Another chapter! I'm not going to outright tell you who these characters are. Figure it out yourself!

The Venoc Vipers are advancing, yet my soldiers are doing nothing about it…

I scream at them, I can feel the veins bulging in my head. The Marro Warriors below look up at me, then scramble, most of them colliding with each other or a wall.

Angry, I yell to the sky, turn around, and plunge my right arm into an unlucky Marro Drone who happens to be standing there. I throw his limp body down from the ledge on which we stand.

"Why the hell can't you idiots do anything right!?" I scream at them again.

Not all is lost for our great Marro Hive. We have Kee-Mo-Shi down there, along with Su-Bak-Na and Tor-Kul-Na.

I watch the Marro Warriors hopelessly run around, one of them shooting another.

I groan and collapse, covering my eyes. I'm a disgrace as a warlord, and my own fleet disobeys me.

A beep comes from next to me. I turn, slightly aggravated, to see one of Deathwalker's Zettian Guards standing next to me, cannon raised.

Footfalls on my other side cause me to look over, and Tornak stands beside me on his reptilian mount.

"Team. Fight. Win," he says. Though I can understand them, all they receive in response is a chittering noise.

Heavy steps behind us lead us to look behind. Brunak finishes walking toward us, a look of pure confidence on his face.

"That's no way to be a Warlord. Your troops are awaiting orders," he says, and points to the land below the ledge.

My entire lesser Marro members are standing there, not budging their feet, growling menacingly, and weapons raised at the Vipers advancing across the river.

I stand up, and send a message to my troops.