked her knuckles and punched Danny's arm again. "Ow! What was that for?"? Danny hissed in pain.

"Because of your stupid well obsession, we could've died!" Sam snapped.

"Well, we got out of there alive didn't we?" Danny pointed out.

"Yeah. And besides, now that Danny found the well, he won't bring us out on anymore crazy adventures," Tucker said.

"I won't be dragging you guys along on anymore adventures but that doesn't mean I'll stop looking for them," Danny said.

"What's with you always looking for trouble?" Sam asked.

"Well, I don't have anything better to do," Danny shrugged.

Danny flinched as a skinny black cat made a soft purring sound.

"Gah! Black cat! Bad luck…get it away from me!" Tucker screamed hiding behind Sam.

"That's just a superstition," Sam said nudging Tucker in the ribs. "Hey there, kitty."

She held out her hand and let the cat sniff it before petting it's head. The cat's giant blue eyes adverted from Sam's hand to Danny. It cocked it's head to the side and studied Danny for a while. Danny did the same.

"We'll see you tomorrow, man," Tucker said.

"Stay outta trouble," Sam said jokingly.

"I'll try," Danny laughed. "Bye guys."

As Danny walked into his house, the cat jumped onto the window sill and watched Danny take off his raincoat. It's ears perked up when he noticed a package that Danny's father was carrying.

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