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Now That's Love

Chapter 1

Amu is standing outside her balcony staring at the stars. "Amu come inside before you catch a cold" Suu said. "In a minute" Amu said. "Ok then we are going to bed then" Ran said then Miki Suu and Ran fell asleep. "Ikuto where are you" Amu said then a dark shadow appeared behind Amu "you called" he said. "Ikuto" Amu said then hugged him "where were you" she said. "Where else would I be doing this late at night Easter is making me look for the Embryo" Ikuto said. "Are you ok" Amu said. "Yah but I'm cold let's go inside" Ikuto said. Amu walked inside and Ikuto followed her. When she turned around she saw Ikuto with blood marks on his cloths and bruises all over his body. "What happened to you" Amu yelled (her parents and Ami aren't home). "Nothing" Ikuto said and turned around. "Nothing your covered with bruises and bleeding what happened" Amu said. "Nothing" Ikuto said again. "Ikuto don't lie to me" Amu said then ran in front of him to look at his face. She started crying "Ikuto look at me." Ikuto turned away you know nothing" "because you never tell me anything Ikuto every night you come and your covered with scars and bruises. I want to help you I can't stand you looking like this when you come over." "Then I'll leave" Ikuto said. "No please don't leave me alone Ikuto" Amu said and Ikuto looked at her. "Ok" Ikuto said then hugged Amu. "I'm sorry" Amu said. "No I am sorry" Ikuto said then picked up Amu and put her on her bed then he layed next to her. "Thank you" Amu said then fell asleep.

Amu's P.O.V.

What is this? Where am I? Ikuto? I see nothing but darkness. I see a someone a body I run towards it to see Ikuto on the floor bleeding, suffering. I see the director saying "get up I'm not down with you yet" Stop hurting him Ikuto Ikuto "Ikuto" I said getting up crying. It was just a dream. I was so helpless I couldn't do a thing to help him. Ikuto I am sorry I am not strong enough to save you. I know what I have to do to save you Ikuto and I am going to do it no matter what.

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