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Chapter 8

"Ikuto, Ikuto wake up" Amu said.

"What" Ikuto said.

"I need my necklace"

"Ok but remember your promise" he said and handed Amu the necklace. "Ok" Amu said then left for school.

After School

"Hey Amu" Yoru said. "Hey Yoru, get in the bag and don't come out ok" Amu said. "Ok nya" Yoru said and got into her bag. Amu walked to Easter.

"Hello Director" Amu said. "oh Amu hello we've been expecting you right this way" the Director said. He led Amu to a laboratory. "Amu this is what we've been doing with the x-eggs you've collected. The Easter scientist has created a machine that makes x-eggs, all you have to do is sing into the microphone"

"You mean like a karaoke machine"

"Yes exactly we want you to test it out tonight understood" the Director said.

"Yes sir"

"And Amu the thing runs on the necklace so make sure you wear it"

"Yes sir" Amu said then she walked out with the machine. "Are you ready to sing" Ran said.

"Yes I have to, to get the Embryo"

"Well I am going to get Ikuto, nya" Yoru said.

"No you are coming with us" Amu said grabbing Yoru. "Amu walked to the park. "Ok how do I work this thing" Amu said. "Amu it's just like a karokoke just push this button" Suu said and pushed a button "and pick a song" Suu said. Amu put the necklace on " ok Miki and Yoru if anything happens with the necklace pull it off and Miki make sure you watch Yoru" "Ok" Miki said. "Ran, Suu when the Embryo shows up catch it ok" Amu said. "Yes sir" they said. Amu picked the song "Every Heart" (I do not own) and started singing. X-eggs started showing up where Amu was singing.

Ikuto's P.O.V.

Amu still hasn't came back yet and neither has Yoru. I think I'll take a walk. Ikuto left Amu's house and then heard someone singing. Who's singing it sounds like…….AMU!! and then Ikuto started running.

Amu's P.O.V.

The jewel is glowing and I feel fine. I see a lot of x-eggs but no Embryo then I saw him Ikuto.

Normal P.O.V.

Ikuto started running towards Amu. Amu stopped singing "WHAT ARE YOU DOING" Ikuto yelled. "This is Easter's plan to get the Embryo so I have to sing" Amu said. "No you don't Amu do you know what your doing? You are destroying peoples dreams"

"If it's for you I will do anything"

"But I never asked you to do anything exept be with me. Amu I love you I don't want you doing this please stop for me" Ikuto said then the Director walked up. "Good job Amu but we need more" he said. "Amu stop this" Ikuto said. "No Amu continue" the Director said. "Amu what do you want to do" Ran said.

Amu's P.O.V.

What should I do if I help the director Ikuto will steal be free but Ikuto will hate me and if I listen to Ikuto then the Diector will control him again what should I…….wait what am I thinking I know what to do.

Normal P.O.V.

"My Heart Unlock Amulet Clover" Amu said. She started flying in the middle of the x-eggs. "AMU" Ikuto said. "AMU" the Director said. Amu looked at Ikuto then pulled the necklace off and threw it in the air "Remake Honey Special" she said and everthing was purified. "What did you do all of our hard work gone" the Director said. "I am remembering what is important" Amu said and then destroyed the karoke box. "Let's go Ikuto" Amu said and Ikuto character changed, picked up Amu and jumped home. "Ikuto I am sorry I didn't listen to you before" Amu said. "Yah don't you ever do that again" he said.

"I just wanted to help you"

"Amu you do help me everyday"


"By loving me and choosing to love me out of everyone else thank you"

"Your welcome" Amu said blushing

"I love you"

"I love you to Ikuto" Amu said and kissed her.

The End

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