So! I promised you guys I'd let you know if/when any sequel-y things started brewing for "Worlds Apart". And now there have. Kind of. I still don't have plans for an official sequel with an overarching plot that isn't entirely dependent upon the events of canon in Buffy season four and Angel season one. For now, all that's going to happen is that as I rewatch the show (because I'm doing a marathon of both shows and have just as of two days ago reached S4/S1, making it the first time I've watched significant amounts of anything past Buffy S3 in three years), I'll write episode-based crossover-y one-shots mostly (or entirely) centered around Buffy and Angel. If bigger stuff changes as a result, this might just grow into a proper sequel anyway, but I'm not guaranteeing that it'll happen. I'm also not guaranteeing that the updates will come regularly, because (officially) this takes lower priority than "Season 9" and "The Slayer and His Vampire".