Now you see it…

Alyson Danny One-shot (Maybe More)

Disclaimer: Yah, I know I don't own anything stop rubbing it in with this stupid disclaimer!

This story starts right before the finale when Alyson is trying to warn Danny about the ring and Max's evil plan.

This story will mainly be in Alyson's Point of view but I might have to change to Danny's for some scenes.

I hid behind a pillar hoping no one else would see me. Hunter had probably already told Max and he was probably looking for me now. I had to find Danny and warn him I care about him too much to see him get hurt. I noticed Danny walk by and whispered,

"Psst, Danny!" He looked around until his gaze landed on me. He walked over slowly like he was unsure of what to do.

"Alyson? What are you doing here?" he asked

"I've got something to show you it's about Max's mentor Antonio DiMilio" I said in a rushed whisper

"So" Danny said with a skeptical tone in his voice.

"So," I contradicted "He died during an on stage accident during a live stage performance." Danny still looked unconvinced so she continued

"He happened to be wearing the exact same ring Max gave to you, and you're seriously saying that doesn't mean anything?"

"Yah" Danny said. I couldn't believe he didn't believe me, he was in real danger.

"Danny, you didn't here Max down in the chamber with Paul. I did, and you are in real danger here" I said I could feel the desperate tone take over but I didn't care I needed to protect him and I wasn't going to give up.

"Alyson that is ridiculous" Danny said

"Max is controlling your powers with that ring and I heard him say you can't take it off by yourself.

If you still don't believe me just take it off and see how different you feel" I said

"I don't want to take it off I know how different I'll feel. I'll feel scared and isolated and petrified of my own thoughts. I've been there and I'm not interested in gong back"

"but you can learn to master all that" My hear was breaking he wasn't listing to me.

"Danny your on in one minute" Ms. McCallister said as she walked by.

"I'll be right there Ms. McCallister" Danny said

"Please listen to me" I said in one final attempt to save him "I really don't want to see you get hurt. Look, I may not have solid proof about Max but I know I'm right He doesn't honestly care about you and I do! Please Danny I'm begging you to take a leap of faith"

" I gotta go alright" he said walking away

"wait" I said he turned around "At least you could let me take the ring off you might be able to fight back if you need to."

""I'm sorry Alyson, I… I won't do it."

I watched as Danny walked away and let a tear slowly fall down my cheek. What was I doing I couldn't give up, Danny was my friend and I care about him, I had to help him. I snuck back stage and hid in the curtains. I listened intently as Max introduced Danny.

"Wait a minute my friend" Max said "you mean to tell me that a young skinny fellow like you is claiming that he is able to lift that weight all on his own, that's a big weight one thousand pounds or pure lead, you mean to say that you dare to try to lift that and raise it over your head?" said Max. So that was how he was going to do it. The same way Max's mentor died.

I watched as Danny tried and failed to lift the weight. What was going on. I watched ad Danny tried again, nothing the weight stayed firmly on the ground. I watched as Max pretended to adjust his tie. The weight started to levitate under Max's control. Now it was raised above Danny's head and the audience was going wild. They loved it of only they knew what was really going on. Danny held it above his head he turned his head in my direction and smiled. I forced a smile back at him, The weight starter going higher and out of Danny's hands. It kept rising until I noticed Max flick his finger again. The weight started rapidly descending.

"Danny! Look out!" I yelled he jumped out of the way just in time. The weight went crashing into the floor. Danny was on the floor. Max started walking toward Danny, as Danny frantically tried to pull the ring off. He turned to me and said it would not come off. I had to help him I had to do something. Max helped Danny up and they talked I couldn't hear what they were saying because they were speaking in hushed tones. Max told Danny to try again and do another trick.

Then all the sudden I was in a box I didn't know where I was but I could feel it moving. It stopped and I heard Danny's voice. I couldn't make out what he was saying. I needed to get out of here I needed to take that ring off and I needed to help him. Then I heard the sound of metal on wood and the scratching of a sword and a long silver bar plunged through the box just nearly missing my leg. Wait! That wasn't a bar that was a sword a highly sharp highly deadly sword! He stuck in another one and I let out a small scream.

I heard Danny yell my name, and then I was in a cold sealed off room there were no windows and no doors, how was I ever going to get out of here? I walked around pacing I had to do something I sat down to had been 10 minutes and nothing had happened. Then I felt a tingling sensation and I was back in the box and Danny was opening the door. I was in a Purple sequined dress and I looked like and actual magicians assistant.

"you don't give up do you" Said Danny

"Not when it is something I care about." I said giving Danny a small smile.

He held his hand behind his back and I pulled off the ring.

I figured that if he got the ring on Max then Max's Powers would weaken.

"Danny you have to get the ring on Max's Finger. He did and when Danny put the ring on Max's finger Max disappeared. The audience clapped and Danny grabbed my hand and kissed it. I felt the blush creep up on my face. We were thrown out of out trance when we heard the audience clapping. We both bowed them left the stage.

"lets go to my room" Danny said grabbing my hand and rushing down the hall before anyone could stop us.

When we got to his room I sat down on his bed and he started pacing the room.

"I am so sorry Alyson, it was all my fault if I had just listened to you." He was blaming himself I should have been more convincing it was my fault. I got off the bed and walked over to Danny.

"Dan…" I was cut when he pressed his lips against mine. When we broke apart he whispered

"Alyson I am so sorry is there anyway you can forgive me for not listing to you?" There was no need for him to be sorry, and I already had forgiven him.

"it is ok Danny" I said "It is not our fault Max was believable you thought he cared about you, it is ok." He pulled me into a tight embrace then grabbed my hand a squeezed it.

"Alyson…" he whispered

"Come on you just won! It is bad TV if you just disappear after you won come on let's go see your parents." We both laughed and then got up. 'Okay lets go" Danny said. I looked at out clothes

"um… do you want to change before we go because I do" I said tugging at the dress. He laughed and shook his head yes.

"I will meet you in front of the Hall of Mirrors in half and hour" he said I shook my head and rushed off to my room. I didn't have anything to wear I had cleared my room out when I left, and all my clothes were in the Hotel I had planned to stay at. Suddenly Zoey was standing in the doorway holding a pair of jeans, a pink tank top, and a brush. I thanked her and she left.

I changed quickly the jeans were a pair of nice light jeans with faded and slightly ripped knees and the tank was just a plain tank with pink lace at the top. I brushed my hair and let it fall in curls. After that I walked out of my room and went toward the Hall of Mirrors.