Chapter 30 ~ A Rather Fiery Ending

Severus opened his robes and went to work on his trousers, his dark eyes resting on the gyrating witch sprawled on the table, her red dress pushed high up on her thighs. Hermione was right, she did look cheap and easy, but just for him and this turned the Professor on. He bit his lip as he lowered his trousers and his boxers. He just had to fuck her in that dress and those shoes.

The wizard grasped one of Hermione's legs, the one with the tinkling ankle bracelet and rested it against his shoulder. He looked at the high-heeled red shoe and ran his pale hand up and down her leg appreciatively, then kissed it several times before returning to the task at hand. He pressed in closer, moving the crotch of her thong aside, grasping his cock and positioning it at her entrance. The witch was wet again.

"Wanton little witch," Severus growled at Hermione as he pushed her dress up farther, gripped her waist and pulled her down into him, ramming his cock inside her hungrily. The witch keened and half sat up as his hardness filled her.

"Fuck," Hermione moaned.

"Oh, I intend to," the Potions Master hissed back at her, pulling back and driving his cock into her cervix with a grunt, biting his lower lip as her tightness caressed his length in soft warmth and wetness.

The Potions Master began to pour on the power, Hermione's body jerking rapidly on the table, the green tablecloth riding up beneath her as the wizard fucked her hungrily, his eyes on her contorting face. The witch's mascara was starting to streak and he fucked her harder, wanting to see it run completely. Some silverware clattered to the floor and by his left ear, the little silver bells rang merrily in counterpoint to the witch's shrieks.

"You sweet little trollop," Severus breathed, arching over Hermione and kissing her as he hunched into her body greedily.

The wizard locked his fingers in hers and drew her arms up over her head, driving into her, so deeply involved with the witch, he didn't notice they knocked the candelabra over. The tablecloth caught fire at the other end, the undulating couple so caught up in their union, neither noticed for several moments until their outstretched arms got hot. Severus looked up, still stroking Hermione strongly and saw the raging flames consuming the yams and moving toward them.

"Oh shit," he gasped, straightening, pulling out of a protesting Hermione, yanking her up from the table and pushing her to safety, the witch staggering across the study floor, disheveled and disoriented.

His pants around his ankles, the wizard bent and felt his pockets for his wand. It wasn't there. The flames blazed higher, starting to catch the wood of the table, black smoke filling the study.

"My wand…where the fuck in my wand?" Severus hissed as the fire blazed. A plate exploded from the heat.

Suddenly Severus' study door flew open and Argus Filch appeared, a cylinder with a tube and wide funnel in his hands. The squib quickly ran up to the burning table, turned on the extinguisher and with a loud "whoosh!" put out the flames with a foamy substance.

The old squib eyed his handiwork, then sniffed, his eyes squinting.

"Smells like smoke and pussy in here," he said, looking at Professor Snape, who was fastening his trousers. Then he turned and looked at Hermione, who was busily pulling down her dress. The bent, scraggly haired squib grinned horribly.

"That one of Madam Plushie's girls, Professor?" the caretaker asked Snape, eyeing Hermione's legs, dress, ruined make-up and red, red mouth. "Cause if she is, I want a go…I have some galleons. You can send her over when you're done."

Severus' mouth quirked as Hermione looked as if she were about to throw up.

"I do not work at Madame Plushie's!" she spat, scowling at the squib, whose eyebrows rose in surprise when he heard her voice.

"Miss Granger?" he said, his face contorting with glee.

"Yes," Hermione said somewhat haughtily.

But it was hard to be haughty effectively when one was dressed like she was.

"I always suspected you weren't on the up and up. No one's that good," the squib said sneering as Hermione looked indignant. "You're a red witch. A naughty little red witch."

"I am not a red witch," Hermione responded, "I am only dressed this way because the Professor…"

Severus cleared his throat and shook his head slightly. Hermione clammed up. Of course Severus wouldn't want his kinks spread all over Hogwarts.

"I'm only dressed this way because I thought it would be fun," Hermione said lamely.

Filch cackled.

"Fun you're after is it?' he said, looking at the ruined table, the scattered dishes and the overturned candelabra knowingly, "Looks like the Professor was the one having all the fun from where I'm standing."

He leered at the witch, a twisted grin on his face. The Potions Master tried to defuse the situation as Hermione turned a deep red.

"How did you get in here, Argus? And how did you know about the fire?" Severus asked him, as Hermione looked at the squib as if she wanted to hex him.

Argus' rheumy eyes shifted from Hermione to Severus. He swelled visibly.

"Fire alarm attuned to me. I'm the caretaker of Hogwarts. Anytime anything goes wrong in the castle I know about it and where it is. A little maintenance magic that's focused on me," the bent old squib replied, setting the extinguisher on the floor.

"That still doesn't explain how you got into my private study," the wizard said, scowling slightly. It made him uncomfortable to know Filch could enter his domain.

"Oh, the castle let me in. I can go anywhere there is a need for me to be. If I just wanted to come in here to snoop around, I couldn't do it. There has to be an important need…some kind of problem or danger to the castle." Filch replied.

He looked at Hermione again, his hand going to his crotch. Hermione grimaced as the squib rubbed it, unconscious he was doing such a thing.

"Severus! Do something!" Hermione hissed at the wizard.

Both of the Potions Master's eyebrows rose as he watched Filch masturbate in front of Hermione.

"Er…Argus, you can go now," he said to the squib.

The old caretaker started as if coming out of a dream. He picked up the fire extinguisher.

"All right…but you two be sure to put out the real fires before you start working on your own," he scolded. He shuffled past Hermione, stopping for a moment.

"Madam Plushie's whores got nothing on you, Miss Granger," he said, his face twisting lustfully.

Hermione shuddered, wrapping her arms around herself as she remembered the caretaker's thin, knobbly and arthritic cock. Dear gods, did he actually go to Madam Plushie's and stick that thing in witches?

"Goodbye Argus…and thank you," Severus said, moving the old squib along.

Argus nodded and shuffled out of the study door, which slid shut after him. The castle was really amazing, like a living entity.

"Well, that was horrible," Hermione said, still clutching herself.

Severus smirked at the disgusted witch.

"Well, Argus obviously believes that if you give up Spells work, you can land yourself a fine position, mostly likely on your knees at Madam Plushie's," the wizard said, arching an eyebrow at her.

Her mascara had run quite a bit, and her eyes were ringed in black. She did have the look of a mildly used working witch. His cock twitched. Severus had gone down when the fire started and Filch came in, but he was quickly recovering. He strode over to the witch.

"Come with me. We have unfinished business," the wizard said, his dark eyes washing over her as he slipped his arm in hers. Hermione allowed him to lead her into the bedroom, still scowling about Filch.

"I can't believe Argus," Hermione complained as Severus walked her over to his bed, "He is just too disgusting. Did you see him rubbing his cock right in front of me? He is a dirty old…"

The witch was so focused on complaining about Filch, she didn't register Severus opening his robes and lowering his trousers and boxers again, then bending her over the bed. She continued to talk, the wizard smirking behind her.

"I swear, if that old bastard comes anywhere….ooh!"

Hermione buckled as Severus rammed his cock into her, forcing himself around the crotch of her throng and burying himself inside her deeply.

"That's enough about Filch," he groaned, "I'm the man you're supposed to be focused on witch."

He gripped her waist and started fucking the witch hard, slapping against her ass with force, moving his hands to grasp the hem of her dress and haul her back against him to meet his stroke, the witch crying out and falling face first into the bed. Severus adjusted himself and tore into the witch, falling forward on his hands and driving as deep as he could, the witch howling, and her mascara finally smearing completely.

"You need to reapply your makeup witch," he groaned, as he looked down at her bouncing profile.

Hermione didn't give a fuck about her make-up as the wizard fucked her to the brink, delicious feelings thrumming through her body, the swelling pleasure in her belly growing larger as his hardness and ache pounded her insistently. Gods, the dark wizard could fuck.

Severus quickly flipped the witch over, trapping her legs under his arms and driving straight down into her core, the witch buckling. But his eyes weren't on the witch, they were on her left shoe. He lowered his mouth to her knee and kissed up her leg to where the strap wrapped around her ankle, twisting his body so he could continue fucking her.

"Gods, I love you in these shoes," he hissed, tearing into the witch and feeling himself approaching climax as she melted around him. His mouth dropped open as his balls tightened, and his eyes shifted toward her foot again.

"Arrrrrgh!" Severus groaned as he came, jerking out of the witch, standing, grabbing her ankle and coming all over her shoe.

Even in the throes of her climax, Hermione registered Severus spurting all over her ankle and shoe, his face contorted with pleasure as he watched his thick seed drip down her leg.

"He's a freak," Hermione thought, finding herself extremely turned on by the wizard's odd behavior. "I guess I'm a freak too."

Severus had no idea what came over him. He only knew he wanted to see his come on those shoes, and followed his urge. The wizard found covering the red leather footwear with his release extremely satisfying, shaking his cock as his pulsing slowed, trying to get the most coverage he could before he petered out. Finally, spent and panting, Severus looked down at the witch, still clutching her ankle.

"A little polish," he said, releasing her ankle and dropping on her, kissing her deeply.

"A big freak," Hermione replied, smirking.

"Your freak. I've never done that before. There is something terribly erotic about you in high-heeled shoes. I hope you will wear them for me often, Hermione," the wizard breathed.

"It was kinky…but…I don't know Severus…it turned me on," the witch replied. "I'll wear them whenever you want."

And sometimes when he didn't want, just to torment him.

Severus smirked at her.

"I think you were tailor-made for my quirks, witch," he responded, kissing her again.

Severus would have never done this with another witch, simply because he wouldn't trust her to keep her mouth shut. He knew Hermione would keep it to herself…a dirty little secret. It was nice having a witch he felt he could trust. But still…

"I hope you won't share this little fetish I've developed," he said, his eyes dark as he looked at the witch.

Hermione scowled.

"And just who would I tell? If I said I let you come all over my shoe and liked it, I'd be labeled as much a freak as you," she said.

Severus gave a rather evil smirk as he thought about letting these lurid details accidentally slip to Ronald Weasley. The red-headed wizard would probably have a heart attack and drop dead where he stood, shocked that not only did his best friend allow such a thing, but enjoyed it. The Potions Master fell into the bed alongside Hermione, his feet resting on the floor. He looked at her face.

"You look like someone gave you two black eyes," he said to her grinning slightly, "or mucked up a transformation where you were trying to become a…a.."

Severus had to think of the name for the muggle animal.

"Raccoon," he concluded.

"What?" Hermione said, frowning at him. She went to sit up, but fell back aching.

"Damn it," she hissed.

Severus sat up and reached into the nightstand drawer, removing two vials of purple potion.

"Here you go," he said, passing the vials to Hermione and helping her sit up.

The witch uncorked them and drank the contents down. Relief crossed her face.

Severus studied her.

"You know, eventually you will get used to me and not need those potions so frequently," he said, running a fingertip down the witch's arm and making her shudder.

Hermione looked at him, her eyes softening.

"I hope I never get used to you, Severus Snape," she said softly. "I hope you continue to surprise me."

The Potions Master smirked. He had plenty of surprises left for the witch.

"I will, witch…I will," he said.

Hermione stood up and walked over to the mirror on the front of Severus' bathroom door, the wizard's eyes resting on her body appreciatively as she did so. She looked at herself and gasped at the black rings and streaks around her eyes. The witch spun toward the wizard.

"You fucked me looking like this?" she asked him, incredulously. She looked horrible.

"Believe it or not witch, it was incredibly erotic considering I am the reason you look like that," he responded with a slight growl.

Hermione shook her head. Wizards.

"Well, I am going to wash it off and get out of these clothes," she said, pulling out her red hair tie as she walked into the bathroom.

"You do that," Severus said, lying back on the bed and looking up at the ceiling, his arms folded behind his head.

A small smile appeared on his face as he heard the basin running. It broadened. The Potions Master had his witch. She was brilliant, beautiful and a masochistic little freak. He felt that they would remain together for quite a long time if he didn't do anything to drive her off. He wouldn't. He would work at keeping Hermione happy as if his life depended on it.

Who knew? Just maybe it did.


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