Please Forgive Me?

Disclaimer & Author's Note: I do not own the characters of Vocaloid, or the program/series itself. All I own is the man with the varied genre occupations: Ishtal Sekai. This story is based off the song/PV "Why Don't You Call Me Yet?", and this is also based in high school setting. I'll tell you I am not particularly good with Hurt/Comfort stories (though I tend to get light bulbs if I get really inspirational) and at times, what I write down in a stroke of genius makes me misty-eyed. Well... I hope you (or anyone who even comes here) enjoy this. You can find a PV of "Why Don't You Call Me Yet?" on Youtube(dot)com.

Chapter One

Len's cellphone ring of "Kokoro" played on her cellphone speakers. She held her pink cell open until she closes it with a snap.


Five blocks from Rin's home, Len stared at his yellow cellphone, which now returned to silence. He knew who was calling him at this hour.


Len and Rin were friends since childhood. You see, it all began when Len and Rin met at the park playground. Their parents were hoping to take their young son and daughter to meet with friends. At the sand box, Kagamine Len and Kagami Rin met. From that day, the two would always love playing together. They fit perfectly together, like two pieces of a puzzle. As Len and Rin grew up, they became more and more attached. They ate together... they played together, watch TV or play video games together. Hell, Len, reluctantly, goes shopping with Rin.

Upon entering high school, and becoming teenagers, this deep relationship bonded into that of love and devotion for one another. And no matter where you were, if you were friends with Kagamine Len and Kagami Rin, you can never see them separate from each other's company, except for a few classes. Len was the athletic type of guy, with a passion for singing. Rin was more into the arts, but also share the same passion for singing like Len. Their mothers truly enjoy each other's company over the years.

And their husbands had the time to bond in their own manly way... that is until Rock had passed away, saving Itachi's life in the line of duty. Friends such as Miku, Kaito, Luka, and Meiko would probably tell you that they would be present for the wedding of Kagamine Len and Rin. From childhood sweethearts, to future married couple...

Ring... Ring... Ring...

Ring... Ring... Ring...

Ring... Ring... Ring...

Ring... Ring... Ring...

Ring... Ring... Ring...



However... that may never come true if they have stopped talking to one another.


"They've been avoiding each other during school, classes, and on the weekends," Miku sighed, brushing back the bangs of aqua teal hair.

"It's so strange not seeing them together. The school fells so much different without the couple together. I heard Gakupo-sensei was worried about them," Kaito added his thoughts, wrapping back his blue scarf he always swore since junior high.

Another student sitting with the two, along with Luka, and Meiko, blew audibly, playing with the gold bangs that hover between his eyes. The tanned Japanese Egyptian with spiky bangs of black with several locks dyed a golden yellow, looked around the small group, his purple eyes scanning each worried face.

"Well... we have to do something. All of this mess started when someone started spreading nasty rumors about Rin, and Len got jealous because of it."

"But what do we do, Sekai?" Miku asked the young man with most of his long hair braided tightly into a rope-like fashion, and wrapped off with white tape with a small bow at the lion's tip of the rope ponytail.

The Ishtal stood up. "Whoever spread those rumors is never going to confess, so it's better if we get those two together in a spot where they cannot escape each other."

Meiko blinked, leaning off Luka. "I may have an idea..."


"I hope this works, Miku-chan," Sekai whispered to the girl beside him in the bushes.

"Don't worry; Meiko was able to fake some text messages to their cells. It'll work."

Rin was by herself, by the fountain waiting for Len, until she heard someone call her name. She turned around, and saw not Len, but another guy.

"Oh... fuck," Sekai swore, as he and Miku saw fellow classmate Kurusu Sasuke, talking with Rin. They inches closer, hoping to hear what they were talking about, but it was a bit short. Just then, Sasuke asked a question that had Rin thinking hard.

"Do you want to go on a date?"

Rin bit her lower lip. Len wanted to talk to her about something, according to the message on her cell, but he was not here. She sighed, and looked up with a fake smile, though Sasuke saw no difference.

"Uh... sure, I'll be glad to go on a date with you," Rin said, confirming Miku and Sekai's fears. They heard a soft gasp, and the two teenagers turned seeing Len running away from the sight.

"Oh, damn it, this is bad," Miku hissed quietly. Sekai turned back around, and while Sasuke was walking one direction, Rin was leaving the park, towards her home.

The two jumped out, with Miku on her cell and calling Meiko, while Sekai stared at Len in the distance. The boy had to be broken inside. Running to his home, he slammed the door shut, as tears continued to pour down his face. Both his parents were at work, and he was all alone. He slowly trudged up the stairs, and into his bedroom, where he slammed the door shut, and flopped onto his bed, the tears never ending.

Rin was just closing the door to her home when she jumped, hearing her cellphone ring.

Ring... Ring... Ring...

On the caller ID, it read Kagamine Len.

Ring... Ring... Ring...

Ring... Ring... Ring...

She fought an internal battle...

Ring... Ring... Ring...

Ring... Ring... Ring...

Ultimately, she watched as it rang one last time...



Her heart ached, but she couldn't afford to think about Len now. Len snapped the cell shut, and closed his eyes. He hated this feeling of emptiness. Rin felt the same way as she stared herself in the mirror. She looked so beautiful, with womanly curves, beautiful locks of blonde curls down to her waist, with her trademark white bow. Yet, her eyes were not filled with the same light only Len could bring out. And Len's cheerful expression was locked away, and the only key to release it was help by Rin's heart. How did they break up in the first place? It started with a misunderstanding. From it the misunderstatement escalated into an argument, and from the argument, hateful words were expressed, until Len coldly told her that he wished he never loved her. And ever since that day, three weeks ago, they stopped talking to each other, and slipped into a bout of depression.

Len suddenly opened his eyes.

"I don't belong here..."


"Has anybody seen Len?" Gakupo-sensei questioned his class.

"No sensei," Sekai answered, "... uh... sensei."

"Yes, Sekai?"

Sekai swallowed the lump in his throat. "Len... Len left Sapporo last night."

Rin gasped, which caught the attention of the class.

"L-Len-kun left?"

Sekai turned to Rin. "Here." He pulled out an envelope addressed to her, and she ripped it open. Tears slowly formed as she read the contents. Miku, Luka, and Meiko rushed to her aid when she broke down sobbing, and Gakupo walked over as well.

Kaito picked up the letter, and frowned.


My dearest Rin... I do not deserve you anymore. I don't think we could ever get back together, so I decided to leave. I hope... you live on with your life, and succeed in your dreams.

Kagamine Len

No one however saw a devious smile appear on Sasuke's face.


Len was in a motel room he rented out, chewing on some banana nut bread from the loaf he took before leaving the other night. He had left Sapporo, and was in Kaigan. His cellphone rang yet again. And he ignored it.

Okay, I did my best, alright. I like this pairing, and I did find a bit of inspiration from the song. Well, what do you think, folks? A little short, but there's more to come.