Hello all, Evil Genus here.

So I re-read this story and came to the conclusion, although I do not, and I do mean NOT want to 'finish' this story, I can do the following:

I am planning a companion piece to 'How far a mother will go…' It will be posting in the next week or so, or at least the first part…I think I will call it 'mommy's love'

What it will be is a collection of short ficlets about the following:

1) All those 'holes' in the story, you know when it jumped around. I will fill them in a bit

2) The little remarks I made about things that happened, (Danzo winded up catatonic, Tsunade adopting Tenzou…) I will put those up

3) A few glimpses into the future, perhaps Itachi's capture of Orochimaru, Itachi being made Hokage…. Fugaku realizing he has no heir, cause now Sasuke doesn't want to be Clan leader…

4) Last but not least… Some funny shots of Naruto growing up (Jiraiya using him to pick up chicks, the first time he called Tsunade Baa-chan…. Sasuke telling off the fan-girls…)

After I post the first ficlet, anyone interested in seeing something specific, let me know via review or PM. I will add it to the list to be posted at a later date.

So expect in the next 1-2 weeks the first posting of "Mommy's Love" which will be a fun shot of Jiraiya, Kakashi and Naruto and a grand opening for a onsen….with a small snapshot of Tsunade…