AN: Was watching the Thriller Bark Arc and noticed that Robin was fighting Zoro's zombie, not Sanji's, so I decided to make a deal aobut it...I mean come on. It is Zoro we are talking about. I hope you enjoy.

It was a peaceful and sunny day aboard the Straw hat crew's ship. Everyone was busy doing their usual task, Nami furiously scribbling on a map, Sanji in the kitchen, Usopp and Franky building new and unique weapons, Brook perched in the crow's nest playing a joyful tune on his violin and Luffy sitting on the "lion's" head watching the powerful water in thought. Nevertheless, it was on the deck that was most important of all. Two figures, one lounging, the other training, began to have a conversation that may change their opinions of one another. "You know…I really wasn't too thrilled about those zombies," Robin stated as she leaned casually on the Thousand Sunny's railing.

Zoro froze in mid lift, before placing his weights on the ground. Turning he picked his shirt up off the grass and wiped away his perspiration, "What are you talking about now woman?"

The archeologist smiled softly as she flipped her hair, "Thriller Bark, Kenshi-san."

He blinked, confused as to why she would bring that God forsaken place up, "…Well what about it?"

She laughed, "Haven't you been listening to me? The zombies, they weren't, how you would say, pretty?"

He shrugged still perplexed from her comments, "Alright, I guess so."

Pushing her body away from the railing she calmly walked over to where he sat on the grass, "How did it feel to not have your shadow under your feet?"

He scratched his head, "Well, it was the thought that I couldn't go out in the sunlight that really freaked me out. I'm not prepared to be destroyed by the sun anytime soon."

She stopped right next to him, "Yes…Your zombie was…not that polite."

He snorted, "Are you calling me a pig, woman?"

She shook her head lifting up her arms in defense, "No, no, I'm just saying he was very…hands on…"

Zoro blinked once then twice, "Hands on?"

"Yes, he was very…how should I say… 'touchy feely' I guess. I could count a number of times I would find his cold, lifeless hands on my form."

"Uh…oh." A blush started to form across his face, "That's weird."

Robin smirked at his reply, "Yes, it was odd, but you know what else was strange? He kept murmuring under his breath something about a 'goddamn hot, sexy woman.' I wonder if he was talking about me since no one else who is female was there at the time." She began to twirl a lock of her jet black raven hair, "That makes me wonder?"

More sweat streamed softly down the anxious swordsman's face as he awkwardly shifted around, "Ah, wonder what?"

Her icy blue eyes met his, "If…"


She decided to torture him some more. Placing her finger on her lower lip, she began to ponder, "…If he cares about me or something? I mean he was a zombie...but…"

Zoro swallowed as his face turned from a soft pink all the way to a bright signaling red, "B-but what?"

She gave him a speculating look, "…Didn't he have your shadow and will power?"

He nodded, "Yeah…"

"Oh," a soft smile formed upon her lips, "Do you, perhaps, care about me, Kenshi-san?"

He vehemently shook his head in humiliation, "Y-you! A-absolutely not!" Getting up he stubbornly turned his back to her, "I-I mean…Y-yeah I care about you, 'cause you're my nakama! Y-yeah that's right! My nakama!"

She giggled at his embarrassment, "Oh I see." Very smoothly, she walked over towards his tense body. Leaning in real close to his left ear, she whispered, "Don't worry, Kenshi-san…I think you're sexy too." She placed her hands on his shoulders and gave him a quick sweet kiss on the cheek. Nico Robin then turned and began to saunter to the kitchen, not before sending him a true heartfelt smile, to his secret delight.

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