Ok READ THIS FIRST - Ok so this is sooo random and I was bored so I wrote it. Please don't critsize this, I know its not my best work. sorry!!!

"Gameboy. Gameboy. Gameboy. Must get a gameboy." I chanted to myself. I was sitting at a stoplight right in front of Walmart, and the tension was killing me. Jasper had broken my gameboy last week and it has been torture without it. I could practically see the gameboy in my hands already. A red one, sleek and shiny.

A silver car pulled up next to me, covered in mud. An old grandmom was in the car, her hands tight on the steering wheel, and she was leaning forward like she was concentrating on the something. I was so intrigued by the look o her face, that I didn't notice the light change. She shot out of the line at at least 60 mp/h. I was left in her dust. Not to be outdone, I shot across the lane, pushing my jeep to 80. She pulled into the parking lot for Walmart.

Since it was a Saturday, the lot was full. One space left. I shot forward and so did she. I beat her there, though. She scowled at me, and then left the lot. "YES!!!! VICTORY!!!!" I shouted while climbing out of my car. People started to stare. I didn't care though, I was gunna get my gameboy!

There were two options here: Walk slowly to the store at human pace and stay in hiding OR race there at vampire speed, expose our secret, and get Carlisle really mad at me. Screw Carlisle, I'm gunna run!

I could tell you about his run in there, the way people stared at him and stuff. But I think you can mentally picture that so im just gunna skip to the part where he is in the electronics part.

The sweat was pouring off my face, I just had to make this shot, Oh, wait. Im not in a basketball game. My bad. Ok, so I ran to the gamboy isle. 1 left!!! And its red!!!! Yes!!!!!!! And its shiny!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!! I grabbed it in my hand and that's when I realized that I had no money. Oh, well, I guess there really is no need for money if you're a vampire. I looked around, and saw no cops, so I raced out of the store. The alarms blared, but I didn't care. All that mattered was that I had my gameboy.

I wonder why the cops haven't shown???????


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