Author's Note: Been dying to do a crossover for awhile. I tried to portray Bruce correctly, but it may take me a few chapters to get used to it . . . please bear with me! As always, R&R!

"Oh Hera, help me." I mumbled, looking towards the sky. The black sky of Gotham City was twinkling tonight with stars. It was funny how everything was so peaceful above, but below the Gates of the Underworld itself was opening. I surveyed the city from the roof I was up on. Below, I saw two robbers running away screaming. I smiled. Bruce had gotten to them like he had done with every other criminal that had ever threatened his city. Tonight was no different, except for me. I was becoming a disgrace to my sisters. I was doing one the worst things that an Amazon could do.

I was falling in love.

I could hear everyone's voice at home, full of anger. My mother would disown me—again. I would lose the crown. I would lose my sisters' trust. Everything that my brain screamed was wrong, my heart screamed was right. I was at war with myself.

I looked up again, combing the stars for some sign. I felt so lost. At home, everything was so simple and here . . . everything wasn't. Here, I was going against everything that I had been taught from since birth. "Hera, give me the strength to figure this all out." I glanced up at the stars again. No response. I didn't expect one—the Gods rarely interfered—but it would've been nice to get something reassuring.

"What are you looking at, Princess?" I gasped and turned around.

"Batman, you startled me." He didn't reply; typical of him. "Did your mission succeed?"

"Joker is nowhere to be found." He muttered. "He'll show himself eventually." I sat down on the cement overhang of the roof and looked down. We had come to Gotham after Batman found out that Joker had escaped from Arkham for the what? Thousandth time? It seemed to me that Arkham needed to get a new security system.

"Yes, he always does, doesn't he?" I asked.

Again, no response.

I said another prayer in my head and then a thought appeared in my head. We had both been here before. "You know," I started. "We never got to finish our conversation."

"What conversation?" He asked. I suppressed a frown. Of course he didn't remember. It always seemed like he played dub about everything romantic that had happened between us.

"The one about us—dating." I managed to say. Bruce smirked.

"Really?" He asked, intrigued. "And what did we say?" I felt heat rise to my cheeks.

"Forget it." I muttered, standing up. Honestly, Bruce could be so frustrating! I felt a beep in my comlink and blessed whoever it was. "Wonder Woman."

"Diana, how's the patrol going?" It was Shayera. I smiled.

"Better, now that you called." I heard her laugh.

"Batman is not being the nicest guy ever?"

"How'd you know?" I asked. I laughed, but stifled it quickly as Bruce glared.

"He's glaring?"

"Yes." I answered. Shayera sighed.

"Diana, use some of that Amazon spirit and force him to admit his feelings!"

"Do you think that would work?" I asked, full of hope.

"Honestly? No. But, I do know that he shares your feelings of affection. Don't give up just yet, ok?"

"Easier said than done." I muttered. "Bye Shayera." I clicked it off and returned to Bruce.

"What did she want?" He asked, huskily.

"To check up on me." I met his eyes, but looked away. This could not go on any longer. This tension between us was unbearable and was starting to interfere with my work. "Bruce, I need to talk to you about something." He said nothing, which I took as go ahead. "Look, Bruce, I—,"

"It would never work out between us, Diana." He interrupted softly. "If my enemies found out that I had—,"

"What do you think I am, Bruce?!" I interjected angrily. "Some little, defenseless girl? I am an Amazon and stronger than you. You're enemies wouldn't be able to lay one finger on me!" I walked closer to him.

"Diana, we couldn't—,"

"Shh." I whispered, placing two of my fingers on his lips. I saw that he was doing all in his power to avoid my gaze. "Look at me, Bruce." I gently put my hand on his cheek and forced him to meet my gaze. "I'm in love with you." After a few seconds, Bruce pushed me away.

"No, Diana." He said forcefully. "We can't be together." I felt pain enter my heart that was worse than any other pain I had experienced.

"W-why not?" I mumbled, feeling tears sprung to my eyes.

"Because I don't love you." The words cut in like knives to my heart.

"You don't mean that." I protested. "Bruce, you can't—!"

"Princess, it would be best if you leave now." His tone was cold and detached. I pulled in a couple of breaths and shakily walked away from him.

"One for—," I stopped. I couldn't go back and let everyone see me like this. I needed a good flight to calm myself down.

Mother had been right. There was nothing but pain on Man's world. Nothing but corruption and war. Why did I even bother with it? I should go home and repent to my mother and beg for her forgiveness. She had been right. I wiped tears away from my eyes and beeped my comlink.

"Shayera." Her voice sounded so comforting that I just started sobbing. "Diana? What's wrong?"

"He doesn't love me, Shayera. We were wrong." Here I was, an Amazon, and I was blubbering like a little girl!

"I'll come get you. Just stay put, ok?" I somehow managed to say 'yes.' and she hung up. Bruce's words echoed in my head causing new pain each time they were replayed.

I don't love you, he had said. Was that true? Had I imagined the chemistry that was between us?

I stopped in the middle of the air and looked back at the City of Gotham.

The City of Eternal pain for me.

Let it all burn, I thought.

Just let it all burn.

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