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"Aw, wittle Dana doesn't want to play?" Harley cooed as she punched Dana in the gut once more. "What's wrong, sweetie? Ya homesick or somthin'?" Dana steeled her gaze and forced herself to look intimidating. She couldn't allow this clown or his crazy girlfriend see how much she was in pain, how scared she actually was. She had dealt with crazy people before—she could handle this. She had to handle this until Terry arrived.

"Let me go." Dana hissed, forcing her voice to sound like the scariest person ever.

"Let you go?" Joker repeated incredulously. "Now, why would I do that?"

"Because if you don't—" Dana began but Joker slapped her across the face. Dana coughed and a few drips of blood trickled down her lips. Still, she refused to look weak.

"You know," Joker began almost conversationally. "I hate being told what to do!" He punched her in the gut once more and a scream of pain escaped Dana's lips. "Oh, did that hurt?"

"Ya know, she's ain't bein' very nice, Mistah J!" Harley exclaimed.

"You're right Harley!" Joker replied enthusiastically. "In fact, Dana here has been downright rude! Let's see if I can't turn that frown upside down!" He pulled out a gun and placed it against her temple. Dana froze and felt panic seize her heart. She was going to die here, wasn't she?

Bruce tried to remain calm, even though he was extremely worried about Diana. After all, the prophecy of her death still rang through his mind and Bruce wondered if he could save her. A vision of Diana's cold body filled his mind and he instantly shook his head in order to dispel the vision. He had to focus!

"Dana's signal is about a mile away," Terry informed the older man as he piloted the plane quickly through the skies of Neo-Gotham. "We'll be there in about a minute."

"Good," Batman replied. "Lucky that she had that with her."

"It was her birthday present," Terry explained. "I'm just glad that she kept it with her." Batman nodded, though he didn't know why he felt the need to fill the silence. He was Batman, for God's sake! He didn't show emotion, didn't feel emotion. And yet, when it came to Diana, he was undone. He couldn't just be the fearless Batman when it came to her. She made him Bruce and made him feel things—things he never expected to feel again after his parent's death. Love, kindness, comfort, those were all things he had given up when he became Batman.

But Diana made him experience these things again.

If she died . . .

"We're here!" Terry interjected suddenly and Bruce tensed up. He would make the Joker pay for pulling stunt like this on him. Summoning his rage, Bruce vanished under the mask of Batman once more.

"You going to kill me?" Dana questioned, her voice betraying no hint of fear.

"I'm thinking about it," Joker cackled. "I mean I know how Batsy hates to have to clean up the blood from the floor."

"Are ya scared?" Harley eagerly asked.

"No," Dana replied simply, though her heart was pounding in her chest. The cold barrel of the gun dug into her temple reminding her that death was around the corner. "Killing me will get you nowhere."

"Nowhere, huh?" Joker echoed as he began to laugh. "You have an interesting way of thinking Dana!" He knelt down to meet her level and pushed the gun against her temple even harder. Dana winced and bit her lower lip. She wouldn't cry, she wouldn't be weak—she wouldn't be the damsel in distress! If she was going to die, she was going to die fighting!

"Can we kill her, Mistah J?" Harley inquired, her voice bored. "She's no fun!"

"We'll see," Joker answered, his eyes never drifting away from Dana's. "We'll see."

Diana couldn't help but feel the dread that was accumulating in her body. She felt like something bad was going to happen and the fact that she was powerless to stop it, made her feel ever worse. She was an Amazonian Princess and she couldn't do anything to help protect Dana or to save her. Her mother would be so angry with her for here she was, relying on men to save her.

"Hera, give me strength." Diana prayed softly.

And that's when she heard the gun shot resound through the walls of the room.

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