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Mushy and Dramatic

"Cherry Vanilla or Cookies And Cream?"

"The latter!"

"No way!"

"Ha! I knew it. Come on then, Cherry Vanilla…"

"Coming right away!"

Sango left the living room running, a bright smile on her face and started rummaging through the freezer. There was nothing better than ice-cream on a rainy afternoon spent watching TV.

She had been more than surprised when her little brother Kohaku had come knocking on her door earlier that day to ask her if she had plans for the week-end. First of all, this was very un-Kohaku like. Her brother was shy and never took the initiative. Then, there was also the fact that he traveled a lot because of his job—a small job, one that he had been offered by Inuyasha Takahashi and his girlfriend, but a job nonetheless. So how had he managed to take three days off in a row? And as a chauffeur, he was mostly needed during the week-end. Why had he come without telling her? Not that she minded, but it was, well, surprising, indeed….

"Here you go." Sango handed her brother the cherry vanilla flavored ice-cream, then sat next to him on the couch. There was an old rerun of The Black Swindler* on TV, one of her favorite shows. Too bad that the movie had been a disaster.

The brunette did not notice the way her brother was nervously glancing around. He absentmindedly traced patterns on the ice-cream with his spoon. "Sis," he started. "I—"

Sango rushed to the door.

Damn bell.

Well, it wasn't her birthday, but was there any surprise left? What was Miroku doing here of all times?

"Huh, hi?"

Her co-worker grinned. "Good evening, Sango. How are you?"

How could he be so casual? Shrugging, she replied, "Fine. What are you doing here?"

"Asking you out. What are you doing tonight?"

At least, he was being frank. "I'm sorry, Miroku. Kohaku is here for the week-end." She gave him a small smile, one that was almost shy. She was glad, and happy, that her brother was there, that he was going to spend some time with her after several months of absence.

And Miroku could see it. Well, he had hoped she would say yes, but he knew better. Sango was difficult. This time though, he didn't object. He knew she had missed her brother.

He would deal with her frigidity another day.

Then the unexpected happened as he was about to leave.

"I'll call you later, if you're not busy with another woman," Sango said jokingly.

Sango never joked about his inability to keep it in his pants.

Sango never considered lovey-dovey phone calls with him.

"Okay…" He sounded hesitant and was drumming his fingers on the door frame.

"Later, Miroku."

Again with the soft smile.

Miroku almost left in a hurry. This Sango was more frightening than the usual.

The young woman was about to flop down on the couch when the door bell rang again, which caused Sango to groan and roll her eyes, and Kohaku to bit his fingers. He hadn't come for nothing, mind you….

Sango slammed the door open. "Miroku, what part of 'I'll call you later' don't you—" She blinked. Standing in front of her, drenched, with tears in her eyes, was… "Kagome?"

"Hi, Sango." The girl's voice was shaking.

"Oh my God, what happened? Come inside! Now!"

A hot bath, a few borrowed clothes, three cups of tea and forty-seven minutes later, Kagome was sitting on the couch with both Sango and Kohaku by her side. She told her older friend everything; how she spent the day with Inuyasha Takahashi, how he forced her to hide inside a closet when his girlfriend showed up, how she walked all the way back to the city center… Kagome was exhausted, her feet hurt; the fact that she cried was now understandable, but to Sango, the raven-haired girl also seemed heart-broken.

No. Humiliated was more like it.

Sango was furious. Why force her to hide? What could her presence mean? He had wanted her to accompany him, hadn't he? So what if Kikyo would have been livid to see him with another girl—the one he was on every newspaper with? Did they not argue every day of the week already?

Why can't they just break up and give it a rest?

Kagome wasn't crying anymore, thankfully. She was tired and miserable, but she refused to go home. Her mother was away and Ayame with her boyfriend. Sango was the only one left.

"Don't worry, you can stay overnight," the brunette repeated. "He has no right to treat you the way he did. You were just being nice."

"That's not the problem, Sango," Kagome protested for the umpteenth time. As always, her statement fell on deaf ears. "It was just… unexpected, I guess," she continued. "At first, I didn't mind but then, when I thought about it, I felt… ashamed. Frustrated. I never really liked him, you know? I just… felt that maybe we could somewhat become friends. Apparently, I'm not the kind of person you'd want to introduce to…"

Her voice trailed off. Sango scanned her figure and the way she was staring into space with her swollen eyes. "Kagome, are you…" The young woman looked back at her and she gave a small smile. "Nothing. You should go to sleep. Let's just forget about this obnoxious prick who is my boss."

The two girls left the room in silence while Kohaku remained confused. Miss Kikyo's relationship with Inuyasha Takahashi was complicated enough but now, this girl, Kagome, his sister's friend, was joining the fun?

This fueled his desire to quit.

Whistling, Miroku turned his computer on. If anything, he would be watching another dirty movie that night. No Sango, no party.

I'm too sexy for my love, too sexy for my love, Love's going to leave me—

Oh, a new text message.

'Can't call u tonight. Kagome's not feeling 2 well.'

Miroku raised an eyebrow. A perfect return to normalcy, huh? No phone calls, watch a porno….

Shrugging, he quickly checked his e-mails and was annoyed to see that his boss had sent him one. There was no way he would do some extra work for the week-end.

'I'm not coming to the office on Monday. I'm leaving tonight for Toronto with Kikyo. You're the one in charge from now on.

I'm engaged.


Miroku drummed his fingers on his desk. Hmm, he needed to stop doing that.

He rubbed his face, read the e-mail all over again.

If anything, he would be his boss' best man.

No, scratch that.

What. The. Hell? Engaged?


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*The Black Swindler is a popular Japanese drama that was aired back in 2006.

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