Chapter Three

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The morning rays of the sun slipped through the window. The calls of the birds make their morning noises, and a few calls of seagulls are heard. Len opened his eyes wearily, and looked around. He spied two pairs of shoes by the door. Turning his head, lay Rin, asleep... A smile lifted upon his face. He had Rin again. They had made up. They were no longer broken up. Their relationship had been repaired, and now, he knew it was stronger than ever. He could never go on with his life without Rin by his side.

He ran a hand through his hair, and chuckled a bit. Back in their childhood, they had always kept their hair short, but as they begin growing up, their hair slowly began to grow out. If one was to view them, their hair length completely matched, but he kept his in a ponytail that was longer. Of course, right now, his hair tie was next to Rin's bow. "Maybe it's time to get a haircut," he mused before looking once again at his girlfriend. Girlfriend... that sounded so right in his mind. She was his girlfriend, and he was her boyfriend.

Kagamine Len, and hopefully one day, Kagamine Rin. Lovers forever... He moved over closer, and then his breath tickled her neck as he kissed her nape, once he brushed away some of the long stands of her hair. She moaned softly, and Len continued to nip at her neck until she opened her eyes a bit.

"Mmm, Len-kun..."

"Morning, my lovely Rin..."

She smiled, and turned around sitting up straight. The blanket fell from her chest, revealing her breasts to him. They were naked from the waist up, which explained Len's light muscled chest, in which her hands slowly run over when she moved into his lap. They then proceed to share a very wonderful good morning kiss.

"Len... let's go home, hm?"

Len smiled. "Sure, Rin. We can head for home."


Friday morning, classes have begun, but there were only two usual students missing today: Kagami Rin and Kagamine Len. As Gakupo-sensei walked into the room to address everyone about the upcoming exams before graduation, Sekai's cell rang. He took it out and was ready to have it go to voice message, but the ID displayed Len's name.


"It's Len!"

Len and Rin's group all crowd around him, as he flipped it open. "Len? Len, what's up... are you okay?"

"I'm fine... we both are... Rin and I are coming back home... so... yeah... can you meet us at the train station?"

"Sure we'll go. What time would you get there?"

"Around 5:30 or so... we made up, and we're happier than ever."

Sekai grinned. "They made up," he said, and the two on the other side heard some cheering.


Len and Rin were blushing a bit. They were the most popular and famous couples at school. No doubt people would be glad they're back together again. Rin brought her hand over to his cell, and gently closed it, cutting off the cheers.



"I had this really wonderful dream until you woke me up..."

He smiled, and leaned close. "Oh yeah, dear? What was it about?"

"Our first time," she responded, "how on our sixteenth birthday, our gift for each other was our virginity... do you remember?"

He nodded. "Yeah, of course I do." He caressed the side of her face tenderly, bringing up a rosy blush.

"Our first time... we were so horny. It wasn't perfect, but it was enough for us to be satisfied... to have our internal fires doused..."

They began to grab one another, as they felt warm.


"I need you in me... before we go home... please Len..."

"Anything for you, hime," he whispered, before he deeply kissed her.

And soon, they began to make out on the bed, clothes slowly disappearing.



Miku looked back, and frowned. "Oh, Sekai..." The girl then turned her attention back to the school's front lot, watching a few students loiter around on their class breaks or lunch periods.

Sekai walked up to Miku. "Are you okay? You sort of looked down earlier today."

"I'm fine," she lied.

Sekai frowned. "No you're not. Now, tell me... what's wrong with you Miku?"

"... I don't have anyone in my life," she said.

"Hm? What do you mean, you have friends who care for you," he said.

"I mean someone who would hold me tenderly, like Len holds Rin, and Kaito with Meiko!" She shouts, turning her angry eyes upon the mixed Japanese/Egyptian teen, "everyone I know has someone to love, yet I do not..."

"M-Miku..." Sekai looked at her sadly. She clung to the fence, head tilted down a bit. She then felt arms move around her, forming a hug, "you're not alone..."


"Miku... look, I... I'm in love with you..."

Miku blinked, as Sekai leaned close, his forehead against the back of her head.

"You're smart, beautiful, talented... but, whenever I wanted to ask you out, I would panic and... well..."

She turned around and stared into his purple violet eyes.


She placed a finger to his lips, shushing the teen.

"Are you just pitying me...?"

"No," he whispered, "in fact, even if we are good friends, I'm always worried about rejection..."

She begins to blush a bit. "Sekai... I could never reject you."

"Then..." He leaned close, "how about this?" It came out as a near quiet whisper, before pressing his lips against Miku's. But as quick as it came, he released her.

"I love you, Hatsune Miku," he says.

Miku's eyes became watery, as she clung to him. "Sekai-kun!"

Sekai hugged her back. After a few minutes, Miku turned around, as Sekai brought her over to the wall by the door before sliding down against it. Miku positions herself over his lap, and the two locked lips. What the two done together while alone on the school roof is entirely up to your imagination.


Inside one of the compartment rooms, Len and Rin were sitting together, comfortable with one another. Of course, they had been making out for quite some time.

"Mmm, Len-kun," Rin whispered, once they parted lips.

"Rinny," Len chuckled, "can't get enough of your lips and your body..."

She giggled. "Oh stop... we're on a train. No getting frisky." Then she gave him a look that clearly said, "Not until we're home", which Len just smirked, and kept his arms wrapped around his girlfriend.

"So... Rin... what do we do now?"



"Oh, him," she muttered, "once we graduate, we'll no longer have to worry about him. And then we can spend as much time together..."

Len smiled. "Wouldn't want it any other way, dear."


The day was winding to a close but our group of friends was at the train station, waiting for Len and Rin to emerge from their train. Also there were Rin's parents, and Len's mother, and also Gakupo wished to greet them at the station.

"Why do you wear the gold jewelry again?"

"Hey, I have part Egyptian heritage running through my blood from my father's side of the family, and you guys know that my mother is Japanese."

"Yeah, besides, he's not Sekai without the gold bracelets, bicep bangle, and the tiny gold pyramid earrings," Miku told Kaito.

Sekai in response wraps his arms around the aqua-haired young woman, causing her to blush.

"You know you love me with bling, Miku-chan," he whispered hotly into her ear, causing the poor girl to gain a bigger blush. Meiko and Kaito both snicker, and then look away as Sekai tilted her head back, and claimed her lips. Miku melted in his arms, as her own now go around his neck, and Sekai's hands rub along her stomach.

"Okay you two, enough," Luka spoke up, when she heard Miku let out an arousing moan.

Asuma just laughed away, and Gakupo shook his head.

"Hey, I see the train!" Meiko called.

And there slowing down was the train as it made its way into the station. Once it docked, all the doors opened, and Len and Rin soon emerged with their bags.

"Len! Rin!"

All their friends ran up to the two, changing hugs and all. Len's mother went up to Len and firmly smacked him over the head before pulling her son into a hug.

"Never disappear on me again, son," she cried.

"I'm sorry, mom, I really am..."

The woman only smiled. "Son, I still want to see you and Rin giving me grandchildren that I can spoil."

That caused the two to blush immediately, while Rin's parents laughed at the good fun. Though, maybe one day they too can have a grandkid to take care of now and then.

Then Rin noticed Miku and Sekai with their fingers laced. "Hey, why are you two holding hands?"

Miku smiled. "Because Sekai's my boyfriend now... and I'm so happy."

"I'm happy that I finally have the girl I've been dreaming of for three years," Sekai whispered sweetly, and she smiled warmly.

All happy and fun, until they were leaving the station, the entire area went under panic hearing the sound of a gunshot, and Len suddenly collapsed, having been shot. Rin screamed as Len fell face first to the ground, and Rin's father immediately drew his gun, being a police officer and everything. Len's vision swam, before darkness claimed him, and the last thing he heard was Rin yelling at him to stay awake...





... Beep.



The sound of the machine beeping is the first he hears as he wakes up, and finds himself fin a sterile white room, aka the hospital.

"Len-kun, sweetie?"

He opened his eyes more, and finds Rin now getting up of the chair and walking to him.

"Len-kun, you're alright... hold on, let me alert the doctors."

"Rin..." he whispered, as she stopped, "what happened...?"

She frowned. "Someone shot you..."

"No wonder I feel like shit," Len muttered.

"I'll grab the doctor sweetie, okay?"

She leans down and kisses him on the forehead before she slipped out of the room. Len just relaxes back in the bed, and sighed softly.

So I'm not dead... I'm so glad... I don't want to leave Rin all alone in this world...

On their way here from Kaigan, he had been having some thoughts in his mind, but before then they were jumbled up and disorganized. Now, he was clear of his intentions. However, he has to wait of the right moment... the right moment to ask for Rin's hand in marriage... at the graduation ceremony.

The door opens, and Rin walks back with the doctor.

"Where are the others?"

"They're outside waiting to be let in... you've been in the hospital for two days now... the entire school's been up in arms hoping for a speedy recovery..." Rin burst into tears, "I thought I was going to lose you," she sobbed, and the doctor felt uncomfortable seeing the lady cry like that.

"I can tell she loves you very much," the doc said.

"I do love her... I'm glad I'm still alive, because I hate to leave her all alone in this world."

"Ah, true love. Hm, love is an emotion that the heart truly knows, while we humans still learn from it. Now, Kagamine Len... you were rushed her to the ER, where we had to resuscitate you several times while saving your life. You in the end fought for your life, and thus here you are..."

He looked at the charts, while checking over Len's heart rate and blood pressure, and all the other things a doctor will do for his or her patient.

"Everything's normal... it will be awhile until you're feeling back to normal in no time; however I suggest some time to rest. And if the two of you have been having sexual intercourse, I would advise not to until you're fully recovered, okay?"

The two blushed a bit, but nodded.

In the end, the doctor allowed visitors, and Len rested as his mother came in, followed by his soon-to-be parents-in-law, and then all of their friends. For the next month, Len had been recovering greatly, however so, he still had to take it easy. Rin feared losing Len, and more and more Rin has been staying with her boyfriend. Sasuke disappeared, and now is the prime suspect of the train station shooting a month ago. Everyone in their personal group was paired off. Meiko claimed Kaito, and they both loved each other's company well. They found out that Gakupo and Luka have been seeing each other, despite Gakupo-sensei being two years Luka's senior. The man of course was going to quit teaching once they all graduated so he can be with Luka even more and just in secret. And Miku and Sekai, well, they discovered just how much they were in love... when Len and Rin snuck to the roof, and caught them having sex...

"Holy shit," muttered Len and Rin, faces now taking on a different shade of blush.

Yeah, just like that. Funny awkward moment, when Miku and Sekai were discovered and both parties were at an interesting shade of red among the face... in the end of things, the school winded down to a close, and senior students either aced the tests, or failed. When the graduation ceremony came a month after schools let out, Len, Rin, and friends graduated, Gakupo quit his job to be with Luka and as for Len and Rin... The entire school applauded and cheered along with the large guests at the school's backyard lot when Len asked Rin up onto the stage and before them all, asked for her hand in marriage.

"Len dear, are the kids asleep?"

That was years ago... today, Len and Rin were a happily married couple, and they had a son and daughter, fraternal twins named Lin and Ren.

"Yes sweet heart," Len replied to his wife, as he walked into the bedroom, and climbed into bed with Rin. The two shared a wonderful kiss.

"I got a call from Miku and Sekai. They want to know if they would like for us to visit them in Akihabara this weekend."

"I'd be delighted to see them again."

"Good, because she also wants to have a reunion with the old gang."

Len smirked. The couple bid each other good night, and they soon fall asleep, Rin curled up next to her husband, and Len embracing his wife.

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