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Chapter 3:

To Land

The next morning Christine finds herself waking up much the same way she'd done the day before, repeating the same familiar pattern all over again. Her retro music, her shower primping, her getting dressed and meeting Helen and Tonia at the lift – all the same in that quietly comforting way in which routines often are.

There were some differences though.

For starters, she's the topic of discussion in the lift on the way down to the mess; Helen and Tonia have it in their minds that she and the Captain had 'definitely hooked up', even though they had been there the entire time the two of them had been in sickbay together. Plus, there was the fact that he hadn't even been conscious for most of it, the sedative knocking him out for much longer than it should have – that had been a debacle in itself until the Chief had realized that he'd used an opiate based sedative, to which Kirk apparently had adverse reactions to. Hey – you learn something new every day, right?

Anyways, Kirk had slept the day away, still asleep when Christine had left sickbay at the end of her shift.

Tonia and Helen had come to her room right after and demanded 'the deets' as Tonia put it (which was a totally ridiculous shortening of that word, by the way), even though there hadn't really been any except for Kirk's usual flirting, which he practiced on every female member of the crew - not just Christine.

But her two friends had been persistent, gossiping shamelessly about her and the Captain's supposed hook up all the way through their dinner that night and into this morning's mess meal, which is rightfully (and delightfully) free of engineering cadets once more. It isn't, however, free of Janice Rand, who gives Christine an especially frosty look to which she blatantly ignores.

Whatever Janice Rand, she thinks to herself. Whatever.

The three of them all go back up to sickbay together this time, as is their usual – Christine (who certainly hadn't forgotten that her so called friends had left her with Kirk to fend for herself against his innuendos) makes it a point to acknowledge this fact while they're still in the lift, but there isn't any bite to it - she sort of figures it had been for the best, in a weird sort of way - after all, the Captain really had been sick.

It had surprised her, actually – she'd stormed into sickbay yesterday with the full intention of killing Kirk with kindness; not ONLY for making her late but also for daring to ensconce her in one of his little flirtation schemes while she was on duty. The nerve! Pretending to be sick – what was this, junior school? Sickbay, she told herself, wasn't a place to be taken so lightly. Off duty was another thing altogether, but doing it during her shift made her feel so stupid, like she was only there for his own enjoyment – like the work she did wasn't important.


Christine had news for him – no way was she going to be made a fool of in her OWN sickbay. Seriously – she'd been really pissed. She wouldn't call herself angry or vindictive, but come on - she hadn't slaved through four years of medical school just to be used as a pawn in his little distractions. That was what Janice Rand was for. PLUS, what the hell had been up with the chief??

'Dammit Jim! What'd I tell you about staying away from my nurses'??? What the hell was that? As if she would EVER allow herself to be one of Kirk's conquests – pshh, please.

Not that sleeping with him would make her a conquest - if she knew full well the parameters of the arrangement then it would be totally mutual....after all, a girl could be sexually active with whoever she wanted to be, right? Maybe he'd be her conquest.

Not that she wanted to conquest him, or anything! Fantasizing and flirting were nice distractions, but completely different from actual relationships...

Whoa! Not that any of that matters at ALL, right??? Christine scolds herself mentally as she walks with Helen and Tonia through the sliding doors into sickbay. The POINT was, was that the insinuation had been insulting, and she'd had a hard time keeping cool about it, speaking clippedly about Kirk's 'alleged' sore throat. *Please*, what did he think this was....

And THEN she'd had to endure the embarrassment of being called to the Chief's office in front of the other cadets! Only to have a chat (which really meant that the Chief had talked and she'd listened) about how she was one of his best nurses and he didn't want to lose her to Kirk's philandering ways, and how Jim was one of his best friends goddamit but sometimes he just couldn't keep it in his pants and she should be careful about protection and come to him if she needed....anything.

He'd been red cheeked by the time he'd finished speaking and she'd been absolutely MORTIFIED- okay FIRST of all, the idea that she'd just gotten a sex talk from the CHIEF was humiliating (although a large part of Christine's bleeding heart appreciated the fact that it had obviously come from a good place – traitorous feelings!!). And SECONDLY, even if she WAS having sex with Kirk (which she totally wasn't, and which there was no evidence he even WANTED to have sex with her, by the way), the Chief would be the LAST person she'd want to know.

God, he was old enough to be her fa-

Oh. Christine swallowed hard around that thought as she walked along the wall to the back of sickbay and placed her bag in one of the little plasma storage lockers there. That was...maybe not something she wanted to think about.

She was fine though.


Anyways, that wasn't even the point...

What was the point? Ugh, she's all flustered today...oh! yeah – the Captain. She'd left the Chief's office with a lot less steam, resolving to just be her kind, professional self. Even if he had been faking, she wasn't going to let him get to her. She wasn't going to let one stupid tease affect the way in which she did her job, which was kindly, gently, diligently, and professionally.

And it had all been going along swimmingly until two things had happened.

First, he'd apologized, and it had seemed really genuine. Well, there went the rest of her anger. Christine never was the kind of girl to stay mad at someone for very long (except stupid Roger), and she wasn't going to start now.

"That's alright," she'd replied, her tricorder out. "You aren't feeling well and I'm a nurse. That's what we're there for." And she'd meant it, too. Nurses were there to help people. If he was sick, that would comfort him. And if he wasn't sick, maybe it would make him realize that this wasn't a joke. It was too hard trying to stay mad at him – it was easier to just be herself.

But then (and this was the second thing), it had turned out that he actually was sick! And not just 'I have a cold' sick, but real, full, blown out, SICK.

She'd been looking at the tricorder and honest to god could not believe it. He'd been telling the truth, and she'd been all hissy about it...

She was a nurse first – she was supposed to have no judgements. Well, she'd really been doing well so far, hadn't she?

The tricorder had read advanced tonsillitis and an inner ear infection – that would have taken days without medication to get to that level – maybe a week or more. Why hadn't he come in sooner? It had to hurt – it had to hurt a lot, actually. But he was so nonchalant about it... why had he decided to suffer with it? Had he thought that a better alternative to coming and getting it checked? Was it her? Was he not comfortable around her? A sharp pang had gone through her at that thought. People shouldn't ever be embarrassed about their sicknesses; they shouldn't ever feel like they had to hide them from her - or any other nurse or doctor for that matter. The sad truth of it though, was that people often did feel those ways. That was why Christine had become a nurse in the first place – yes, obviously because she enjoyed helping people, but also because they opened up to her; they trusted her. She was a natural at it. The idea that someone might be uncomfortable with her as their nurse had made her feel genuinely sick to her stomach. And it hadn't been out of pride, but just out of empathy and....guilt. A big fat slab of guilt in fact, that had settled itself on her shoulders at that point – some nurse she was, immediately thinking he was faking it...she couldn't believe she'd let personal feelings get in the way of her objectivity. It was a small infraction, but she'd always been an emotional person and it had made her feel kind of...sullied, in a way, like she hadn't been a proper nurse to doubt someone when they said they were ill.

She didn't say any of that though, and in the back of her mind she knew she was blowing this way out of proportion, but for some reason she'd become very emotional about it. Plus, She'd needed to check his lymph nodes first to see if they were inflamed before she was sure of the diagnosis. She'd moved up to where he'd been sitting on the med bed and begun the physical examination, being as gentle as she possibly could, knowing that it would hurt him while she did it. The idea of somebody not being comfortable with her as their nurse ate at her, swirling angrily around the bottom of her stomach, so she'd tried to be as soft and accommodating as possible to compensate.

He'd been really quiet during the whole thing and that had made her feel even worse. So she'd stopped the exam, satisfied with her findings, and started the usual 'you've got so and so', keeping her voice soft and steady so as not to alarm him or make him feel uncomfortable, which he obviously had to be, what with how still he'd gone.

"You definitely have an infection," she'd begun softly. "Actually, it's a pretty bad one too. Your lymph nodes are inflamed and your tonsils aren't looking so great. Why didn't you come in sooner? You know it's never silly to get things checked if you're not feeling well." She shouldn't have even asked that last part, but it was like she couldn't help herself. She needed to know if it was because of her, if he was uncomfortable with her.

"Well it didn't really hurt until this morning, so..." he'd trailed off, and then grinned sheepishly. Oh, thank god, she'd thought to herself. There was the Jim Kirk she knew and interacted with, the one with the grin. She'd probably just been over reacting about the whole thing, right? Right. Obviously.


So she'd let herself give him a little smile, a slightly chastising one.

"Well, that waiting might just cost you your tonsils – weren't you inoculated when you were younger?"

"No, I guess not," he'd answered, and then added, "but you're free to inoculate me anytime you like, Chapel." He'd grinned fully after that, and she'd returned it. It had been like a weight off Christine's chest. He probably hadn't even been aware of the inner turmoil she'd been going through. Looking back the whole thing in her head had seemed rather silly – after all, if he hadn't wanted her to tend to him, he wouldn't have sought her out.

She'd gone back to her usual self after that remark (less apologetic, more cheerful) and had administered the rest of his exam with a smile that was real and not worried. And maybe, yeah, okay, she'd liked being able to take care of him a little. He just always seemed so self assured most of the time that it was nice to be able to do this for the guy who'd saved all their lives.

It hadn't been sexual at all – sure, Jim Kirk was a really good looking guy, but she'd been so worried about her own performance as a nurse and wanting him to be comfortable in sickbay and to trust her as his medical professional that the only thing she'd been focusing on (even when she'd been pressing her fingers against his neck) was taking care of the patient the best way she knew how – with the medicine available to her and a little old fashioned TLC.

And before she's left, she'd told him- the next time he was sick he should come see someone right away. It didn't have to be her. It could just be anyone. It would be fine if it was her, but whatever...

Anyways he'd said 'will do' and grinned one more time and she couldn't help but smile back. All her worries had been for nothing! One more patient on his way to recovery. A job well done, and a lesson learned.

And that was where she found herself now, back in sickbay, with Kirk still there on his post-op recovery. Her shift doesn't start for another few minutes so she busies herself checking stock as Tonia heads to the chiefs office and Helen begins setting up for her first appointment – broken wrist rehabilitation...no biggie, apparently. She goes through some restock forms, tidies, and checks the roster of cadets for her shift today on her PADD.

She can see Kirks bed out of the corner of her eye, with the pull curtain closed around it. She really wants to go over there – not because she wants to see him or anything, it's not like its personal, it's just she'd like to check on him.

It's totally platonic. Mostly.

Don't go over there, don't go over there, don't go over there she repeats in her head, but is still unable to keep from glancing surreptitiously at the curtain.

Ugh! Why are you turning this into a dramafest, you're almost as bad as Janice Rand the voice in her head sounds. And that voice is totally right – after all, she's a nurse. And he's a patient. If she wants to go over there and check on him, well, what's so wrong with that?

She really is concerned about him, in a strictly patient/nurse kind of way.


She looks at the clock. 5:57 AM.

Christine bites her lip and looks back at the bed. Then back at the clock. Then back at the bed. She quickly checks his medical record that's been uploaded to her PADD – no life threatening injuries, the drug's out of his system as of the middle of the night....no pressing need to check on him right now.

She'll wait until later.


6:17 AM:

The cadets have assembled, and they're waiting for Christine to tell them what to do. They're all so adorable – they remind her of when she was a bright eyed bushy tailed nursing cadet.

Not that she isn't bright eyed and bushy tailed now...fuck it's not like she's old, god, she's only twenty two....

The thought makes her feel weird though, and she obviously makes a face because one of the cadets (a pretty blonde named Parker) comments on it.

"What's wrong, Nurse Chapel?"


"Your face got all scrunched up. Aren't we on time?"

"Oh...no, you're all fine. My nose was just...itchy. Anyways, you'll find your assignments on your pads, so why don't you get to them, okay?"

They disappear and Christine stands in the same spot for a minute, frowning slightly.

She is not old.

She looks over at Kirk's bed longingly – not a peep from him yet. He must still be sleeping.



7:32 AM

"Nurse Chapel?"


"My patient needs a rectal exam."



"....did you...need something?"

"Oh, uh – no. I was just umm...I thought maybe someone else might do it."

"....no, you're going to have to do it, Sam."


"....yeah, really."

Christine quickly checks Kirks vitals again on her PADD. Jesus, how long can this guy sleep??? And why is this day turning out to be so weird??


9:46 AM:

Christine's starving, and since sickbay seems under control she asks the Chief if she can head to the mess for a quick bite.

"Yeah, alright," he says, and Christine isn't expecting it.

"Oh, well that's okay the-oh, really?"

"You got a hearing problem all of a sudden, Chapel?"

"...I'll just be going then."

Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning....


9:49 AM:

Christine makes it to the lift only to find Brad the engineer already in there.


Brad, who always said his name with an emphasis, was a senior level engineer from Texas who'd had his sights set on her ever since she'd boarded the ship. He was good looking, in a beefcake, 'I eat 10 eggs for breakfast and protein shakes for lunch' sort of way, with lots of muscle and a patriarchal attitude.

He'd asked her out dozens of times, and she always politely declined (oh, I've got a dentists appointment, I've got to wash my...dog - actually, thinking about it now, maybe her passive aggressiveness wasn't working so well here...) but he never got the hint. It was fine up until a certain point, but after that it just got uncomfortable.

"Well, well," he says smoothly, like he's crooning. "If it isn't everybody's favourite Nurse."

Oh, god....

"Hi Brad," she says softly and pleasantly, entering the lift and turning to face the doors.

"You know, it has been way too long since I last saw your pretty face," he drawls. "What do you say we remedy that in my quarters later on, hmm? Some music, some dinner, some wine..."

"Oh, you know, that's so sweet of you to ask, but I've actually got a super late shift tonight."

That should deter him.

"How about I talk to ol' McCoy for you, then, hmm? I'm sure he'd understand." Oh my GOD is this guy serious??

"....well, I'm not sure the Chief would respond so well to that," Christine said, deliberately emphasizing the Chief's title.

The doors to the lift opened on the mess, and Christine quickly stepped out. "Bye Brad!" she called out pleasantly, rushing a bit to the mess counter. Whew! Crisis averted....for now.

"Well hey there, Nurse Chapel!" A pleasant, thickly accented Indian voice calls out from behind the counter as she approaches.

"Hi Muhar," she says. "slow day?"

"Seems like it," he answers. "Oh well – better for me," he laughs on. "What can I get you?"

"Just something light?"

Muhar nods, and then points his finger at her. "I know just the thing," he says, and briefly disappears behind a large stainless steel...contraption. He tinkers with something for a minute, and then heads back to her, holding a large cup with pink-ish orange-ish thick liquid inside. "Have a smoothie! It's a new recipe – strawberry, banana, orange and a special ingredient!"

"Oh!" she exclaims, a bit startled at his vehemence as he thrusts it at her. It looks good, though. "Thanks Muhar, it looks great," she says, taking it from him and turning to walk away.

"Let me know what you think!" he yells out from behind her as she heads back to the lift.

"Sure thing!" she calls back cheerfully, waving at him just as she enters the doors – and runs into Janice Rand. Christine knows her eyes are wide, and she blinks once before fully stepping in.

"Hi Janice," she says, her quiet voice sounding genial and only slightly clipped.

Hmph -Janice Rand.

"Chapel," she responds a bit cattily, cutting her eyes at her.

"How're things?" Christine offers, not really wanting to speak but she's got that whole thing about awkward silences, right, so she can't really help herself. Plus, okay, it would be totally rude to be in the lift and not speak to her. Ugh, traitorous polite instinct!!

But Janice seems to like the question, her eyes lighting up as she turns to face Christine. "Oh, they're great!" she says joyfully, with a smug look on her face. Then she starts as if she'd just remembered something. "Oh! Hey, you're going back to sickbay, aren't you?" she asks.

"Yup," Christine offers, not quite sure where this is going...

"Well, would you be a doll and let the Captain know I'll be up to visit him soon, and also that I'd love to go to dinner with him tomorrow night, and that he's a sweetheart for asking?"

Christine can't help the weird feeling that settles in the pit of her stomach. Ugh – the Captain asked out Janice Rand??? He must have worse taste than I thought...she takes a demure sip of her smoothie, and schools her face into a pleasant expression.

"Sure thing, Janice," she replies, smiling cheerfully. Janice seems annoyed by her lack of reaction, and gives her a snide little smile as she exits the lift on her deck. The doors swish shut behind her and Christine is alone again.

Whatever. It doesn't even matter. It isn't like she'd want to date the Captain anyways.

Obviously, she has better things to do with her time than be a Janice Rand substitute.


Christine takes another big sip of her smoothie – it does taste good, but there's a flavor in it Christine doesn't recognize...it's kinda....tangy? Whatever, who cares. It's just a stupid smoothie.

She exits the lift at sickbay and drinks the rest of it quickly, throwing out the empty container into the trash receptacle to be made into something else.

Ugh. It's only 10:03. Why is this day going by so slowly????


11:00 AM:

It's eleven AM on the dot, and Christine thinks that's a good a time as any to check on Kirk. Right? She's been there for like five hours now, and she hasn't checked on him. It's not because she doesn't care, it's just...well, she doesn't want to...you know, favour him, or anything. Yeah, that's it. Plus, other nurses have been checking on him the whole time – he's got all the attention he needs. But hey, she ought to just see him for a minute, makes sure he's doing fine...

She's about to walk over there when all of a sudden the comm sounds. It's Commander Spock, ordering sickbay personnel to the transporter room to receive wounded.

"Come on, Chapel," McCoy's gruff voice sounds from behind her, and then there's no time to think about Kirk because they're already out the door.


12:27 PM:

An hour and a half later, the engineers they'd sent down to whatever small planet it was that they were at (seriously, Christine could hardly keep track of what section of the galaxy they were in, let alone what planet) to help fix....something for the...something group of people...(she should probably pay more attention to those things though, now that she thinks about it) are all stable, after an altercation with hostile forces.

Something about a language dispute? Whatever, it didn't really matter what the details were – a doctor didn't care why you got shot, just that you did and needed assistance. One of the engineers (poor guy, he was cute, too) had been hit with a kind of gas ball - some chemical substance that had done a serious number on his nervous system - and gone into a coma. He had burns all over his body from the substance and his prognosis wasn't good.

The other engineers only had minor injuries; some phaser wounds and one of them had a fractured wrist, but nothing too serious, which was a relief.

Christine was sitting on a spare med bed, her back up against the wall, in one of the sickbay supply rooms. They were large bunkers of materials, with rows of storage and lighting that came on as you walked through. The room was quiet and sparsely lit and calm, which was what Christine needed after an hour long surgery to repair the engineers facial nerves.

An hour long surgery wasn't very long at all, but the work was ridiculously intricate, which was straining after a while. The Chief had done excellently though, and Christine found herself thinking (not for the first time, either) how lucky she was to be serving under him – even with his brash demeanour.

"Christie?" someone called, startling her out of her thoughts. She turned her head, and saw Tonia standing in the doorway.

"Hey, Christie!" Tonia called again, walking towards her.

"Hey," Christine offered, smiling.

"What's up girl, what're you doing back here?" Tonia asked as she reached her.

"Nothing, really. Just wanted to relax, I guess...it was a hard surgery," Christine answered. Tonia gave her a critical look.

"Are you sure?" she asked, "you don't look so great, sweetie." Christine frowned slightly...come to think of it, she was feeling a bit odd...her stomach was bothering her. It was probably nothing, though.

"I'm fine," Christine said, smiling brightly. Tonia gave her another look, but dropped it.

"Alright then, come on – it's lunch!" A nauseas feeling washed over Christine at Tonia's sentence. Maybe not.

"Uh...no, you know what? Go without me, I promised the Chief I'd...take another look at Cadet Abara's CT scan results." Tonia looked like she didn't quite buy that, but let it go.

"Alright...well, we'll be back soon...come down if you're finished, kay?"

"Sure thing," Christine answered as Tonia walked off. Her stomach twinged and she inhaled sharply, pressing her palm to it. It soon faded though, and Christine walked back into sickbay.

Probably just indigestion.


1:52 PM:

Christine's checked Cadet Abara's CT scans, diagnosed two flu patients and put them under solitary (on a ship this size, a flu was NOT something you wanted getting around), and gone around to every patient currently receiving short term (24-28 hours) or long term (48 hours and more) care and made sure they were comfortable.

Well – every patient except the Captain, that is. Which, she's starting to think is totally ridiculous. She should check on him – she's the head nurse! Isn't it negligence not to??

But every time she looks over there, there's another nurse going in or coming out from the pull curtain, so it'd be kind of silly to go in there when she knows he's being taken care of....

Plus, okay, it wasn't really hurting that much before, but her stomach is like, legitimately killing her. Seriously. She's about to ask for a break when the Chief calls her name.

"Chapel!" he snarls out, with a similarly un-amused look. "I need to take a conference transmission from the USS Achilles in my office – it'll take awhile, considering the new CMO aboard the ship is practically as green as a damn spring day. You're in charge, got it?"

She nods a bit frantically. He gives her a weird look.

"I'm giving you my patients for the next hour or so – and for the love of god try not to let anything blow up or catch on fire while I'm gone." And just like that he walks off.


Suddenly Tonia's next to her. "Hey sweetie, here's the Chief's patient list." She's got kind of a funny look on her face, and Christine gets suspicious.

"...what're you giving me that look for?"

"Nothing," Tonia answers, before correcting herself. "I mean-what look?" Nice save – not. "Anyways," she goes on, "I've gotta run, so have fun with your paaaaaatiiennnnttss!" She sing songs out the word 'patients' and skips off, leaving Christine alone with the PADD.

She looks down. First patient?

Kirk, James T.

Oh, obviously.


1:56 PM:

Christine excuses herself to the washroom, and throws some water on her face. She swallows back a groan as her stomach cramps again, and presses her palm against it once more.

Ugh, this was really perfect timing, too.

She looks over herself once – hair? Good. Makeup? Good....okay. Good.

Time to check on the Captain.

...not that it was like...a big event, or anything.


2:03 PM:

Christine walks out of the washroom and heads steadily towards the Captain's bed. Calm, steady, calm, steady, calm, steady....

She takes one deep breath before stepping through the gap in the pull curtain –

Which is when all hell breaks loose.

First of all, the Captain isn't alone. No, he's got Janice Rand on top of him with her tongue stuck down his throat. Christine's mouth actually hangs open, and she can't suppress an incredulous gasp.

Which, of course, alerts the two occupants of the bed to her attention. Janice screams bloody murder at the surprise and the Captain has a sheepish expression on his face.

"Nurse Chapel, so good to see you," he says, grinning. Christine actually can't do anything but glare in absolute shock.

Janice huffs angrily. "Don't talk to her!" she yells (still on top of him), and the Captain responds with "Wha –she's the nurse!" but he's half laughing.

All of a sudden the Chief storms into the scene, alerted by Janice Rand's crazy screaming and starts yelling at the Captain all sorts of things like 'goddamit Jim this is sick bay not a goddamn hotel room', and 'what is it about 'bed rest' and 'relaxing your throat muscles' that you don't understand??' and then he gets to Janice Rand. 'And YOU, Ms. Rand, you should be ashamed of yourself, coming in here, disturbing one of my patients – the Captain needs REST not a goddamn booty call, and is that the proper conduct of a yeoman officer aboard this ship??'

Suddenly Christine feels a wave of nausea sweep over her. Oh, god.... "I'm going to throw up," she lets out, her eyes closed and her hand clutching her abdomen.

"Well put, Nurse Chapel," The Chief says, but he doesn't get it.

"No, I mean – I mean I'm really going to throw up!" she says before she bolts away from the bed and just makes it to the sink before throwing up a surprisingly large amount of pink-y, orange-y smoothie.

"What the-Jesus Chapel!" The Chief says, and Christine looks back at him only to see him, the Captain, and Janice Rand with the exact same half disgusted look on their faces.

Christine throws up again.


7:22 PM

After another five hours of throwing up, Christine is finally feeling a bit better. Food poisoning is what it was – turned out that the 'secret ingredient' in the smoothie Muhar had made her was replicated Tamarind – except, he hadn't done it properly, and instead of Tamarind, he had gotten something...else. The molecular structure had been off, which is what had caused the intense bout of food poisoning.

She'd been diagnosed rather quickly, and had been sent back to her quarters to wait it out.

Which had been just as pleasant as it sounds.

The Chief had scolded her, saying that the next time she felt sick she should call in sick, not try and work.

At least he gave her the next day off, though. Score!

Plus, she totally deserved it after having to see Janice Rand practically dry humping the Captain.


That made her stomach turn more than the food poisoning.

She's absolutely exhausted, and is about to take a shower before going to sleep – which will hopefully be uninterrupted by vomiting – when the door chimes.

She furrows her eyebrows – Tonia and Helen had already been by to see her for a bit, and Uhura sent her a 'get well soon' transmission.

Oh god, what if it was Brad???

She goes to the door expecting the worst, but is instead greeted by one of the bridge ensigns....Chekol? Chekor? Oh, no – it was....Pavel? Yeah, that sounded right.

"Hello Nurse Chapel," he says pleasantly, the expression on his young face earnest and his accent thick.

"Umm..hello. It's uh...Pavel...right?" she says, her voice hoarse from the nights activities.

"Da," he says, nodding his head. "I am sorry to disturb you, but I am bringing you somesing that vill wery much help you vith your sickness."

Well, she hadn't been expecting that.

"Oh! Umm, wow, that's so thoughtful. What...is it?"

"Eet ees old fashioned remedy from Russia," he says. "Eet ees Apple Cider Winegar – tastes wery bad, but vorks wery well. You dreenk little bit, yes?"

He holds out the container to her, and she takes it from his hand. "Yes, I will. Thank you," she says quietly and pleasantly, and (oh god, this is so cute) the ensign actually blushes. He blushes!

"Eet ees no problem," he says, and turns to go, when Christine stops him.

"Oh – Pavel, wait – how, umm...how did you even know I was sick?"

"Eet vas the Keptin," he says. "Ee vas speaking of your sickness ven he came back to ze bridge, and I simply mentioned this remedy. Ee told me I should bring to you."

Christine can't help the stupid little smile that forms on her face. She thanks Pavel who waves goodbye, and then heads back into her quarters. A beeping sound from her PADD lets her know she has a message.

She puts the liquid down on the table and grabs the PADD, scrolling down to read it.

Hey Chapel,

It tastes like shit but actually works.


P:S: get better soon.

Maybe today wasn't so bad after all.



1. Christine seems different in that scene from when Kirk was telling it - what gives?

Well, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that in a story, you can never trust the nararator! Kirk was giving us *his* view of Chritine - she seems much more angelic and perfect than she is in real life, right? Because he isn't used to being treated like that. But Christine is worried about toally different things in that scene, thinking about totally different stuff. She was concerned that Kirk didn't come in sooner because maybe he didn't want her as his physician.

2. That seems kind of like an over reaction.

It is! But remember- Christine isn't in a good state of mind right now - her father just died 2 months ago, but with everything that's been going on, she hasn't had any time to deal with it. So we're starting to see some cracks, especially here, in sickbay, surrounded by people with medical problems. She's a little too emotional. She's denying it, but she's going to need to deal with the fact (for example, when she compares Bones to her father, she says she's fine - but really, as the reader, we know she's not). This is a big hint to the plot of the next story!!

3. Jim and Janice Rand?? I thought he loved Christine, WTF??

haha, while Jim certainly feels SOMETHING for Christine, it's NOT love - we've got a looooooooong way to go yet, and in the meantime, he's gonna do what he does best; be a womanizing lethario! To not have him seek out women would be against his character - Jim Kirk isnt going to change just because christine was nice to him that one time.

4. Janice Rand is a huge bitch - what gives?

well, remember what I said about trusting the nararator - we're seeing he through Christine's eyes, which is a biased opinion. We're going to get to know more about Rand in the future.

So that's it for this story! Hopefully you all enjoyed it and will continue to follow the adventures of Christine. :)

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