Hey there! I was playing this game the other day, and wondered what was going through the minds of the characters as they fight. Enjoy!

'Through Their Eyes'

A bright flash commands my attention. I look over to my right and see two Marro Warriors and an Orc Swordsman are blown into the air, the smoke from an explosion still lingering, no doubt from a grenade belonging to one of those annoying humans in the green suits.

A deep, commanding beep recaptures my attention. I turn to my leader, Deathwalker 9000. He is clearly frustrated by the fact that I'm not paying attention to the fight in front of us.

"You don't want to anger him!" my brother loudly whispers to me.

I was always the one who was getting distracted, and that meant my brother got all the major enhancements, leaving me with only my current wits and weaponry to get me through.

Deathwalker 8000 stops, and turns to the mountain we just passed. I watch as he raised his left arm and released a stream of bullets for a full three-and-a-half seconds. 4 humans fall from the peak, all in skin-tight suits, two black, two white.

Another angry beep from my leader, and I immediately switch my vision to the front. Brunak and a Swog Rider rush past us, feeling no fear of the possibility of death not 300 yards away.

A strange chitter once again grabs my focus. We pass the Marro warlord Ne-Gok-Sa perched on a ledge, apparently screaming out orders to his lesser Marro on the other side.

Suddenly, I am kicked over, and I feel the weight of Deathwalker 7000's body step over me. I look up and watch my brethren round the turn in the valley. They have left me behind. I am no longer one of the group.

I back into a small crevice, terrified. I stand no chance alone. None. I listen to the pained screams of various species, and wonder: Why does this war have to never end?

Suddenly, I am picked up and I land on the back of a familiar, orange, winged creature: Mimring!

I turn to the sides, and I see Su-Bak-Na and his Marro army, and Grimnak and his Orc squad. Grimnak gives the thumbs-up to the dragon on which I sit.

Mimring cranes his head to me.

"Come on," he says. "We've got a war to win!"


I had a lot of fun writing this! Please vote on who you want next! Otherwise, I'll choose myself.