Well slap my arse and paint me purple, am I really updating? Yup, in a bizarre turn of events, I've decided to update most of my fanfics on my birthday, instead giving you readers a present rather than receiving one myself XD I hope you enjoy. And I promise, future chapters will be longer.

Chapter 3- The Door

Danny cringed as he watched the slop his parents insisted was food slip off his spoon back into his bowl.

"What is this again?" he asked.

"It's spinach soup," Jack answered. "Made it myself."

"Well, you've certainly outdone yourself…" Jazz said almost choking on what was insisted to be spinach.

"I thought you were gonna cook tonight mom," Danny pointed out.

"I've been busy dear. I would if I could," Maddie explained.

"That's what you say every night," Danny mumbled.

Maddie sighed. "Danny, I'm sorry. But you know your father and I are busy. We barely have any time…" she was suddenly cut off.

"To what? Cook? It's not just that mom! You and dad have no time for me OR Jazz," Danny pointed out.

"Well, Jazz is almost in college…" Jack started.

"I'm not," Danny said dryly.

"Danny, when we're done with our research we'll try to spend more time with you," Maddie promised going back to her so called 'soup'.

Danny slumped in his chair. "'Try's just another way of saying you'll never get around to it," he mumbled bitterly.

Although she heard this, Maddie decided not to answer.

"So, what did you do today, Danny?" Jazz asked.

"I finally found that well I've been looking for," Danny said, perking up a little.

"Really? Cool," Jazz said taking a sip of water.

"Yeah, and the storm had just started and the lightning kept hitting the trees so I had to keep dodging and…" Danny began regaling all the thrilling details when…

"What? Danny what we're you thinking? You could've gotten hurt!" Jazz cried.

"But I didn't," Danny said.

"But you could've," Jazz stressed.

"Danny, you should've come inside when the storm started," Maddie said.

"Maybe you could do something more productive with your time. You should read a book. Maybe some adventure books seeing as you like that so much," Jazz suggested.

"But I don't wanna read about that stuff. I wanna do it!" Danny explained.

"Well, you can always pretend it's you in the book having the adventure," Jack suggested.

Danny sighed. They didn't get it. It was as if they were trying to make his life boring.

After dinner, Maddie and Jack worked a little longer before finally going to bed. Neither of them bothered to say goodnight to their children. Jazz stayed up until nine before she finally went to bed. Danny just lied on his bed, hugging the doll to his chest. He felt like a child holding the doll, but sometimes he didn't want to grow up. Perhaps it was because he longed for the days he and his mother were really close and that was a long time ago.

Finally, Danny decided to go to bed. It was midnight after all. Danny turned off his lamp and crawled under the covers still wearing all his clothes except his shoes. As his mind drifted he could faintly hear a little voice singing. Eventually the little voice turned into many different little voices:

We are small but we are many

We are many but we are small

We were here before you rose

And we will be here when you fall

Eerie as the tune sounded, Danny found it rather calming and fell asleep. He dreamed of the portal to the ghost realm his parents had been working on. Inside the portal on the back wall Danny could see a door.

We were here before you rose

And we will be here when you fall

Danny woke with a start. He looked at his clock. It was five in the morning. The sky was still dark partially due to the storm clouds. The storm had stopped and it was silent outside.

Danny slipped out of bed, still holding the doll, and went down into the basement to see the portal. Indeed, there was a small door in the back of it. Getting down on his hands and knees, Danny tried to open the door. It wouldn't budge.

Frowning, Danny jiggled the handle but still to no avail.

He heard footsteps coming down to the basement. Danny crawled out of the portal to see his mother.

"Danny? What are you doing?" Maddie gasped.

"I couldn't sleep so…"

"Danny, you shouldn't have been in here! This portal is designed to tear the very fabric of time! Who knows what it could do to a person?" Maddie cried yanking Danny out of the portal by his arm. "You could hurt yourself without the proper clothes on!"

"Mom, it's not even turned on," Danny said.

"That's no excuse. Danny, I don't want you going in here, are we clear?" Maddie snapped.

"What are you doing down here so early?" Danny asked.

"I got up early to do an experiment. Now promise me you won't go in there again!" Maddie exclaimed.

Danny slumped. "Fine."

Maddie's eyebrow arched as she awaited the answer she wanted to hear.

"I promise, mom," Danny sighed.

"Now go up to your room, or the kitchen if you're hungry."

"Fine mom."

Danny sluggishly dragged himself up to the kitchen. He plopped down at the table and looked at the doll. "I wasn't gonna get hurt. I would've been fine. I just wanted to see what was down there."